From Little Dean to Enoggera compiled by Joy Whaite
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In England in 16th to mid 18th centuries, our branch of the Bailey family mostly lived in the area around Wheatenhurst, a village some eight miles SSW of the city of Gloucester and on the eastern side of the river Severn, in the county of Gloucestershire. The village was part of the manorial estate of Wheatenhurst (nowadays called Whitminster).

Just when the Baileys first lived there has not been established, though they are not mentioned on the Subsidy Roll of 1327 in the reign of Edward II. During the time of Richard II there is a report in 1479 of a John Bailey as a tenant at Wheatenhurst and in 1483, Richard III undertook to grant that estate together with other properties to Henry Stafford Duke of Buckingham, but the grant lapsed on Stafford's execution in November of that year. Later on it became part of the estates of the Duchy of Lancaster.

The earliest will from our family in Wheatenhurst is that of Anselm made in 1645 and he was baptised there in 1573, his father being named as John.

The only John who could have been Anselm's father was the one baptised in October 1554, but there is no record of his parents.

Two men named Thomas Bailey were married at Wheatenhurst around 1550, but as that name does not appear in our next generations, these men have not been further researched, though they may be related.

The most likely parents of John baptised in 1554 were William Bailey and Johan Evans, who were married in 1548 and William may have been the one reported as a churchwarden at Wheatenhurst in 1545 in the reign of Edward VI.

This William may also have been the one from Wheatenhurst who bought Badnams mill at Elkstone, north east of Painswick in 1549. When it was sold by a John Bailey in 1570 there were actually two mills, one being for crushing corn and the other a fulling mill used for compacting or felting cloth to make it thicker.

Records in a collection of documents known as Hockaday Abstracts name a William Bailey who in 1551 took out a case of defamation against Richard Shepherd. William alleged that the latter had "on the way to Church on the Sonnedaye before Michaelmas (September 25) last past" declared in front of witnesses that William and Margaret Blake (wife of John Blake) "doo lyve naughtilie the grove."

In the defamation papers, William stated he had been born in 1511, though he had not come to live in Wheatenhurst until 153l. Maybe he was born in Elmore and a relation of William who died there in 1579 who had a son named Anselm. Perhaps this was the reason that William's grandson born in Wheatenhurst was given the name of Anselm, the first of that name to be recorded in that village.

There is a record of a William Bailey being buried in March 1557, and he may have been John's father, and if so his spouse Johan and daughter Margaret had died only six months earlier, but unfortunately William left no will.

On the other hand, this burial may refer to another William Bailey, mentioned in Hockaday Abstracts, with a wife Elizabeth and natural son John. His estate had been proved and a proclamation issued on 15 April 1558 for his goods to be sold to pay his creditors.

The years after l554, when John was baptised were turbulent ones in England. Edward VI had died early in 1553 and was succeeded for a few months by Lady Jane Grey. The next ruler in that year was Edward's half sister Mary I who made her own religion, Catholicism, that of the State. Mary died in 1558 and having no heir, Mary's half sister Elizbeth I came to the throne and England once again became a Protestant nation, as it had been under her father, Henry VIII.

From burial records it would seem that John had married his wife Anne sometime before 1572 and that they had a daughter Dorathy baptised in 1572 and a son Anselm, baptised one year later. Both these children were left twelve pence in the 1577 will of Elizabeth Bailey a widow of Wheatenhurst. She had made bequests to numerous relatives and in the same group with Anselm and Dorothy, mention is made of William, Richard and John Bailey. No detail was given to show whether or not these were siblings or other relatives and so they have not been entered in the genealogy.

John may have been the one who in 1583, took over the lease of Wheatenhurst from Robert Hayes, to whom it had been assigned by the Duchy of Lancaster, after Wheatenhurst had been separated from the larger Whitminster estate.

Sometime before 1602, Anselm baptised in 1573 married for the first time and his son John was the first of five children. Young John was only seven months old, when the long Elizabethan era came to an end and the new ruler of England was Elizabeth's cousin, James I. As James VI, he had been King of Scotland and belonged to the Stuart line, which had ruled that country since 1371.

In 1604 Wheatenhurst was sold to two London merchants and they in turn sold it to a William Bailey of Cherington some ten miles to the south east. Whether John was related to this William Bailey is not known, nor whether he stayed on as a tenant and unfortunately he left no will.

Around 1600 Wheatenhurst had a fulling mill, and Anselm was recorded as a clothier (one who makes cloth or clothes) in a case at a court sitting at Withington some seventeen miles away. It seems he was one of four partners who owned 40 acres of arable land, meadows and pastures in that area. The land was leased out, but when the original tenant died, his wife remarried and stayed on the property. The partners said the lease had been broken and they and Anselm were charged with wrongfully entering the premises to demand repayment, but there is no report of the outcome.

Anselm was also recorded as a clothier (one of the two in Wheatenhurst) in a muster of men able to bear arms, taken in 1608 in Gloucestershire. The records for Wheatenhurst state that William Bailey Gent was Lord, whilst Anselm clothier of middle stature age 20-40 years, was a trained soldier with a servant Henry Thomas who had been baptised in Wheatenhurst in 1572. His father John (now 54) was not recorded in detail, though he had furnished one cozlett i.e. a suit of light body armour.

According to burial records, it would seem that Anselm's first wife was Joyce and she died in 1610, only six weeks after the birth of her fourth daughter, Jane baptised in July. Anselm must have remarried soon after and his new wife Dorathy bore a son William baptised in 1611/12, with the last of their five children being baptised in 1621.

Four years later, in March 1625, James I died and was succeeded by his son Charles I, who like his father, believed that the King, not Parliament, should prevail in matters of State.

In January 1642 Charles went to Westminster with his Cavaliers to arrest 5 members of Parliament, but they were not there, having been forewarned by their friends. This incident so provoked the citizens of London, that Charles was forced to flee to Hampton Court and then to York, to rally his sympathisers. Charles wanted to join up with his Welsh supporters, but could not do so by land, so the alternative was to take control of the river Severn, when his men and supplies could be taken by barge and land in Wales. To this end, Charles attacked the city of Gloucester in January 1643, but was defeated by Cromwell and his Roundheads and had to retire to Oxfordshire.

Anselm died some time before December 1646, his second wife Dorathy having predeceased him in 1637/8. His will, made on 4 July 1645 left to his son John the remainder of the term of the lease of his house in Wheatenhurst. After all Anselm's debts were paid, his sons Anselm and William shared with their younger sister Mary the remainder of his estate and his freelands or the "overplus" of the money made from it. All of Anselm's other daughters, except Elizabeth, to whom he left ten shillings, seem to have died prior to 1645.

To his three Merry grandchildren he left the sum of ten pounds, to be divided between them when they were 2l. They were the family of his daughter Hannah who had died in 1640. She had married Thomas Merry in 1632 and he may be related to a William Merry, who had sold 120 acres of land at Cherington to the William Bailey who had bought Wheatenhurst.

An inventory of household goods made after Anselm's death gave their value as one hundred pounds and they included 11 great pieces of pewter and 4 pewter dishes. These latter may have been the ones mentioned in later Bailey wills.

In 1648 Charles I forces had been defeated all over England and eventually in 1649 the victorious Cromwell had him executed. The Protectorate under Cromwell and his son Richard lasted until 1660, when Charles II one of the Stuarts was restored to the throne, this time under Parliament's terms.

With most of England affected by Civil War, many parish records have not survived, particularly those for Wheatenhurst and details about the children of Anselm who died in 1646 are incomplete.

No further record has been found of Anselm's elder son John until his death in 1689 but the will of an Anselm Bailey made in June 1689 which appointed his father (unnamed) as overseer of the will implies that John was still alive then. In fact, he survived his son Anselm by about 10 days and Anselm's death was recorded on his headstone as 11 December 1689, whilst John was buried on 21 December, both at Wheatenhurst.

The only surviving record of the baptism of an Anselm is at nearby Elmore in 1623, but there his father was named as Anselm. However records are not always accurate, so there is a possibility that the father of this Anselm was actually John ? the one born 1602 and that this Anselm was the one who died in 1689.

Records of his childrens' baptisms show their mother as Sarah, who on Anselm's headstone, was shown as being born about 1638. This fifteen years difference in their age may partly account for the fact that Sarah survived Anselm by over thirty years.

There are no records in Wheatenhurst that show the marriage nor the children of Anselm's second son William born in 1611/12. However there is a William Bailey in nearby Elmore who had 6 children there between 1642 and 1654, including a son Anselm, who died as an infant. It is possible he was John's brother and his descendents are recorded with the Elmore Baileys.

Anselm and Dorathy's second son and namesake did not marry until he was 45, according to a Marriage Allegation found in Hockaday Abstracts. His wife was a widow named Mary Dawby and so far, there are no records of any children, and Mary was buried in 1677. Perhaps Mary was a relative of Giles or Elizabeth Dawby mentioned in wills made at Wheatenhurst by Alice and Richard Bailey made in 1580 and 1595.

Charles II died suddenly in 1685 and his brother James II succeeded him. James and his Queen were both Catholics and appointed many of that faith to important posts. In 1688, Queen Mary gave birth to a son, ensuring a Papist succession and this was the last straw for Parliament. They offered the throne to James' nephew, William of Orange and his wife Mary, a descendent of Charles II and by the end of 1688 William III and Mary II were ruling England and James II had been allowed to escape to the Continent.

In Anselm's 1689 will, there are records of 3 of his and Sarah's children, born at Wheatenhurst between 1670/2 and 1678, but the baptism of their second child Anselm has yet to be found.

Their elder daughter, Sarah, was not married when her father's will was made, so she was left a sizeable dowry of one hundred pounds, to be paid when she was 23 i.e. in 1693 or 95. The money for this was to come from the sale of Anselm's stock, but there was a mortgage to be paid first. Should there be no dowry Sarah was to get an acre of arable land at Broadfield in parish of Hardwicke. There are 2 marriage records that may relate to Sarah, but it is not certain which one, if any, is correct.

Anselm and Sarah's second son was Anselm and according to his headstone he was a yeoman and born about 1673 and he died in 1743. His father had left him several pieces of land and property, but he was not to have these until his mother Sarah died in 1722. Unfortunately he left no will, so there are no details of any legacy he received. In 1699 he married at nearby Haresfield, Ann Whitterne, who may be a connection of his brother John's wife, Edith Whitthorn. Edith's father, Richard Whitthorn in his will of 1709, surrendered land to pay his debts to Thomas Humphries, Edith's brother in law and to an Anselm Bailey, probably Ann's husband.

Anselm and Ann's children were Edith, Anne, an Anselm who lived only three years and the last child another Anselm who was born in 1719.

During this period William and Mary died and they were succeeded by Queen Anne and after her death, George I.

It is thought that Anselm and Ann's second daughter Anne married Daniel Wilkins who died in 1742 and he was buried at Wheatenhurst in the grave of her grandfather Anselm. In his will, Daniel had left Anne a life interest in 3 acres of land at Hammadgefield (Hamage) which was to revert to their son James. This was probably adjacent to or perhaps a consolidation of the three separate parcels of one acre that Anne's grandfather Anselm had in 1690 left to Anne's father and his two brothers.

The Anselm born in 1719 went to Oxford and graduated from Exeter College in 1740 and before 1772 became a Doctor in Civil Law. He was ordained into the Church of England and on 22 January 174l was appointed a lay vicar of Westminster Abbey. On l3 March 1744 he was made a priest of the Chapel Royal and in October 1746 he was married at St. Georges Bloomsbury (in London) to Jinnet Yates. In 1751, Anselm was made Vicar of Tottenham, near London and in 1758 published an attempt to rationalise English, Greek, Latin and Hebrew grammars "An Introduction to Language". In 1764 Anselm was appointed sub dean of the Chapel Royal, as well as being a minor canon of St. Pauls Cathedral but despite these duties, he continued his theological writings and those on language. While he was living at James Street, Westminster, he wrote in 1772 "A Plain and Complete Grammar" dedicated to George, Prince of Wales including a separate section "The English Accidence" dedicated to Right Hon Lady Charlotte Finch Governess to Their Royal Highnesses the Young Princes. The next year saw the publication of "A Plain and Complete Grammar of the Hebrew Language" and his wife Jinnet died in 1775 and was buried in the west cloister of Westminster Abbey. After her death Anselm re-married, and having studied medicine, patented in 1787 an invention to prevent and relieve rupture.He wrote about religion and the study of music, as well as having works published in 1771 and 1789 about musical prosody. His work on "The Alliance of Musick Poetry and Oratory" was published in 1789 and he had written at least twelve books before he died he died in November 1794.

Anselm's brother William had married Elizabeth Daw at Gloucester, in the same church and only a month after his younger brother John. He too, was left land and property in his father's will and under the same terms, but when he died in 1754 he left no will. After his death, he was buried, together with Elizabeth who had predeceased him by 10 years, in his parents' grave at Wheatenhurst.

It was Anselm and Sarah's third son, John, who carried down the line of our Bailey descent and he was born in 1678 at Wheatenhurst and in 1705 he was married at Gloucester to Edith Whitthorn.

The Baileys and Whitthorns are both recorded in Edith's birthplace, Charlton Kings, in 16th and 17th centuries, while Whitthorns are listed on Subsidy roll at Wheatenhurst in 1327.

