From Little Dean to Enoggera compiled by Joy Whaite
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Alfred Bailey and his first wife Edith Brandt

Stanley with son Lindsay and daughter Judith taken August 1959

Alfred and Edith Bailey's sons from left: Norman Edwin Maurice ane Stanley.

Alfred Bailey and his seconde wife Georgena Hermann taken 24 September 1968 in Brisbane at wedding Judith Bailey and Gordon Hermann.

Alfred family taken at 67 Dansey Street Greenslopes. Back row from left: Mary Brandt (grandparent) Doris (norman's wife) Edith wth grandaughter Glenice Sheila (Stan's wife)

Norman and Doris Guard on their wedding day

Edwin in RAAF uniform c 1940

The last child Walter and Mary had was Alfred Charles, born at Pietermaritzburg on 10 June 1889 - his second name may have been after Walter's uncle Charles, who was still living in England. Mary's health had been steadily going down hill, so Alfred was largely brought up under the supervision of his adopted sister, Lily and his day to day care was probably left to one of the Kaffir women - his two year old sister already had a 'black nanny', so perhaps she took care of the new baby as well. He was only 5 when his mother died but probably remembered more clearly the excitement of the long sea voyage to Australia.

The rented house in Stoneleigh Street Brisbane was bursting at the seams with five boys, two girls young Jane and the baby Daniel, and according to the story Ted tells, it was riddled with white ants. One day when the boys were skylarking up on the top floor, there was a terrible crash and young Alf went right through that floor and the ceiling of the floor below landing in a heap of timber and plaster on the ground floor.

According to Queensland Post Office directory, there was an Alfred Bailey living near Ipswich in 1910, so he too must have left home as soon as he could and it was probably about this time that he joined the tramways where his brother John already worked. Initially he started as a tram driver (motorman) but after some years was promoted to depot master at Ipswich Road depot despatching each tram on the first