The newly wed couple went to live at Standish, where their eldest son Anselm was born in the same year. Their second son was John born in 1706, then in 1708 Richard (possibly named after Edith's father) who lived only a year.

Their first daughter Sarah, born in 1711 was named maybe after her paternal grandmother while another son William, born in 1712 and a daughter Edith born in 1714 completed John and Edith's family. John died at the age of 63 in 174l and as Edith is not mentioned in his will dated 1736, she had probably died earlier.

John left his eldest son Anselm the land at Puckpitt and Hinton Haling which he had inherited from his own father, and in an addition made only 3 days before his death, all his free land in Wheatenhurst, with the responsibility for paying the mortgage on it and in addition, "the largest pewter dish marked AB". He was also appointed one of the two trustees of his father's will.

John and Edith's second son and namesake had married Mary Birt, who came from nearby Moreton Valence. Perhaps it was because his father did not approve of his bride, that all John was left in Anselm's will was five shillings.

Their elder daughter and third child was Sarah and when she was 20, she married John Eagles. He may have some connection with the Eagles who in 18th century were a prominent merchant family involved in the sugar trade at nearby Bristol. Possibly because she was already married, Sarah only had ten pounds from her father Anselm's will, to be paid by her brother Anselm, a year after her father's death. Sarah and John lived at Longney, where they raised their 6 children, and Sarah was a witness to her brother Anselm's will, made in 1768.

In 1727, four years before Sarah and John were married, George I had died and George II came to the throne of England, where he reigned for the next twenty three years.

John's third son William was left the rest of the inherited land at Hamage, plus half an acre of land at Broadfield in Parish of Hardwicke. William's grandfather Anselm had in 1690 left this land originally comprising one acre, not to William's father John, but to his sister Sarah or to his brother Anselm, depending upon circumstances when his estate was settled. As Anselm who died in 1690 also left a mortgage on his estate, perhaps John received one half of the land at Broadfield, in return for paying off part of his father's debts.

The younger daughter Edith had 30 pounds from John's will, as well as half of the household goods not already bequeathed and her brother Anselm was to pay her ten pounds a year after her father died. It was almost a year after his death, and in 1742 that she married James Wilkins of Haresfield, who was but 19 years old. Probably because James was a minor, it was a Roger Rapier of Wheatenhurst who applied for their marriage licence, with Edith's age being given as 25 years. Her husband may have been the James Wilkins Snr, one of the trustees of the will of Edith's brother Anselm made at Longney in 1768.


It is through John and Edith's eldest son Anselm who was Walter Bailey's great great grandfather that our line of descent continues. When Anselm was 46, in 1751 he applied in Longney, for a marriage Licence to wed Sarah Jones of Mitcheldean, said to be 29 years old and his brother William was bondsman for an amount of two hundred pounds. On the licence, Anselm's age was given as 28, whether from desire to appear nearer to his bride's age, or from a clerical error is not known and this made tracing Anselm's baptism very difficult. It is because of the similarity of the signatures on the Licence and on Anselm's 1768 will and of his age, given on his headstone as 63, that we know that the age of 28 mentioned on the Licence is false. Though the licence was written at Longney and repeated as such in IGI the actual marriage, found only by chance, took place at Mitcheldean, the bride's birthplace, only a few days later. The newly wed couple returned to Longney to live, and here all their six children were born.

It was in 1760 during the infancy of Anselm and Sarah's second son Anselm that George II died and the sixty year reign of George III began.

When his youngest child William was only 6 years old, Anselm died, having made his will in January 1768, nearly two years earlier.

In it, all the land he had inherited was gone possibly in payment of the mortgage on his father's Wheatenhurst land, or maybe because it had been acquired by a large landholder under one of the Enclosures Acts. Strangely enough, he had managed to acquire a half acre of the Broadfield land, but whether this was the half acre that had been left to his brother William or the other half acre of the original one acre mentioned in his grandfather's will is not known - there are no other wills available to show what had happened in the meantime. His wife Sarah was Executrix and none of the children's bequests were valid until she died or remarried.

It was only 3 years after Anselm's death that his widow Sarah married James Harper of Longney, with James' brother Thomas as bondsman for the sum of five hundred pounds. Their Marriage Allegation was made in June 1773 and in it Sarah who was by then 55 gave her age as '40 and upwards', while James said he was '28 and upwards' and according to Parish records, they were not married until December that year.

The first child that Anselm and Sarah had was a daughter also named Sarah, baptised in 1751, who was left thirty pounds and half the household goods, under her father's will. In 1774, she married her cousin Samuel Eagles and their Marriage Allegation mentions one John Bagnall Watchmaker of the City of Gloucester, who stood surety for five hundred pounds. They had seven children, who were all born at Longney.

The record of another daughter, Elizabeth in June 1753 has only been found in IGI was a misinterpretationand of Parish Records. Another Elizabeth baptised in May 1758 at the Gloucester City church of St. Mary de Lode and of whom there is no further record is an equal mystery and she is not mentioned in her father Anselm's will.

The next daughter Edith, baptised in 1754 was also left thirty pounds and half the household goods in Anselm's will. There is a computer listing of her marriage to Thomas Whittel at Langton Herring in Dorset, in 1799 and there they had 8 children, but this has not been checked.

Anselm and Sarah's eldest son John baptised in 1756 married Dianah Merrett in 1783 in Longney and they had 2 children. In his father's will, he was left the Broadfield land, plus 2 large pewter dishes and fifty pounds.

Our descent is through the second of Anselm and Sarah's sons, another Anselm baptised in 1759, and in his father's will, he too was left fifty pounds, as well as 2 large pewter dishes marked AB. He married Mary Fowle in October 1787 at Blaisdon, where Anselm's brother William also lived.

Though she was born at Huntley, Mary Fowle lived at Little Dean at the time of marriage and perhaps it was because of his mother's connections, that her son, William Fowle, returned there to live sometime before 1827. Anselm is said to have been a carpenter and wheelwright and was only 31 when he died, but as death certificates were not introduced until 1837, there is no record of the cause of his death - he may perhaps have been killed in an accident.

Anselm and Mary had 2 children, who were both born at Blaisdon and details of their elder son William Fowle through whom our line of descent passes down, are provided in chapter three.

Anselm and Mary's younger son, also Anselm was born in 1790, four months after his father died and when he got married he chose the parish church of St. Mary de Lode in Gloucester City for the wedding. His bride Ann Smith came from Rudford a hamlet about 4 miles north west of Gloucester and they had 3 children, all born in Huntley between 1816 and 1818, but none of them left any issue. By the time of 1851 census, on March 31, all their children were dead and in it, Anselm was recorded as a Master Wheelwright, employing one man and besides Ann the only other person in the household was a widow, Hannah Marshall. Ann who was nearly 20 years older than Anselm, died in 1860 and Anselm survived her by only 4 years and they were both buried at Huntley.

Anselm and Sarah's youngest son William was baptised in 1764 and he had fifty pounds and 3 large pewter dishes from his father in his will. He was married at Blaisdon, and his bride Ann Hyett came from that village. Though their Marriage Allegation was dated 15 September 1790, they were not actually married until three months later, on 29 December of that year. Their first child Ann was born at Blaisdon and the second William at Westbury on Severn both before 1794, while their third child called Anselm was born in Flaxley in 1797.

Sometime after that the family moved to Little London, near Longhope and there Ann died in 1831 and William in May 1840, though they were both buried back at Blaisdon. William had made his will in 1827, well before his death, leaving Ann a life interest in his estate (though she had died before his will came into effect) and judging by its contents he must have been a prosperous man.

William and Ann's daughter Ann was living at Brockworth, about 4 miles south east of Gloucester when in March 1819 she married John Sterry a Stone Mason from Huntley.

A year later in 1820, the people of England had a new king, George IV, who reigned only 10 years, before he was succeeded by William IV.

Ann and John Sterry were living at Little London in 1847, having by this time had 8 children and at their births John was recorded as a Shopkeeper and Miller and in 1838 as a Publican. When her father died in 1840, Ann had been left twenty pounds, to be paid to her by her brother William and land at Notwood Garden in Blaisdon. Perhaps she had sold this land to John's uncle Abraham, because property of that name which then included a dwelling was left in his 1843 will to Abraham's nephew and John's cousin Samuel Sterry. In the same will, Ann's husband John was left one hundred pounds.

Ann died sometime before 1851 and in that year her family was living at Huntley, where John's household included his elder daughter Ann, who was running the household and her base born son John, then one year old. By 1871, John was back in Little London and the only other person in his household was Elizabeth, recorded as his (second) wife.

William and Ann Hyett's son William went to live in Cheltenham, where he was a carpenter. In 1827 at Gloucester he married Hannah Powell and their daughter Ann Susannah was born the next year.

When his father died in 1840, William was one of his executors of the will and he was left the house at Little London where his father lived as well as a barrel and hogshead of cider.

In March 1851 Census they were living at 18 Fairview Street, Cheltenham, whilst Anne, who was a schoolmistress, was visiting an Elizabeth Lloyd at Gloucester Place in the same town - she was most likely Anne's future mother-in-law. When William her father died in 1870 he left a will made at his solicitors in Cheltenham dated 30 Jan 1864, leaving his estate to his wife Hannah and their daughter Ann Susannah wife of Edwin Lloyd and all her children. So far, no record of their marriage nor of their children has been found - most likely they lived in another county.

William and Ann Hyett's younger son Anselm was christened at Flaxley and was nearly 40 when in 1836 at Flaxley, he married Susannah Sims who was living at that village, although she had been born at Longney in 1803.

It was only a year later that William IV died and the long reign of Queen Victoria began.

Anselm and Susannah spent the rest of their lives near Westbury on Severn, as Anselm had in 1839 leased Boseley Mill, on the lower reaches of Westbury Brook from the Crawley Boeveys who owned it. The mill was used to grind corn and had been recorded as early as 1607 when it was originally called Cut Mill, though in 1717 it was occupied by the heirs of William Phillips and was then called Phillips Mill. Anselm and his family worked the mill until 1890's when it apparently closed down and it was finally disbanded about 1930.

In July 1840, Anselm then called a Mealman (Miller) proved his father William's will at Westbury on Severn. In it he was left land in Huntley known as Nursery or Huntley Wood Garden, all the money deposited in his father's savings account, twenty pounds to be paid to him by his brother William as well as cider. He was 77 when he died in 1874, having made his own will only 2 years earlier and his estate was left to all of his family.


Anselm and Susannah's first son William born in 1838, survived only 6 months and their first daughter Susannah with the unusual second name of Albinia died about 6 months after her 21st birthday. Another William with the second name of Hyett was born in 1841 and he was one of the executors of his uncle William's will, made at Cheltenham and proved at Gloucester in 1870. In 1881, he was recorded as a Miller and Farmer, unmarried and living at Horsmans Bridge, near Westbury on Severn.Through one of his descendents, now living in Newcastle NSW, details have been given of William Hyettís marriage, late in life to Ann Rebecca Hughes. They had three children, the youngest being Wilfred Hughes, b 19 Feb 1891. After his fatherís death in 1901 and his motherís death from an apoplectic fit, young Wilfred went to live wih a maiden aunt named Hall, probably relative of his auntís husband James Hall.Whilst living at Rodborough near Stoud, Wilfred went to Wycliffe College, where he excelled as an athlete.On trying to enlist for World War I, he was rejected because of bad feet and later came to NSW with a friend. In 1921 Wilfred married at Hornsby Jessie Norrie and it is through his younger daughter Barbara that the Newcastle family is descended

The second daughter Harriett was born in 1842 and was not married when she was a witness at her sister Mary Elizabeth's wedding in 1869. By the time her father William made his will in 1872, she had married James Hall, who according to 1881 census was 30 years older than his wife. In 1881 the family was living at The Malt House, Westbury on Severn and they had 3 children, including a daughter, Anselena, probably a female version of her grandfather's name.

The baby of the family Mary Elizabeth born in 1844 was married in 1869 at Westbury on Severn, due east across the Severn to Edward Hawkes, who was a baker, like his father. In 1881 Census Edward is shown as a Farmer and they were living at Highcliffe Farm, Quedgeley which was a property of 90 acres and they had 6 children.



Contemporary with 16th century Bailey families at Wheatenhurst, another less numerous family was also recorded from Elmore a parish about 5 miles to the north and also on the eastern side of the river Severn. It is separated from Wheatenhurst by the parishes of Moreton Valence and Hardwicke.

The first Anselm recorded there was baptised in l560, but his parents were not named. It seems his father was William Bailey who died in 1579 and his mother was probably Johane Jenyng, who William married four months after Anselm was born.

William was a husbandman (farmer) and Anselm is the only child mentioned in his will made only ten days before he was buried. At that time Anselm was just 19, so his father appointed as overseers Jhon Newman and Thomas Wiman, who were to have the 'guiding oversight and use' of Anselm for the next three years and for this task they were to have two shillings each.

The will mentioned clothes for William's brother John, as well as several small legacies of money and stock, including two shillings to an Agnes Wymane. Her father was most likely Thomas, appointed overseer in William's will and she and Anselm were married nine months later. Anselm Bailey is mentioned in 1608 muster of Men and Armour as being a yeoman of tallest stature and about forty years of age. There is no record of any of his children, at least not in Elmore and Agnes died in 1619.

Two children whose father was recorded as Anselm were baptised in Elmore - William in 1621 and Anselm in 1623 and they may have been from a second marriage of Anselm soon after his wife Agnes died in 1619. No record has been found of this marriage, nor of any will when Anselm died in 1634.

It is possible that William baptised in 1621 may have died unrecorded as an infant or he may be the father of six children baptised in Elmore between 1642 and 1654. There is no record of his marriage, nor did he leave a will.

One of the six children was John who was baptised in 1643 and he was most likely the father of an Anselm Bailey who was married in 1710 at North Nibley but whose children were all born at Wheatenhurst. His line of descent has been traced by Robin Roberts of Cannock in Staffordshire, whose research provided the basic genealogy of the Elmore Baileys to which has been added a compilation of records from various sources.

The father of the six Elmore children may not however have been William born in 1621, but another William whose father was also Anselm who was baptised in 1611/2 at Wheatenhurst and details about him are in the previous section. As the names of the male children suggest both possibilities, they are cross referenced in both genealogies.

Further details about Anselm baptised in 1623 at Elmore being the person who died in 1689 at Wheatenhurst have been previously presented and these too have been cross referenced.

A Nathaniel Bailey who was baptised at Eastington was the brother of Anselm married in 1710 and all of his children were born at Wheatenhurst. When Nathaniel died there in 1734, he was buried in the same grave as Anselm who died in 1689 and his wife Sarah who died in 1722, suggesting that he was related to that family.

Though named as Elmore Baileys, it was only William's family who lived there and succeeding generations went to live in other parishes including Wheatenhurst.

It is because of these relationships, the coincidence of the children's names and possible earlier connections not yet found that both Wheatenhurst and Elmore genealogies are shown in the one chapter, with the Elmore records being given the descendent code of 2e.

All the places in the two genealogies that follow, unless otherwise noted, are in Gloucestershire, England.



Apart from most of the main line of descent, the genealogy given here, is a compilation of various records and may not be conclusive. In some cases, several alternatives are given, in the hope that further research will establish the correct one. Details of errors and additional genealogy would be most welcome.

Additions and corrections to this genealogy up to October 2001 are from Sonia Kuznetov of Machynlleth Powys Wales , Thomas C Bailey of Melbourne Florida USA and Linden Outteridge of Newcastle NSW

Unless otherwise mentioned, all places are in Gloucestershire England

2.1 William bp c 1511 ? Elmore m 28 Jan 1548 Wheatenhurst (Wheat) Johan (Evans) bu 17 Sep 1556 Wheat

First Generation

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2.2 John BAILEY bp 16 Oct 1554 Wheat bu 5 Mar 1612 Wheat m pre 1572 ? Anne (??) bu 26 Oct 1610 Wheat

2.3 Margaret bp ?? bu 17 Sep 1556 Wheat NO ISSUE

Second Generation

[2.2] Family of John BAILEY and Anne(??)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2.4 Dorathy bp 8 Apr 1572 ? m 3 Nov 1595 Wheat Gyles DRIVER (per Thomas C Bailey of Melbourne Florida USA)

2.5 Anselm bp 19 Jul 1573 bu pre 23 Dec 1646 will 1646/6


l. pre 1602 ? Joyce (??)bu 29 Jul 1610 Wheat

2. pre 1611 Dorathy (??)bu 31 Mar 1637/8 Wheat

[2.5.1] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Joyce (??)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2.6 John bp 15 Aug 1602 ? bu 21 Dec 1689 Wheat m (??)

2.7 Elizabeth bp 6 Oct 1605 bu post 1646

2.8 Hannah (Annah) bp 26 Mar 1606 bu 24 Dec 1640 Frampton m (as Anna) ? 7 Dec 1632 Wheat

Thomas MERRY bp 9 Nov 1592 Cherington

Thomas MERRY ? m 7 Jul 1642 Frampton Juditha (Rogers)

2.9 Susanne bp 8 Nov 1608 ? d pre 1645

2.10 Jane bp 12 Jun 1610 ? d pre 1645

[2.5.2] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Dorathy (??)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2.11 William bp 15 Mar 1611/2 see also 2e.3

2.12 Marie bp 8 Aug 1615 bu 28 Jan 1617 Wheat NO ISSUE

2.13 Alice bp ?? bu 7 Jan 1617 Wheat NO ISSUE

2.14 Anselm bp 15 Jun 1617 MA 10 Apr 1662 Wheat Mary (Dawby) bp c 1624 widow bu 1/3 Feb 1677 Wheat

2.15 Marie bp 1 Jul 1621 ? m (as Mary) 8 Nov 1658 Ashleworth John CLARKE

Third Generation

[2.4] Family of Dorathy (Bailey) and Gyles DRIVER - those known

2.15a John implied by Thomas C Bailey who said John Driver's father was married to a Bailey.He had a nephew Giles who came to Virginia USA c 1657 amd settled in Isle of Wight Va, as did T C Bailey's ancestor Anselm Bailey


[2.6] Family of John BAILEY and (??)

2.16. ? Anselm bp ? 24 Aug 1623 Elmore d ll Dec bu 14 Dec 1689 Wheat will 1690/106 m pre 1670/2 Sarah (??) bp c 1638 d 3 Nov 1722 bu 5 Nov 1722 Wheat see also 2e.4

[2.8] Family of Hannah (Bailey) and Thomas MERRY

All baptisms at Frampton

2.17 Anselm bp 9 June 1633 m 31 Oct 1659 Frampton Ester (Knight)

2.18 Anna bp (as Merrie) 24 Oct 1635 ? m (as Hannah) 16 Nov 1663 Arlingham Thomas TROLIP

2.19 Dorothie bp pre Dec 1640 m 10 Aug 1673 Frampton William ROGERS

Fourth Generation

[2.16\2e.4] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Sarah (??)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2.20 Sarah bp 5 Jun 1670/2 ? m 24 Apr 1690 Glos Cathedral Egid = Giles HOLDER/ 25 Jul 1703 Glos St. Nicholas William BROWN (M/A1699 William Brown ? of Tewkesbury age 23 years and Sarah the same age)

2.21 Anselm bp c 1673 d 11 Aug 1743 bu 4 Sep 1743 Haresfield m 21 May 1699 Haresfield Anne (Whitterne) bp ? 28 Feb 1675 Leigh/16 Nov 1682 Glos St Nicholas bu 20 Oct 1729 Haresfield

2.22 William bp 30 Oct 1676 d 30 Dec 1754 bu Wheat m 14 Apr 1705 Glos St Mary de Lode Elizabeth (Daw) bp c 1684 ? Standish d 2 Feb 1744 Wheat

2.23 John bp 29 Sept 1678/9 bu 21 Aug 174l Standish will 1741/15 m (as William) 17 Feb 1705 Glos St Mary de Lode Edith (Whitthorn) bp 24 Jan 1680 Charlton Kings (CK) d pre 1736

[2.17] Family of Anselme MERRY and Ester (Knight)

All baptisms at Frampton

2.24 Ann bp 18 Sep 1660 bu as infant NO ISSUE

2.25 Thomas bp 20 April 1663 left Bristol 7 Aug 1685 on "The Conqueror" for Virginia USA (Sonia Kuznetsov)

[2.19] Family of Dorothy Merry and William ROGERS

All baptisms at Frampton

2.26 William bp 19 Apr 1674

2.27 Marie bp 24 Feb 1677

Fifth Generation

[2.21] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Anne (Whitterne)

All baptisms at Haresfield

2.28 Edith bp 24 Feb 1702 bu 10 Mar 1773 Haresfield m 26 Feb 1733 Haresfield Henry WESTBURY Occ Farrier bp c 1704 Huntley bu 17 Aug 1757 Haresfield will 1770/24

2.29 Anne bp 24 Jul 1705 d 7 Oct 1766 Wheat will 1768/57 m pre 1723 Daniel WILKINS bp c 1678 d Mar 1742 Wheat will 1742/132 bu in grave of Anselm Bailey [2.16]

2.30 Anselm bp 13 Jan 1713 bu 28 Oct 1716 Haresfield NO ISSUE

2.31 Anselm bp 10 Apr 1719 d Nov 1794


l. 3 June 1746 Haresfield / St. Georges Bloomsbury London Jinnet (Yates) bp c 1713 bu 2l Nov 1775 West Cloister Westminster Abbey


[2.22] Family of William BAILEY and Elizabeth (Daw)

2.32 ? William bp 8 Mar 1705 Moreton Valence (MV) bu 29 Dec 1730 Longney

2.33 Mary bp 26 Sep 1708 bu 9 Nov 1708 Standish NO ISSUE

2.34 Eliz bp 7 Aug 1710 Wheat m as (Elizabeth) 12 Apr 1730 Haresfield Robert TRIGG of Highnam

2.35 Mary bp 26 Jul 1712 Wheat ? m 10 Dec 1744 Painswick Robert AVERIES see also 2e.146

2.36 James bp 9 Jun 1715 Wheat bu pre 1717 NO ISSUE

2.37 James bp 23 Mar 1717 Standish ? m 16 May 1756 Stroud Elizabeth (Pockeridge)


[2.23] Family of John BAILEY and Edith (Whitthorn)

All baptisms at Standish

2.38 Anselm bp 20 Dec 1705 d 17 bu 27 Dec 1769 Longney will 1770/237 m 27 June 1751 Mitcheldean Sarah (Jones) bp 7 Oct 1718 Mitcheldean.

Sarah (Bailey) m 25 Jun 1773 Longney James HARPER bp c 1745

2.39 John bp 18 Feb 1706 d 6 Mar bu 8 Mar 1762 Haresfield m (1)14 Apr 1733 Painswick Mary (Birt) bp 14 Jan 1712 MV d 26 Apr bu 28 Apr 1744 Longney m ? (2) 27 June 1753 Haresfield Dorothy (Beard) widow nee Hathaway bu 28 Dec 1786/7 Haresfield

2.40 Richard bp 17 June 1708 bu 19 Apr 1709 Standish NO ISSUE

2.41 Sarah bp 3/8 Aug 1711 ? bu 17 Apr 1778 Longney m 30 March 1731 Standish JOHN EAGLES bp 26 Jul 1697 /6 Aug 1698 ? d 21 bu 26 Oct 1770/1

2.42 William bp 21 Jan 1712


1. ? 16 Feb 1737 St Dunstan Stepney London Ann (James) bp c 1721 d 29 Mar 1750 ?? Standish

2. 30 Dec 1759 Standish Ann (Millard)

2.43 Edith bp 15 Dec 1714 bu 27 Aug 1794 Haresfield MA 27 Dec 1742 Glos St Mary de Crypt (Witness: Roger Rapier) James WILKINS [2.46] of Haresfield bp 22 Nov 1723 Fretherne bu 27 Aug 1794 Haresfield will 1799/130

Sixth Generation

[2.28] Family of Edith (Bailey) and Henry WESTBURY

All baptisms at Haresfield

2.44 Henry bp 11 Dec 1734 bu 13 Mar 1735 Haresfield NO ISSUE

2.45 William bp 14 Nov 1740 ? m 26 Sep 1763 Painswick Hannah (Bailey)

[2.29] Family of Anne (Bailey) and Daniel WILKINS

2.46 James bp 22 Nov 1723 Freetherne bu 27 Aug 1794 Haresfield will 1799/130 MA 27 Dec 27 Dec 1742 Glos St Mary de Crypt Edith (Bailey) [2.43]

2.46a William bp 1 May 1726 Fretherne MA 6 June 1747 Wheat/Glos St. Peters Hester (Bailey) of Wheat [2e.40]

2.46b Daniel bp 5 May 1728 Wheat ? bu pre 1729 Wheat in grave of Anselm Bailey [2.16] NO ISSUE

2.46c Ann bp 5 May 1728 Wheat ? twin of above m 30 Aug 1749 Glos St. Peters Charles POWELL

2.46d Daniel bp 20 Jan 1729 Wheat

2.46e John bp 21 Nov 1731 Wheat bu pre 1737 Wheat in grave of Anselm Bailey [2.16] NO ISSUE

2.46f Elizabeth bp 17 Jun 1733 Wheat

2.46g John bp 22 Aug 1737 Wheat d as infant Wheat bu in grave of Anselm Bailey [2.16] NO ISSUE

[2.31] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Jinnet (Yates)

2.47 Anselm Yates bp 6 Mar 1747 London

[2.34] Family of Eliz (Bailey) and Robert TRIGG

All baptisms at Churcham

2.48 ? Thomas bp 19 Jan 1730 ? bu pre 1735

2.49 William bp 2 Feb 173l ? m 18 Oct 1766 Flaxley Sarah (Wellington)

2.50 John bp 5 Feb 1733 ? m 20 Oct 1759 MV Elizabeth (Watkins)

2.51 Thomas bp 29 Jan 1735 ? m 5 Feb 1766 Churcham Sarah (Smith)

2.53 Robert bp 9 May 1739 ? m 27 Dec 1761 Churcham Elizabeth (Church)

2.52 James bp 29 April 1738 ? m 22 May 1777 Newent Eliz (Wood)

[2.38] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Sarah (Jones)

2.54 Sarah bp 16 Oct 1751 bu 12 Jun 1809 Longney m 12 Apr 1774 Longney Samuel EAGLES [2.70] bp 30 Sep 1747 Longney

2.55 Elith bp 19 Jun 1753 IGI entry DELETE is another entry for 2.56

2.56 Edith bp 19 Jun 1754 ? m after Banns Langton Herring Dorset Thomas WHITTEL

2.57 John bp 9 June 1756 ? bu 3 Jan 1845 Longney abode Epney m after Banns l Dec 1783 Longney (Witnesses:Ann Warren,Sophia Merrett) Dianah (Dianna)(Merrett) bp 9 Sep 1747 Longney bu 28 Jan 1835 Longney

2.58 Eliz bp 6 May 1758 Glos St Mary de Lode ? d pre 1768 NO ISSUE

2.59 Anselm bp 28 May 1759 bu 20 July 1790 Longney m by Licence 23 Oct 1787 Blaisdon (Witnesses: Elizabeth Hart, Sarah Palmer) Mary (Fowle) of Little Dean bp 25 May 1760 Huntley d Churcham bu 11 April 1823 Longney

2.60 William bp 4 Jan 1764 Longney d 21 May 1840 Little London, Longhope bu 26 May 1840 Blaisdon MA 17 Sep 1790 m by Licence 29 Dec 1790 Blaisdon (Witnesses: Thomas Harper,John Hyett,Sarah Hyett) Ann (Hyett) bp 30 June 1762 Blaisdon bu 2 Sept 1831 Blaisdon

[2.39] Family of John BAILEY and Mary (Birt)

2.61 John bp 20 Jul 1735 Standish bu 9 Feb 1783 Hardwicke ? m 26 Oct 1762 Hardwicke Ann (Hitch)

2.62 Mary bp 17 Jun 1738 Haresfield bu 27 Feb 1739 ? Haresfield NO ISSUE

2.63 Mary bp 27 Feb 1739 Haresfield ? m 28 Jul 1766 Pitchcombe Charles SUMMERS

[2.41] Family of Sarah (Bailey) and John EAGLES

2.64 ? Thomas bp 22 Nov 1730 Standish DELETE may be child of John EAGLES AND Sarah Pockett m 24 Jul 1722 Standish

2.64a Nansey bp 17 Dec 1732 ? m (as Nancy) 7 Apr 1761 Standish Thomas HAINS/MAINS DELETE may be child of John EAGLES and Sarah (Pockett) as above

2.65 Sarah bp 31 Mar 1735 Longney bu pre 1740/1 NO ISSUE

2.67 Richard bp 29 Oct 1738 Longney bu 12 Nov 1775/6 Longney m 1 Feb 1765 Westbury on Severn (WOS) Mary (Wintle)? bu 1 June 1823 abode WOS

2.66 William bp 30 Jun 1736 Longney ? bu pre 1744 NO ISSUE

2.68 Sarah bp 5 Jul 1740/1 Longney ? m 11 Oct 1787 Stroud John BROWN

2.69 William bp privately 16 Apr 1744 Longney ? m 22 Apr 1787 Saul Esther (Greening)

2.70 Samuel bp 30 Sep 1747 bu 14 Aug 1823 Longney Longney m 12 Apr 1774 Longney Sarah (Bailey) [2.54]

[2.42.1] Family of William BAILEY and Ann (James)

All baptisms at Standish

2.7l Sarah bp 28 Sep 1740 bu 26 Oct 1740 Standish NO ISSUE

2.72 John bp 20 Apr/Sep 1741 Occ 1768 Yeoman of MV ? m 7 Apr 1768 Berkeley Sarah (Clark) bp 29 Oct 1743 Berkeley

2.73 William bp 11 Sep 1743 Occ 1769 Yeoman of Haresfield m 27 Mar 1769 Hardwicke Anne (Merrett) of Hardwicke bp c 1744

2.74 Anselm bp 11 Aug 1745 Wire Drawer 1766 MA 27 Oct 1766 Wheat m 15 Nov 1766 Wheat

Ann (Shipway) bp c 1745 bu 19 Oct 1767 NO ISSUE

2.75 Mary bp 15 Apr 1747 bu 20 Jun Standish NO ISSUE

2.76 Richard bp 3 Apr 1748 ? m 22 Aug 1773 Chipping Camden Lydia (Roberts) / 23 Apr 1773 Berkeley Elizabeth (Thomas)

[2.42.2] Family of William BAILEY and Ann (Millard)

All baptisms at Standish

2.77 Sarah bp 7 Jul 1760 ? bu 5 May 1773 Standish NO ISSUE

2.78 Thomas bp 17 Jul 1762 ? m 16 Oct 1791 Minchinhampton Elizabeth (Dutton)

2.79 Edith bp 24 Jun 1764 m 14 Jun 1788 Standish William Leech of Quedgeley bp 28 Dec 1768 Quedgeley

2.80 Josepth bp 5 Apr 1767 ? m 19 Apr 1804 Cam/Cambridge Mary (Cole)

[2.43] Family of Edith (Bailey) and James WILKINS

All baptisms at Haresfield

2.81 James bp 7 Oct 1745 ? m 27 Mar Haresfield Patience (Butt) of Standish

2.82 Sarah bp 27 Jan 1746 bu 26 Aug 1748 Haresfield NO ISSUE

2.82a John bp 3 Feb 1748 sons James and william Mentioned will James Wilkins made 1793 proved 1799/130

2.83 William bp 4 May 1751 d 30 Nov 1787 Haresfield

2.84 Sarah bp 4 May 1751 ? twin of above mentioned will 1799/130

2.84a Ann bp17 May 1754 d pre 1 June 1793 will 1799/130 m 6 Mar 1778 Haresfield John TIPPING

2.84b Mary bp 12 Nov 1756 MA 14 Feb 1776 Haresfield (Father James signed as Mary was minor) m 29 Mar 1776 Haresfield William GINGELL bp c 1757 living 1793 Colthrop Standish had son William and daughter Sarah

Seventh Generation

[2.49] Family of William TRIGG and Sarah (Wellington)

2.85 William bp 28 Mar 1768 Churcham

[2.51] Family of Thomas TRIGG and Sarah (Smith)

2.85a Thomas bp 17 Jul 1768 Tibberton

[2.53] Family of Robert TRIGG and Elizabeth (Church)

2.86 ? James bp 4 Apr 1762

2.86a Robert bp 28 Jul 1763 Churcham

[2.54] Family of Sarah (Bailey) and Samuel EAGLES

All baptisms at Longney

2.87 Sarah bp 17 Oct 1774 bu 9 Jun 1778 Longney NO ISSUE

2.88 John bp 31 Dec 1775/6 ? bu 30 Nov 1787 Longney NO ISSUE

2.89 Edith bp 17 Aug 1777

2.90 Sarah bp 9 Dec 1779 ? bu 12 Jan 1809 Longney NO ISSUE

2.91 William bp 18 Sep 1781

2.92 Henry bp 12 Oct 1783 Mother Mary IGI

2.93 Anselm bp 13 May 1787

2.94 Samuel bp 20 Nov 1790 ? m after banns 19 Mar 1816 Longney Susannah (Saunders) bp 20 Nov 1790 Hardwicke

2.94a James bp 31 Dec 1797

[2.56] Family of Edith (Bailey) and Thomas WHITTEL

All baptisms at Langton Herring Dorset

2.95 Henry bp 20 Feb 1780

2.96 Thomas bp 3 Mar 1782

2.97 William bp 17 Feb 1783

2.98 John bp 6 Nov 1785

2.99 Abel bp 10 Sep 1786

2.100 Joseph bp 12 Aug 1787

2.101 Richard bp 1793

2.102 Ann bp 15 Mar 1795

[2.57] Family of Dianah Merrett

2.102a John Ellis bp 5 Oct 1777 Longney ?? father came from Longney/Elmore (Page 11 Jnl Glos FHS Sep 1944)

[2.57] Family of John BAILEY and Dianah (Merrett)

All baptisms at Longney

2.103 Betty bp 26 Jan/Jun 1785 ? m (as Elizabeth) 24 Oct 1805 Frampton Thomas CLARK

2.104 Thomas Merrett/Murett bp 29 Nov 1789 Occ Shoemaker 1861 bu 5 Nov 1861 Longney d unmarried

[2.59] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Mary (Fowle)

2.105 William Fowle bp 23 Oct 1788 at Blaisdon - see chapter 3

2.106 Anselm bp 27 Nov 1790 Blaisdon Occ Machine Maker of Glos St Mary de Lode bu ll May 1864 Huntley m after Banns l5 Mar 1815 Glos St Mary de Lode (Witnesses: Esther Tivey X William Howitt) Ann (Smith) of Glos St Mary de Lode bp c 1771 Rudford bu 24 Sep 1860 Huntley


[2.60] Family of William BAILEY and Ann (Hyett)

2.107 Ann bp 12 Feb 1792 Blaisdon d pre 1851 m 30 Mar 1819 Brockworth (Witnesses: George Low,Elizabeth Fox) John STERRY of Huntley bp 5 Mar 1794 Huntley d pre 1871. John STERRY m post 1871 Elizabeth (??) bp c 1801

2.l08 William bp ? 1794 ? WOS Resident Glos St Catherinein 1827 bu 26 Jan 1870 Cheltenham m l Mar 1827 Glos St Mary de Lode (Witnesses: John Stamp,John Powell,William Howitt) Hannah (Powell) of Glos St Mary de Lode bp 31 May 1795 Newent

2.109 Anselm bp 24 Dec 1797 Flaxley d 16 Jan 1874 Westbury on Severn (WOS) m by Licence 30 Jun 1836 Flaxley (Witnesses:Samuel Sims,Ann Sims) Susanna (Sims) bp 4 Oct 1803 Longney d 25 Feb 1881 WOS

[2.61] Family of John BAILEY and Ann (Hitch)

All baptisms at Hardwicke

2.110 Jno bp 20 Sep 1763 ? m (as John) 10 Oct 1786 Glos St Mary de Lode Susanne (Whitcombe)

2.111 Mary bp 16 Jun 1768 ? m 12/19 Oct 1789 Hardwicke Thomas SLY

2.112 William bp 11 Jun 1780 ? m 20 Feb 1817 Hardwicke Elizabeth (Vick)

[2.67] Family of Richard EAGLES and Mary (Wintle)

All baptisms at Longney

2.113 William bp 6 Dec 1765

2.114 Sarah bp 4 May 1766/7 ? m 5 Nov 1787 Eastington & Alkerton (E&A) Thomas BAILEY [2e.83] bp 27 May 1765

2.115 Mary bp 24 Oct 1768/9 bu 5 Jun 1779 Longney NO ISSUE

2.116 Anne bp 18 Apr 1772 bu 2 Jul 1775/6 Longney NO ISSUE

[2.69] Family of William EAGLES and Esther (Greening)

2.117 Samuel bp 12 Aug 1787 Saul

[2.72] Family of John BAILEY and Sarah (Clark)

All baptisms at Moreton Valence

2.118 Mary bp 2 May 1769 ? m 26 Mar 1793 Stroud Joel TANNER

2.119 Elizabeth bp 9 Jun 1771 ? m 10 Apr 1793 Painswick Leonard PEGLER / 27 Jan/1 Feb 1796 Painswick Josiah/Joseph HARRIS

2.119a William bp 31 May 1774 bu 5 Feb 1788 NO ISSUE

2.120 Sarah bp 19 Nov 1776 had baseborn son Job bp 19 Feb 1804 Occ Ag Labourer 1861 Cs m by Banns 8 Nov 1829 MV (Witness: William Williams) Elizabeth (Jackson)

2.121 Thomas bp 15 May 1781 ? m 18 Nov 1819 Frocester Ann (Ford)

[2.73] Family of William BAILEY and Ann (Merrett)

All baptisms at Haresfield

2.122 Mary bp 8 Jan 1770 ? m 4 Nov 1806 Haresfield Joseph GARDNER

2.123 Sarah bp 7 July 1773

[2.76] Family of Richard BAILEY and Elizabeth (Thomas)

2.124 Elizabeth bp 23 May 1773 Berkeley

[2.78] Family of Thomas BAILEY and Elizabeth (Dutton)

All baptisms at Minchinhampton

2.125 Sarah bp 31 Mar 1793

2.126 Ann bp 31 May 1795

2.127 James bp 18 Jun 1797

2.128 Elizabeth bp 10 Nov 1799

2.129 Mary bp 8 Jun 1806

2.130 Hannah bp 30 Oct 1808



[2.79] Family of Edith (Bailey) and William LEECH

All baptisms at Quedgeley

2.131 Ann bp 8 Feb 1789

2.132 Mary bp 8 Apr 1791

2.133 Sarah bp 23 Oct 1793

[2.81] Family of James WILKINS and Patience (Butt)

All baptisms at Haresfield

2.133a Prudence bp 27 Jan 1773

2.133b ? James bp 12 Jan 1775 ? m 10 Oct 1796 Haresfield Hannah (Ridell)

2.133c Henry bp 3 Jan 1776 mentioned will 1799/130 James Wilkins

2.133d Sarah bp 1779

Eighth Generation

[2.106] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Ann (Smith)

All baptisms at Huntley

2.134 Mary Ann bp 21 Jan 1816 bu 16 Aug 1834 Churcham NO ISSUE

2.135 Anselm bp 13 Jul 1817 Occ Wheelwright 1841 bu 28 May 1844/28 Apr 1845 Huntley NO ISSUE

2.136 John bp c 1818 bu 19 Mar 1837 Churcham NO ISSUE

[2.107] Family of Ann (Bailey) and John STERRY

All baptisms at Longhope

2.137 Anne bp 9 Jun 1820

2.138 John bp 26 May 1822 Occ Miller/Mason


l. c 1847 Emma (??) bp c 1822 Cheltenham 1851 Cs 103 Columbia Street Glos d pre 1853

2. 31 Mar 1853 Huntley (Witnesses: Thomas Harper,Nancy Harper X) Elizabeth (Daunce) widow bp c 1822

2.139 William Occ Market Carrier bp 16 May 1824 bu 21 Oct 1883 Longhope m 3 Nov 1861 Longhope (Witnesses: Thomas Coopey X,Esther Ann Coopey X) Mary Ann (Ballinger) widow bp c 1814 Churcham bu 5 Aug 1883 Longhope

2.140 Mary bp 9 Jul 1826

2.141 James bp 25 May 1828 Occ Shoemaker (M wrongly shown Mary PR)

2.142 Robert bp 28 Mar 1830

2.143 Charles bp 16 Sep 1832

2.144 Emmanuel bp 9 Sep 1838

[2.108] Family of William BAILEY and Hannah (Powell)

2.145 Anne Susannah bp ll May 1828 Cheltenham m post 1851 Cs Edwin LLOYD

[2.109] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Susanna (Sims)

All baptisms at Westbury on Severn

2.146 William Anselm bp 24 Jun 1838 bu 15 Jun 1839 WOS NO ISSUE

2.147 Susannah Albinia bp 5 Apr 1840 d 14 Dec 1861 Boseley Mill NO ISSUE

2.148 William Hyett bp 25 Jul 1841 d 22 Mar 1901 WOS m Ann Rebecca (Hughes)

2.149 Harriett Ann bp 25 Sep 1842 m pre May 1872 James HALL Occ Retired Farmer 1881 Cs bp c 1812 WOS

2.150 Mary Elizabeth bp 21 Jul 1844 m after Banns 13 Jan 1869 WOS (Witnesses: Anselm Bailey, William Sims Dowding,Harriett Ann Bailey,Mary Sims) Edward HAWKES Occ Baker bp c 1842 Quedgeley Occ Farmer 1881 Cs

Ninth Generation

[2.137] Family of Ann Sterry

2.151 John bp 13 Oct 1849 Huntley



[2.138] Family of John STERRY and Emma (??)

2.152 Walter bp 20 Jun 1847 Longhope

2.153 John bp 1850 Glos

[2.148] Family of William Hyett BAILEY and Ann Rebecca (Hughes)

2.153a Grace Evelyn m Fred COLLIER England

2.153b Ernest Anselm d flu epidemic ? c 1920 England

2. 153c Wilfrid Hughes b 19 Feb 1892.303 page 61 in Reg Book 18* Boseley Mill reg Huntley d 5 Jul

1965 Mater Hospital Waratah NSW Warehouseman 1931 came to NSW post 1914 m 30 Apr

1921.6465* Hornsby Meth Ch NSW (Witnesses:H Everingham, B Norrie) Jessie May "Narney"

(Norrie) b 10 May 1891.31258 Hornsby reg Ryde NSW d 18 Mar 1890 Mater Hospital Waratah

Details of this family are from Linden Outteridge of Newcastle NSW

[2.149] Family of Harriet Ann (Bailey) and James HALL

All baptisms at Westbury on Severn

2.154 James P bp c 1875

2.155 Anselena S bp c 1876

2.156 Arthur H bp c 1878

[2.150] Family of Mary Elizabeth (Bailey) and Edward HAWKES

All baptisms at Quedgeley

2.157 Mabel Susannah bp c 1870

2.158 Edward Bailey bp c 1872

2.159 Herbert Bailey bp c 1873

2.160 Leonard Bailey bp c 1876

2.161 Winifred Mary bp c 1877

2.162 William Bailey bp c 1878

Tenth Generation

[2.153c] Family of Wilfred Hughes BAILEY and Jessie May (Norrie)

All births NSW

2.163 Helen June b 2 June 1922 ? Hornsby m pre 1948 Albert Thomas WOLFE b 1 Feb 1922 ?PLACE

2.164 Geoffrey Ernest b 13 Feb 1923 Hornsby m 27 Aug 1955 St Augustines Merewether Brenda

(Greentree) b 5 Dec 1924 Janet St Merewether

2.165 Janet Barbara Jill "Barbara" b 24 Jan 1931.2172 *Eton Private Hospital reg Chatswood family

then living 79 Burstette St Hornsby m 5 Mar 1955 Hamilton Wesley Ch Athol Clyde BUSH b 28

Nov 1924 Glebe St Merewether

Details of Tenth Generation are from Linden Outteridge of Newcastle NSW

Eleventh Generation

[2.163] Family of Helen June (Bailey) and Albert Thomas WOLFE

2.166 Peter Geoffrey b 31 Oct 1948 ?PLACE m pre 1990 St Mary Ch Newcastle Kerry Joan (Small) b

20 Dec 1948 ?PLACE

2.167 Kathleen Jean b 15 Mar 1951 ?PLACE m pre 1984 St Augustines Ch Merewether Gregory Ross


[2.164] Family of Geoffrey Bailey and Brenda (Greentree)

All births Hillcrest Private Hospital Merewether NSW

2.168 Annie Elizabeth b 12 Jan 1957 m pre 1984 St Augustines Ch Merewether Raymond

HENDERSON b 30 June 1957 Balmain Issue: Megan Kate b 2 Jan 1984, Jessica Leigh b 25 Mar 1987, Dean David Raymond b 30 Jul 1993

2.169 Robyn Kay b 24 Jan 1957 married

1. pre 1995 at 18 Tudor Street Belmont Robert DAVIES Issue: Grace McKenzie b 1 Jan1995, Claire

Olivia b 6 Sep 1997


2.170 Susan Leigh b 16 May 1960 m 30 Mar 1985 at 18 Tudor Street Balmain John POLLARD b 30

Oct 1959 ?PLACE Issue: Christopher b 25 Jul 1987, Mark b 5 Sep 1989, Glen b 21 June 1992

2.171 Graham Geoffrey b 11 Aug 1961 m ?DATE Maddison Motor Inn Charlestown Andrea (Gover)


[2.165] Family of Janet Barbara Jill (Bailey) and Athol Clyde BUSH

2.172 Anthony Richard b 24 Jan 1957 b Hillcrest Private Hospital Merewether m 9 Jan 1982 St

Thereseís Ch New Lambton Jeanette May (Walker) b 28 Dec 1958 Issue: Christopher Michael

Walker b 2 Dec 1983 Merriwa, Heather Elizabeth b 30 Mar 1985 Merriwa, Dominik Andrew

Walker b 2 Oct 1987 Broken Hill, Leigh Alexander Walker b26 June 1989 Lismore, Izaak Adrian

Walker b 11 Sep 1999 Glen Innes

2.173 Linden Barbara b 20 Sep 1958 Hillcrest Private Hospital Merewether m 10 Sep 1988 Uniting

Ch Adamstown Laurence William OUTTERIDGE b 19 June 1953 Royal Newcastle Hospital

Issue:Michell Ashley b 6 Jan 1991 Waratah

Details of Eleventh Generation are from Linden Outteridge


[2.8] Thomas MERRY

Father William MERRY bp 1567-70 Arlingham d pre 1630

m Jan 1592 Cherington

Mother Margaret (Franklin) Will 1630/101

Siblings: 1. William bp 28 Apr 1594 Cherington ? to Colchester Essex m pre 1623 Sarah (??) Issue bp Colchester St Mary Virgin at the Walls: Barsheba bp 1623, Thomas bp 1630; 2. Rebecca bp 8 Sep 1598 Cherington ? m William RUSSELL Issue bp Tetbury: Rebecca bp 1628 (mentioned will 1630/101); Mary bp 1632; Lidia bp 1635; Hannah bp 1636; Thomas bp 1641; 3. Abigail bp 2 Feb 1602 Cherington ? m 1619 St Mary Colechurch London Jeremy MANLOUS/LOVE; 4. Hanna bp 1602 Cherington mentioned will 1630/101m 1626 Cam Glos John WOOD Issue: Hanna & Margaret both mentioned will 1630/101; 5. Bathsheba bp post 1602 mentioned will 1630/101; 6. Mary bp as Mariel 29 Nov Colchester mentioned will 1630/101; 7. Lydia mentioned will 1630/101; 8. Jonathon bp 4 May 1613 Cherington m 1648 Colchester Martha (Chissell) Issue: Thomas bp 1651 Colchester St Mary Virgin at the Walls; Martha bp 1653 d infant; Rebecca bp 1653 d infant; Rebecca bp 1654 d infant; Rebecca bp 1656? Colchester St Mary Virgin at the Walls; Sarah bp 1656 Colchester St Leonards; Jonathan bp 1658 Colchester St Leonards; Mary bp 1660 Colchester St Leonards; Martha bp 1661 Colchester St Mary Virgin at the Walls

(PGF Walter MERRY Will 1573/2 [Father William will ?? mentioned will 1573/2] m 4 Feb 1566/7 Arlingham

PGM Jann (Birte) "Joane" in will 1573/2) Walter's will also mentions sister-in-law Alice Burt ?? wife of brother Thomas (will 1614) who had son and main heir Richard b c 1588 (age about 20 recorded at Westbury on Severn in "Men and Armour" 1608), a younger son, William and a child expected post 1573

Details of above are from Sonia Kuznetov of Powys Wales

[2.21] Anne (Whitterne)

bp 1675 Father William WHITTERNE

bp 1682 Father John WHITTERNE Sibling Richard bp 15 Aug 1680 Glos St Nicholas

[2.22] Elizabeth (Daw)

Father James DAW of Putley Standish

Mother Elizabeth (??)

Pam Daw member of GFHS has further details of this family

[2.23] Edith (Whitthorn)

Father Richard WHITTHORN bu 7 Nov 1706 CK but will 1712/323 dated 1709 PGF Richard

WHITTHORN (F William WHITTERNE /WHITTHORN) bu 8 Mar 1689/90 will 1680/119 PGM

Ann bu 8 Apr 1680 CK

m 2 Oct 1672 Standish

Mother Elizabeth (Reefe) bu 24 Dec 1712 will 1712/342

Siblings All bp Charlton Kings: Elizabeth bp 9 Nov 1676 m 9 Feb 1697 Glos St Mary de Lode Thomas HUMPHRIES - mentioned will 1712/323, Richard bp 18 Aug 1678, Sarah bp 11 Mar 1682, Margaret bp 6 Sep 1685 ? m 21 Nov 1707 William BLAKE, Walter bp 24 Jun 1688 bu 30 May 1701 NO ISSUE, Samuel bp 4 Nov 1689/90 executor will 1712/ 342 and John bp 19 Nov 1693 mentioned will 1712/342

Curtis Talbot has further details of this family

[2.31] Jinnet (Yates) Father Thomas YATES Doctor of Divinity of Charlton upon Otmoor, West Oxford

[2.38] Sarah (Jones)

Father John JONES

? m 18 Jul 1699 Newland

Mother Susan (Nelmes)

[2.39.1] Mary (Birt)

Father James BIRT bu 12 Jun 1732 MV ? will 1733 m 5 June 1704 Longney Mother Elizabeth (Clark) of Longney bu 26 Apr 1732/3 MV

Siblings: James bp 7 Jan 1706 Longney. Baptisms MV: John as BYRT 31 Jan 1708 ? d pre 1721, Richard bp 29 Nov 1710 bu 12 Mar 1727, Elizabeth bp 4 Sep 1715, William bp 15 Jun 1717 bu 27 Nov 1720, Joseph bp 21 Apr 1718, Daniel bp 13 Oct 1720, John bp 15 Aug 1721, Sarah bp 17 Apr 1722, Grace bp 5 Nov 1725 ? m 5 Nov 1759 MV Thomas WYNTLE of Standish, William bp 10 Dec 1727, Thomas bp 30 apr 1729, Ann bp 27 June bu 17 Oct 1731

[2.39.2] Dorothy (Beard)

married 1. as Dorothy Hathaway 1741 Stonehouse George BEARD d pre 1753 Issue all bp Haresfield: Edward bp 1742, Sarah bp 1744, George bp 1746, Elizabeth bp 1748, Hannah bp 1751

[2.41] John EAGLES

Father ? John EAGLES m 25 Jul 1697 Standish Mother Sarah (?Curles/Curtis)/Father Thomas EAGLES m 24 June 1867 Mary (Andrewes)

[2.57] Dianah (Merrett)

Father William MERRETT Mother Anne (??)

[2.59] Mary (Fowle)

Father Josiah FOWLE

m 11 Feb 1760 Ruardean

Mother Sarah (Bennett) bp 18 Sept 1737 Ruardean

MGF Joseph BENNETT (F Emmanuel BENNET M Isabell (??))

MGM Elizabeth (Dew) (F George DEW M Elizabeth (Goodwin))

Curtis Talbot has further details of this family also

[2.60] Ann (Hyett)

Father John HYETT Mother Ann (??)

[2.72] Sarah (Clark)

Father Thomas CLARK

[2.79] William LEECH

Father Samuel LEECH PGF Richard LEECH of Boddington PGM Sarah (??)

m 8 Mar 1760 Quedgeley

Mother Mary (Clutterbuck)

Pam Daw has further details of this family also




[2.107] John STERRY

Father John STERRY bp 28 Nov 1756 Blaisdon bu 13 May 1829 Huntley PGF John STERRY bp c 1728

m 4 Feb 1752 Newnham PGM Mary (Robbins) of WOS bp c 1727

m 7 Dec 1776 Longhope

Mother Mary (Bullock) bp c 1756 d post 1841

Siblings: Joseph bp c 1774, Sarah bp 12 Jan 1777 Huntley, Samuel bp 19 May 1782 Huntley

Debbie Hopton and Anne Martin, members GFHS have further details of this family

[2.108] Hannah (Powell)

Father John POWELL

m after Banns 26 Feb 1797 Newent (Witnesses:Elizabeth Goode,Jonathon Powell)

Mother Susannah (Phillips)

[2.109] Susanna (Sims)

Father William SIMS of Longney

m by Licence 16 Oct 1800 Frampton (Witnesses: William Longney,Mary Smith)

Mother Mary (Longney)

[2.138] Elizabeth (Daunce) formerly (Edwards)

Father William EDWARDS Occ Gamekeeper

[2.139] Mary Ann (Ballinger) formerly (Bullock)

Father Benjamin BALLINGER Occ Farmer

[2.145] Edwin LLOYD

Mother ? Elizabeth (??) b c 1795 Stow

[2.150] Edward HAWKES

Father Samuel HAWKES Occ Baker bp c 1804 d 19 Jan 1870 Quedgeley

Mother Sarah (??) bp c 1802 d 26 Apr 1879 Quedgeley

[2.153c] Jessie May (Norrie)

Father Alexander Jesse NORRIE

Mother Matilda (Poulton)?d 1933.6066 Chatswood NSW

MGF William POULTON MGM Bridget (??)

Siblings of Matilda Norrie : ? John d 1903.2075 Katoomba, ?William d 1917.8871 Dungog

[2.165] Athol Clyde BUSH

Father Harold Clyde BUSH

Mother Edna Hunt Davis

Above details are from Linden Outteridge

[2.172] Jeanette Mary (Walker)

Father Donald WALKER

Mother Marie (Burke)

Above details are from Linden Outteridge

[2.173] Laurence William OUTTERIDGE

Father Morris William OUTTERIDGE

Mother Laurel Emma (OíLeary)

Above details are from Linden Outteridge




Apart from most of the main line of descent, this genealogy is a compilation of various records and may not be conclusive. In some cases alternatives are given in the hope that further research which will establish which one is correct.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all places are in Gloucestershire England

Additions and corrections to this genealogy up to October 2001 are from Janet Rigby of Preston Lancashire and Colin Williams of The Gap near Brisbane Qld

2e.1 William BAILEY bu 28 Mar 1579 (will 1579/206) m 11 Jul 1560 Johane (Jenyng) bu June 1571 Elmore

First Generation

2e.2 Anselm bp 10 Mar 1560 bu 28 Apr 1634 Elmore


l. 6 Dec 1579 Elmore Agnes (Wyman) bu 10 Apr 1619 Elmore

2. ?? pre l621 (??)

Second Generation

[2e.2.2?] Family of Anselm BAILEY and (??)

2e.3? William bp 9 Sep 1621 Elmore m pre 1642 (??) see also 2.11

2e.4? Anselm bp 24 Aug 1623 see also 2.16

Third Generation

[2e.3]/[2.11] Family of William BAILEY and (??)

All baptisms Elmore

2e.5 Anselm bp 3 Apr bu 2 Jul 1642 Elmore NO ISSUE

2e.6 John bp 3O Apr l643 m (as Johes BAYLIS) 5 Nov 1668 Aston Sub Edge Franc (Collett). Frances Bailey m 15 Aug/8 Oct 1710 Frocester Daniel JONES

2e.7 Female unnamed bp ?? bu 30 June 1645 Elmore NO ISSUE

2e.8 William bp 13 Jun 1647 ? bu post 1734 Painswick ? Occ Broadweaver will 1743/189 ? m 4 May 1676 Painswick Mary (Budden)

2e.9 Jeremie bp 18 Aug bu ll Nov 1650 Elmore NO ISSUE

2e.10 Thomas bp 18 Feb 1654 Elmore


1. 2 Jan 1686 Painswick Jane (Pinchin)

2. 6 Jul 1701 Painswick Hannah (Tailer)

Fourth Generation

[2e.6] Family of John BAILEY and Franc (Collett)

2e.11 Mary bp 12 Apr 1672 Wheatenhurst (Wheat) ? m 28 Jun 1690/24/28 Jun 1696 Stonehouse Richard BALL / 28 Apr 1704 Stroud Richard STEPHENS

2e.12 Elizabeth bp l5/18 Sep 1676 bu 14 Feb 1682 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.13 ?? Anselm bp ? c 1680 m 18 Apr 1710 North Nibley (?Elizabeth)(Boon)

2e.14 Nathaniel bp 22 Feb 1684 Eastington and Alkerton (E&A) d 8 Dec 1743 Wheat bu in grave of Anselm Bailey [2.16] m pre 1718 Elizabeth (??) bu 1/5 Feb/9 Apr 1741/2 Wheat

2e.15 Elizabeth bp 8 Apr 1688 Wheat bu Dec 1703 NO ISSUE

[2e.8] Family of William BAILEY and Mary (Budden)

All baptisms at Painswick

2e.16 John bp 24 May 1677 ? m 14 Oct 1708 Painswick Ann (Millard)

2e.17 Mary bp 2 Mar 1678 ? m 13 Sep 1707 Painswick William WINN / 5 Feb/15 Apr 1710 Painswick Richard COOK/E

2e.18 William bp 4 Oct 1681 ? m 8 Jun 1712 Painswick Francis (Holdey)

2e.19 ?? Thomas from will 1743/189

2e.20 NO ENTRY

2e.21 Sarah bp 23 Feb 1683 ? m 13 Oct 1712 Painswick Charles COLE

[2e.10.1] Family of Thomas BAILEY and Jane (Pinchin)

All baptisms Painswick

2e.22 Thomas bp 16 Nov 1687 ? m 4 Jul 1731 Painswick Mary (King/Ring)

2e.23 Henry bp 13 Nov 1689 ? m 6 Dec 1724 Mary (Castle/Cook/Crafts)

2e.24 Susannah bp 21 Dec 1692 ? m 24 Nov 1724 Wotton under Edge Richard SMITH

[2e.10.2] Family of Thomas BAILEY and Hannah (Tailer)

All baptisms at Painswick

2e.25 Jane bp 9 Aug 1702 ? m 26 Mar 1726 Westbury on Severn (WOS) Christor PLAYSTEAD

2e.26 Robert bp 23 Dec 1703 ? m 3 Jan 1744 Marston Sicca = Long Marston Betty (Isaac)

2e.27 James bp 9 Oct 1705

2e.28 Ann bp 10 Nov 1710 ? m 3 Feb 1733 Minchinhampton Daniel BUTT

Fifth Generation

[2e.13] Family of Anselm BAILEY and (?Elizabeth) (Boon)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2e.29 John bp 13 Aug 1713 m 21 Feb 1736 Wheat Sarah (Clark) bp 8 Nov 1715 Wheat bu 8 Jan 1773 Wheat

2e.30 Frances bp 7 Sep 1715 ? m 11 Apr 1736 E&A Samuel COLEMAN

2e.31 Eliz bp 4 Jul 1717 ? m 5 Sep 1744 Wheat William FRENCH of Gloucester

2e.32 Anselm bp 1 Jul 1719 IGI/Aug 1720 bu 8 Sep 1742 NO ISSUE

2e.33 William bp 10 June 1723 m 18 May 1747 Hardwicke Hannah (Wilkins)

Note: William who married Hannah Wilkins may be William bp 8 Nov 1724 Hardwicke son of Thomas BAILEY and Joan (Gwylliams) m 27 Feb 1714 Haresfield

2e.34 Mary bp 9 Apr 1726 ? m 2 Feb 1745 MV William THEYER ? bu 2/10 Jan 1791 Cam / 3 Mar 1751 Hardwicke John GILBERT

2e.35 Sarah bp 10 Mar 1728 ? m 27 Jul 1753/5 John KING/ 27 Jul 1755 Painswick Thomas KING

[2e.14] Family of Nathaniel BAILEY and Elizabeth (??)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2e.36 Joseph (Josiah PR) bp 5 Dec 1718 ? m (as Josiah) 10 Sep 1746 Ashton under Hill Ann (Dyer) / l Oct 1746 Deerhurst Jane (Sheriff)

2e.37 William bp 3 Dec 1721 ? bu Nov 1781 will Ham,Berkeley m 26 Mar 1746 Saul Mary (Ovens/Owens)

2e.38 ? James Occ Labourer Wheat Will 1781

[2e.16] Family of John BAILEY and Ann (Millard)

All baptisms at Painswick

2e.39 Mary bp 12 Feb 1709 ? m 3 Feb 1729 Painswick Ralf HOWLY

2e.40 Hester bp 16 Oct 1715 ? m (as Esther) 30 Jul 1738 Painswick Richard BAILEY/ MA 6 June 1747 Wheat/Glos St Peters William WILKINS [2.46a]

[2e.18] Family of William BAILEY and Francis (Holdey)

All baptisms at Painswick

2e.41 Sarah bp 7 Feb 1712 ? m 20 Aug 1733/53 Painswick Daniel DARKE

2e.41a John bp 9 Aug 1713 ? bu pre 1719

2e.41b Marey bp 11 Nov 1714 ? m 10 Dec 1744 Painswick Robert AVERIES see also 2.35

2e.42 William bp 1 Sep 1716bu 5 Feb 1788 ? MV ? m 8 Feb 1752 Painswick Mary (Bailey) bu 27 Dec 1766 ? MV

2e.43 John bp 10 Jan 1719 ? m 22/27 Jul 1745 Painswick Hannah (Cook) / 26 Jun 1746 Painswick Hannah (Parker)

Sixth Generation

[2e.29] Family of John BAILEY and Sarah (Clark)

All baptisms Wheatenhurst

2e.44 William bp 14 Dec 1736 bu 23 Sep 1740 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.45 John bp 4 Mar 1738 d 22 Sep bu 30 Sep 1797 Wheat m 27 May 1759 Fretherne Mary (Gayner)bp c 1733 d 10 Dec bu 12 Dec 1786 Wheat

2e.46 Thomas bp 29 Mar 1741 bu Jul 1804 Wheat m 20 Dec 1761 Wheat Mary (Baglin)

2e.47 Anselm bp 22 Sep 1743 tenant of James Wilkins will 1799/130, still alive 1823 will Sarah Clutterbuck 1827/127 m 20 Oct 1770 Wheat Ann (White)

2e.48 Sarah bp 28 Dec 1746 d pre 16 June 1827 will 1827/127 m 21 Apr 1770 Wheat James CLUTTERBUCK bp 30 Dec 1746 Wheat bu 18 Nov 1813 Wheat

2e.49 William bp 3 Jan 1749 bu 2 Jun 1755 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.50 James bp 25 May 1754 d 23 Dec bu 29 Dec 1797 Wheat m 17 May 1774 Wheat (Witnesses: Thomas Bailey [2.46], William NEAL) Mary (Clutterbuck) bp 14 Dec 1748 Wheat

2e.50a George bp ? d pre 2 Oct 1823 will 1827/127 Sarah Clutterbuck. Issue (from will): daughter Hannah m Richard WARNER Clothworker and son James Clothworker Eastingtom

[2e.30] Family of Francis (Bailey) and Samuel COLEMAN

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2e.51 John bp 9 Oct 1736

2e.52 Samuel bp 24 Aug 1738

2e.53 James bp 4 May 1740

2e.54 Patience bp 7Oct 1742

2e.55 Elizabeth bp 24 Feb 1744

2e.56 William bp 10 Mar 1754

[2e.33] Family of William BAILEY and Hannah (Wilkins)

All baptisms at Hardwicke

2e.57 Willi bp 29 Jun 1748 bu pre 1757 Hardwicke NO ISSUE

2e.58 Hannah bp 19 Jan 1751 ? m 5 Aug 1773 Hardwicke Thomas TANNER

2e.59 Ann bp 14 Jul bu 30 Sep 1754 NO ISSUE

2e.60 William bp 30 Jan 1757 m 26 Apr 1791 Hardwicke Jane (Underwood)

2e.61 Charlat bp 23 Aug 1764 ? m (as Charlotte)18 Oct 1784 Hardwicke Thomas MARTIN/MA(R)STON

[2e.37] Family of William BAILEY and Mary (Ovens/Owens)

2e.62 John bp 7 Sep 1746 Saul

2e.63 William bp 1 Oct 1749 Saul bu pre 1758

2e.64 Grace bp 13 Oct 1751 Saul

2e.65 Mary (will 1781) ? bp 5 Oct 1755 MV

2e.66 William bp 10 Oct 1758 MV ? bu pre 1781

2e.67 Anselm (will 1781) ? bp pre 1767

[2e.40] Family of Hester (Esther) (Bailey) and Richard BAILEY

All baptisms at Painswick

2e.68 William bp 15 May 1739

2e.69 Mary bp 9 Nov 1742

2e.70 Hester bp 25 Aug 1745

[2e.42] Family of William BAILEY and Mary (Bailey)

All baptisms Moreton Valence

2e.70a Mary bp 5 Oct 1755

2e.70b William bp 1 Oct 1758/9

[2e.43] Family of John BAILEY and Hannah (Cook/Parker)

All baptisms at Painswick

2e.71 Daniel bp 5 Sep 1746

2e.72 Sarah bp 20 Aug 1749

2e.73 John bp 12 Dec 1749

2e.74 Jane bp 24 Sep 1751

2e.75 Thomas bp 30 Nov 1753

Seventh Generation

[2e.45] Family of John BAILEY and Mary (Gayner)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2e.76 Sarah bp 31 May 1760 ? m 28 Oct 1781 Newnham William ROOKE of Over / 25/29 ? month 1792 Hardwicke Samuel SMITH

2e.77 Ann bp 14 Oct 1762 ? m 21 Dec 1788 Awre with Blakeney (A with B) Thomas DAVIS

2e.78 Mary bp 21/25 Jan 1766 ? m 12 Aug 1787 A with B David EDWARDS

2e.79 King bp 21 Jan 1769 bu pre 1831 m 24 Dec 1789 Newnham (Witnesses:John Bailey, Mary Samuell) Damaris (Wait/eb c 1772 Monmouth Abbey Wales d 6 Jan 1853 Awre St Andrews age 82 years both of Newnham. Damaris (Bailey) m 10 Oct 1831 Awre Forest of Dean (Witnesses: John Morse, Damaris Morse) John LEVEL b c 1877 Awre d as Lovell 10 Aug 1854 Awre St Andrews age 76 years. Census 1851 both living East Dean John LOVELL Pauper Agricultural Labourer and Damaris his wife Pauper

Details of above from Janet Rigby

2e.80 Johnathon bp 9 Feb 1772 m (as John) by Licence 4 Jun 1799 Quedgeley Mary (Beach)


[2e.46] Family of Thomas BAILEY and Mary (Baglin)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2e.81 Mary bp l Jun 1762 m 21 Sep 1788 Wheat William YEATES d pre 2 Oct 1823 will 1827/127 Sarah Clutterbuck

2e.82 Daniel bp 30 Jan bu 6 Mar 1764 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.83 Thomas bp 27 May 1765 m 5 Nov 1787 E&A Sarah (Eagles) [2.114] bp 4 May 1767 Longney

2e.84 Hannah bp 17/27 Jun 1768 m pre 2 Oct 1823 Aaron WILLIAMS of Wheat will 1827/127

2e.85 Betty bp 3 Feb 1771 m 20 Mar 1793 Wheat John HAWKINS Occ Curate bp 13 Feb 1763 Wheat

2e.86 Anselm bp 14 Jul 1774 bu 20 Jul 1782 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.87 Daniel bp 7 Aug 1778 m 20 Jun 1809 Longney/Kingswood by Bristol Martha (Pueree/Pearce)

2e.88 Sarah bp 29 Jul 1781 m after Banns 24 Apr - 8 May 1803 (Witnesses: James Truman, Dan Watts) Leonard Stanley Daniel NEAL

[2e.47] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Ann (White)

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

?2e.89 Ann bp 18 Aug bu 15 Sep 1771 Wheat NO ISSUE

?2e.90 Anne bp 18 Aug 1772 mentioned will 1827/117 Sarah Clutterbuck made 1823 but not by name ?? married ? m 2 Sep 1794 Old Sodbury John ANDREW(E)S / 3 Apr 1798 Hempstead William ASTON

2e.91 Hannah bp 12 Dec 1773 bu 29 Mar 1775 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.92 John bp 16 Sep 1775 ? m 3 Mar 1818 A with B Anne (Williams)

2e.92a William bp 2 Mar bu 16 May 1777 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.93 William bp 24 Nov 1778 Shoemaker 1823 will 1827/127 m 22 Apr 1802 E&A Hannah (Horsham)

2e.94 Hannah bp 26 Jul 1782 mentioned will 1827/127 m 22 Nov 1815 Leonard Stanley Thomas EDMANS

[2e.48] Family of Sarah (Bailey) and James CLUTTERBUCK

All baptisms at Wheatenhurst

2e.95 George bp 23 Oct 1771 bu 23 Oct 1771 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.96 Thomas bp 12 Dec 1773

[2e.50] Family of James BAILEY and Mary (Clutterbuck)

All baptisms Wheatenhurst

2e.97 George bp 22 Jun 1774 m 10 Dec 1807 E&A Betty (Elizabeth) (Knight)

2e.98 William bp 15 Feb 1777 widower living Cs 1851 Kings Stanley Labourer Will 1827/127 Servant MC m after Banns on Sunday 7,14,21 October on 28 October 1804 Eastington (Witnesses George Bailey [2e.97], Sarah Dunn) all parties signed X mark Mary (Dun/n) bp 10 Apr 1774 Kings Stanley d pre Cs 1851

Details of above from Colin Williams

2e.99 Sarah bp 28 Jul 1782 m 1 May 1815 E&A (Witnesses: William Bailey [2e.98],Sarah Cowley) Samuel Bishop ALDER (James Aldridge on one copy of will 1827/127) bp 15 Aug 1790 Stonehouse

2e.100 Hannah bp 25 Apr 1785 m 20 Nov 1810 MV William JACKSON lived at Framilode will 1827/127

2e.101 Mary bp 13/15 May 1788 bu 5 Oct 1791 Wheat NO ISSUE

2e.102 Job bp 10 Oct/19 Dec 1790 bu 20 Sep 1797 Wheat NO ISSUE

[2e.60] Family of William BAILEY and Jane (Underwood)

All baptisms at Hardwicke

2e.103 Priscilla bp 27 Apr 1792

2e.104 Charlotte bp 8 Sep 1793 ? m 6 Jul 1817 Hardwicke Charles ROBERTS

2e.105 John bp 18 Oct 1795 ? m 30 Oct 1827 Hardwicke Mary (Smith)

2e.106 Rosanna bp 24 Nov 1799 ? bu as infant

2e.107 Eliza bp 10 Jun 1804 ? m 19 May 1827 A with B John Thorn THOMAS

Eighth Generation

[2e.79] Family of King BAILEY and Damaris (Wait/e)

All baptisms at Awre with Blakeney

2e.108 Richard bp 4 Mar 1792 ? m 7/12 Oct 1818 A with B Hannah (Brown)

2e.109 John bp 4 Mar 1792 bu pre 1803 possible twin of above NO ISSUE

2e.110 Maria bp 24 May 1795 bu pre Jun 1813 NO ISSUE M as Deborah

2e.111 Damaris bp 15 Apr 1798 m 13 May 1817 Par Ch Awre (Witness: Thomas Daniel Clark) John MORSE b c 1791 Coal Miner living 1851 Census West Dean

Details of above from Janet Rigby

2e.112 Thomas Waite bp 14 Sep 1800 ? m (as Thomas) 4 Oct 1832 Lydney Matilda (Balinger)

2e.113 John bp 10 Jul 1803 ? m 19 Nov 1829 Painswick Jane (Hogg)

2e.114 Harriot bp 18 Jun 1809 ? m 25 Jul 1844 Hawkesbury William HEALAND

2e.115 Mary bp 27 Jun 1813 of Saul ? m 15 May 1834 Saul (Witnesses: Thomas Carter, Esther Beard) John BAKER of Saul / (as Maria) 22 Oct 1833 Maisemore Charles LEECH

[2e.80] Family of John BAILEY and Mary (Beach)

All baptisms at Quedgeley

2e.116 Mary bp 25 May 1800 ? m 22 Oct 1826 Glos St. Nicholas William KNIGHT / 10 Oct 1830 Kings Stanley William JACKWAY

2e.l17 Sarah bp 8 Nov 1801 ? m by Licence 5 Jun 1832 Quedgeley (Witnesses:Caroline Bailey,John Bailey) Horatio Nelson HAWKINS of Totteridge Herts

2e.118 John bp 6 Sep 1803

2e.119 Elizabeth bp 31 Jan 1805

2e.120 William bp 1 Mar 1807 ? m 13 Oct 1839 Minchinhampton Mary (Latham)

2e.121 Ann bp 4 Sep 1808

2e.122 Thomas bp 28 Apr 18ll ? m ll Apr 1836 Hawkesbury Mary (Pegler)


[2e.81] Family of Mary (Bailey) and William YEATES

2e.123 Betty bp 21 Dec 1793 Wheat

[2e.83] Family of Thomas BAILEY and Sarah (Eagles)

All baptisms at Frocester

2e.124 Thomas bp 18 Jan 1789 ? m 24 Dec 1810 Frocester Ann (Crook)

2e.125 Elizabeth bp 20 Apr 1790 d pre 1797 NO ISSUE

2e.126 Lucy bp 16 Jul 1791 ? m (as Lucina) 25 Dec 1815 Horsley John HARRISON

2e.127 William bp 21 Mar 1793 (IGI gives M as Mary)

2e.128 Daniel bp 28 Apr 1795


1.26 Oct 1819 Frocester Sarah (Fletcher)

2.18/24 Jun 1824 Frocester Mary (Iles)

2e.129 Elizabeth bp 12 Feb 1797 ? m 19 Nov 1822 Arlingham William COLEMAN

2e.130 Ann bp 14 Apr 1799 ? m 18 Aug 1828 Lydney John SAUNDERS / 19 Apr 1829 Kings Stanley William KING

2e.131 George bp 9 Aug 1801 ? m 24 Apr 1820 Berkeley Sarah (Price)

2e.132 Edmund bp 6 Jan 1804


1. l5 Feb 1829 Frampton Anna (Short) d pre 1831

2. 27 Nov 1831 Frampton Lucy Ann (Hogg)

2e.133 John bp 30 Sep 1805 d pre 1807 NO ISSUE

2e.134 John bp 6 Apr 1807 ? m 24 Dec 1832 Wotton under Edge Elizabeth (Barrow) / l4 Jan 1835 Cheltenham Mary (Maynard)

[2e.92] Family of John BAILEY and Anne (Williams)

All baptisms at Awre with Blakeney

2e.135 Anne bp 23 Aug 1818

2e.136 Eliza bp 14 Apr/16 Jul 1820

2e.136a Martha bp 13 Oct 1822

2e.137 James bp 5 Mar 1825

[2e.93] Family of William BAILEY and Hannah (Horsham)

2e.137a Anselm bp 8 Jun 1802 E&A ? m 1825 Wheat Alice (Smith)

2e.138 Hannah bp 17 Jun 1804 Wheat m 1827 Wheat Samuel CRITCHLEY ? father was tenant in 1793 in house owned by James Wilkins [2.43] will 1799/130 see also 2e.141

2e.139 George bp 6 Apr 1806 Wheat m 13 Jun 1832 Hardwicke Mercy (Gough)

2e.140 Betty bp 4 Dec 1808 Wheat ? m (as Elizabeth) 19 Apr 1832 Quedgeley (Witnesses:Anne Bailey,William Bailey) Henry BEACH of Randwick

[2e.97] Family of George BAILEY and Betty (Elizabeth) (Knight)

All baptisms at Eastington and Alkerton

2e.141 Hannah bp 27 Jan 1802 ? m 1827 Wheat Samuel CRITCHLEY ? father was tenant in 1793 in house owned by James Wilkins will 1799/130 see also 2e.138

2e.142 James bp 10 Dec 1807 (bp also reg Dursley Methodist Indep Chapel) m 17 May 1832 Stonehouse May Ann (Brain)

[2e.98] Family of William BAILEY and Mary (Dun/n)

2e.143 Harriet bp 15 Nov 1809 E&A ? m 17 Nov 1830 Kings Stanley John WOOD

2e.144 Anselm bp 25 Dec 1810 E&A d post 1870 Cs 1851 living Cheltenham Cabinet Maker m as Hansell 26 Jul 1842 Stow on the Wold (Stow) (Witnesses: Henry Roff, Caroline Chambers [possibly later wife of Henry Roff]) Sarah (Roff) bp 26 June 1808 Stow on the Wold

Details of the above from Colin Williams

2e.145 Henry bp 29 May 1814 Kings Stanley m 24 Jul 1834 Frampton Hannah (Daw)

2e.146 George bp 2 Feb 1818 Alkerton Wesleyan Chapel ? m 25 Oct 1862 Kings Stanley Elizabeth (Cook)

2e.147 William bp 19 Mar 1820 Kings Stanley ? m 18 May 1847 Cranham Elizabeth (Cox)

2e.148 Edward bp 18 Oct 1824 Kings Stanley

2e.149 Martha bp 31 Dec 1826 Kings Stanley

[2e.99] Family of Sarah (Bailey) and Samuel Bishop ALDER

2e.150 James bp 11 Aug 1816 E&A

2e.151 George bp 18 May bp 23 Jun 1818 Frocester Occc Cloth Factory Worker m 16 May 1842 Congregational Chapel Stonehouse Hannah (Martin) Occ Office Clerk b 14 Feb bp 4 Jun 1822 Stonehouse

2e.152 Mary Ann bp 10 Jun 1821 Frocester

2e.153 Henry bp 1 Jun 1823 Frocester Occ Labourer

Robin Roberts member GFHS has further details about this family

[2e.105] Family of John BAILEY and (Mary) Anne (Smith)

All baptisms at Hardwicke

2e.154 John bp 22 Jun 1828

2e.155 Charlotte bp 22 Jul 1832 ? m 27 Sep 1857 Hardwicke William KNIGHT

2e.156 David Bevar bp 3 Jun 1834

Ninth Generation

[2e.108] Family of Richard BAILEY and Hannah (Brown)

2e.156/1 Eliza bp 10 Sep 1820 A with B

[2e.111] Family of Damaris (Bailey) and John MORSE

All births West Dean Census 1851

2e.156a Frederick b c 1829 Coal Miner

2e.156b Edmond b c 1831 Iron Ore Miner

2e.156c Eliza b c 1835

2e.156d Phoebe b c 1838 m 7 Aug 1875 Baptist Chapel Park End Forest of Dean (Witnesses: Thomas Gifford, Mary Carwood) Mark GIFFORD bp c 16 Jul 1837 Widower of Lydney, Miner. Mark Gifford m (1) pre 1868 Harriet Ann (Jones) b c 1842 d 27 Apr 1874 Bream

2e.156e Mary b c 1840

Details of above from Janet Rigby

[2e.112] Family of Thomas (Waite) BAILEY and Matilda (Balinger)

All baptisms at Awre with Blakeney

2e.157 George bp ? Jun 1834

2e.158 Ruth bp 5 Jun 1836

2e.159 Maria bp 22 Jul 1838

2e.160 Thomas bp 28 Feb 1841

[2e.113] Family of John BAILEY and Jane (Hogg)

All baptisms at Painswick

2e.161 Helen bp 8 Jan 1834

2e.162 Emma Sophia bp 27 Oct 1842

[2e.120] Family of William BAILEY and Mary (Latham)

All baptisms at Minchinhampton

2e.163 Elizabeth bp l5 Nov 1840

2e.164 Caroline bp 31 Jul 1842

2e.165 Mary bp 28 Jan 1844

2e.166 Sarah bp 28 Mar 1846

2e.167 Jane bp 9 Jan 1848

2e.168 Maria bp 28 Oct 1849

2e.169 James bp 21 Sep 1851

[2e.124] Family of Thomas BAILEY and Ann (Crook)

2e.170 Thomas bp 24 Jul 1812 Glos St Mary de Crypt

2e.171 Henry bp 14 Apr 1816 Frampton

[2e.131] Family of George BAILEY and Sarah (Price)

All baptisms at Berkeley

2e.172 Eunice Browning bp 4 Nov 1821

2e.173 Mary bp 3 Nov 1822

2e.174 Nathaniel Browning bp 14 Mar 1824 m pre 1850 Jane ?? (Parker)

2e.175 Unice bp 25 Dec 1826

2e.176 Hannah bp 31 Jan 1831

2e.177 William bp 31 Jan 1831 possibly twin of above

2e.178 Emma bp 5 May 1833

2e.179 Elizabeth bp 5 May 1833 possibly twin of above

[2e.132] Family of Edmund BAILEY and Lucy Ann (Hogg)

All baptisms at Frampton

2e.180 Thomas bp 12 Nov 1834

2e.181 Hannah bp 22 May 1836 ? bu as infant

[2e.137a] Family of Anselm BAILEY and Alice (Smith)

2e.182 ? Matthew b 27 Feb 1827 bp 6 Apr 1828 Dursley Methodist NC (? M Hannah)

2e.183 Ann bp 16 May 1830 Alkerton Wesleyan bu pre 1834

2e.184 Frederick bp 6 Nov 1831 Dursley Methodist NC

2e.185 Ann b 4 Jan bp 2 Feb 1834 Dursley Methodist NC

2e.185a Hannah bp 10 Feb 1836 Alkerton Wesleyan

[2e.139] Family of George BAILEY and Mercy (Gough)

All baptisms at Hardwicke

2e.186 George bp 17 Feb 1833

2e.187 Mercy bp 25 May 1835

2e.188 William bp 20 Jan 1838

2e.189 Mary bp 1 Mar 1840

2e.190 Sarah bp 5 Jun 1842

2e.191 Joseph bp 30 Jun 1844

2e.192 Emma bp 4 Apr 1837/47 bu pre 1850

2e.193 Emma bp 3 Mar 1850

[2e.144] Family of Anselm/Hansell BAILEY and Sarah (Roff)

All baptisms Cheltenham

2e.194 Alithea b 14 Feb 1844 at 1 Ambrose Place d 7 May 1918 Wilston near Brisbane Qld Australia Cause: Chronic Endocarditis, Syncope m by License 30 June 1867 Wesley Chapel St Georges Hall Cheltenham (Witnesses: Hansell Bailey, Ellen Sarah Bailey [2e.195]) John Edward HOWES b 24 June 1846 Cheltenham d 20 May 1908 Bowen Hills Brisbane Qld Cause: Cerebral Haemorrhage, Hemipegia Census 1851&1861 living Queen St Cheltenham Draper

Both arrived Brisbane 11 Nov 1884 on "Duke of Argyle"

2e.195 Ellen Sarah b 1846 CS 1881 living 21 Lozells St Ashton Warwickshire with Alithea and John above Vocalist and Teacher d England unmarried

2e.196 Anne b 1847

Colin Williams of The Gap near Brisbane Qld who is a direct descendent of Alithea has the full story of this family and has provided all the above details

[2e.145] Family of Henry BAILEY and Hannah (Daw)

2e.197 James bp 28 Aug 1835 Frampton

2e.197a Thomas Dawe bp 14 Jul 1839 Frampton

2e.197b Henry bp 1 Aug 1841 ? m 4 Jul 1893 Framilode Susannah (Thirza) (Watkins)

2e.197c William bp 21 Jan 1844

Tenth Generation

[2e.156d] Family of Phoebe (Morse) and Mark GIFFORD

2e.197c1 Ida b 1877 m and had issue

2e.197d Harry b c 1879

2e.197e Damaris Maria b 10 Apr 1880 Newland d 1957 m 1904 Goosnargh Lancs (Witness: Ida Gifford above) George FODEN b 1881 Goodnargh (Maternal Grandmother of Janet Rigby)

Details of above from Janet Rigby

[2e.174] Family of Nathaniel Browning BAILEY and Jane ?? (Parker)

All baptisms Berkeley

2e.198 Mary Ann Parker bp 7 Apr 1850

2e.199 Celina Comfort bp 29 May 1853

[2e.194] Family of Alithea (Bailey) and John Edward HOWES

2e.200 Charles Henry b 27 Apr 1868 Cheltenham d 8 Apr 1913 Brisbane Qld m 1898 Brisbane Annie F (Godber)

2e.201 Helen Gertrude/Ellen b 1 Feb 1871 at 40 High St Leicester England d 19 Sep 1919 Brisbane Qld m 30 Nov 1892 Ithaca Brisbane Henry Augustus Blagrove COOLING b 13 Dec 1867 Milton Bris d 9 Jul 1908 Brisbane

2e.202 Annie Louisa b 28 June 1872 at 40 High St Leicester d 7 Jul 1957 m 17 Aug 1895 Brisbane Frederick John Wesley BARNES Foster Parents to Florence Cooling 2e.209

2e.203 William Ernest b 28 June 1872 at 40 High St Leicester d 30 June 1872 twin of above NO ISSUE

2e.204 John Edward b 17 Aug 1873 at 40 High St Leicester d 1961 Brisbane m 18 Aug 1910 Emily Dublie (May)

2e.205 Robert Ernest b 12 Apr 1875 at 40 High St Leicester d 24 June 1914 Brisbane

All above left England 9 September 1884 on "Duke of Argyll" arriving Brisbane 11 November 1884

Details of this family are from Colin Williams of Brisbane Qld

Eleventh Generation

[2e.197e] Family of Damaris Maria (Gifford) and George FODEN

2e.205a Molly Gifford b 1905 Salford m 1929 Manchester Edward Murray SMITHSON b 1905 Salford Issue: Phyllis Murray b 1930, Joyce b 1931 Janet b 1946 Whittingham m RIGBY

2e.105b Ella Bradley b 1911

[2e.200] Family of Charles Henry HOWES and Annie F (Godber)

2e.206 Horace b 1899 Brisbane d 19 Apr 1924 Ipswich General Hospital Cause: Fractured Skull after accident bu Ipswich Cem late of Grey St Ipswich NO ISSUE

2e.207 Florence b 1900 Brisbane d 3 Aug 1951 Brisbane m William GALLAWAY

[2e.201] Family of Ellen Gertrude (Howes) and Henry Augustus Blagrove COOLING

2e.208 William Henry b 20 Dec 1894 Brisbane d 22 Oct 1915 Gallipoli

2e.209 Ida Florence b 24 Dec 1901 Brisbane d 21 June 1961 Royal Hospital Brisbane m 21 Nov 1925 Hewitt St Wilston Bris Arthur Howard WILLIAMS b 12 Nov 1900 Townsville Qld d 21 Nov 1925 Hewitt St Wilston

[2e.202] Family of Annie Louisa (Howes) and Frederick John Wesley BARNES

All births Brisbane

2e.210 Frederick b 1 Aug 1896 d 1957 m Georgina (Alexander)

2e.211 Gordon b 1898 d 1949 M Goldie (Sears)

2e.212 Percy b 1 June 1904 d 13 Mar 1984 m Marion (McFarlane)

2e.213 Beryl Althea b 1 Aug 1910 m Keith BOYLING

[2e.204] Family of John Edward HOWES and Emily Dublie (May)

2e.214 Bernard John b 17 Aug 1914 Brisbane

All details of Eleventh Generation are from Colin Williams


[2e.2] Agnes (Wyman)

Father Thomas WYMAN

[2e.29] Sarah (Clark/e)

Father Thomas CLARKE bp 1 Feb 1668 Wheat

PGF William CLARKE bp 19 Oct 1651 Leonard Stanley m 27 Apr 1682 Wheat

PGM Elizabeth (Allin/Allen)

Mother Sarah (??)

Robin Roberts member of GFHS has further details of this family

[2e.48] James CLUTTERBUCK

Father John CLUTTERBUCK Mother Mary (Gibbons)

[2e.50] Mary (Clutterbuck)

Father John CLUTTERBUCK Mother Mary (Gibbons)

[2e.79 Damaris (Waite)

Father John WEIGHT bp 7 Sep 1749 Chapel Hill Monmouth Wales

m 15 June 1769 Chapel Hill Monmouth Wales

Mother Da/emaris (Pritchard) b c 1743 bu 31 Jan 1815 age 72 years Awre St Andrews

Sibling bp Chapel Hill : Thomas bp 19 Aug 1775 (F John Wait)

Details of this family are from Janet Rigby

[2e.85] John HAWKINS

Father Henry HAWKINS Mother Eleanor (Selwyn)

[2e.98] Mary (Dun/n]

Father William DUNN

? Sibling: Sarah witness marr 1804

Details of this family are from Colin Williams

[2e.99] Samuel Bishop ALDER

Father James ALDER/ALDAY Occ Cloth Worker/Labourer

Mother Mary (Burford)

Robin Roberts has further details of this family also

[2e.132.2] Lucy Ann (Hogg)

Father William HOGG Mother Hannah (??)

[2e.144] Sarah [Roff]

Father Robert ROFF bp 1769 Stow on the Wold Occ Mason

m 20 May 1798 Stow on the Wold

Mother Elizabeth (Mullis)

Siblings all bp Stow on the Wold: 1. Ann bp 21 Apr 1799 2. Robert bp 30 Mar 1800 Farmer Cs 1851

living Lower Swell Baptist Minister Cs 1861 Stow m pre 1834 Ann (??) d pre Cs 1861 Issue: a. Sarah

b c 1834 b. Martha b c 1838 Housekeeper Cs 1861 c. Charles b c 1839 Plumber Cs1861 3. Eliza bp

22 Aug 1802 4. Henry bp 2 Dec 1804 Builder Cs 1851 Stow Grocer Cs 1871 m pre 1846 Caroline??

(possibly Chambers) b c 1821 Issue: a. Robert b c 1846 b. Jabez b c 1847 Coal & Corn Merchant Cs

1891 m pre 1884 Mary (??) b c 1851 Issue: Jabez b c 1884

PGF John ROFFE bp 2 Jan 1744 Northleach Glos m 14 Jan 1766 Stow on the Wold PGM Elizabeth

(Hookham) bp 11 Mar 1743 Stow on the Wold

PGGF Robert ROFFE b c 1720 m 1741 Northleach PGGM Mary (Taylor)

Details of this family from Colin Williams

[2e.156d] Mark GIFFORD

Father Mark GIFFORD bp 25 Oct 1789 Frampton Cotterell d 17 Jan 1875 Bream Forest of Dean

Occ Collier

m 13 Nov 1815 Tidenham

Mother Jane (Lewis) b c 1793 Newland d c 26 Jul 1875 Bream

Mark Gifford m (1) pre 1868 Harriet Ann (Jones) Issue all b Bream: Elizabeth Jane bp 22 Mar 1868, George b c 1871 and Millicent Clara b c 1873

Janet Rigby has further details of this family and has traced them back to c 1605-10 Frampton Cotterell

[2e.197] John Edward "HOWES"/TAYLOR

Father Unknown TAYLOR

Mother Elizabeth (Acott) b c 1829 Cirencester Cs 1851 both living Cheltenham with Elizabeth's uncle

Robert Howes

MGF possibly Samuel ACCOTT bp c 1798 Mason Cs 1851 living Cirencester

MGM Mary (??) bp c 1803 Cs 1851 living Cirencester

Details of this family from Colin Williams

Revised October 2001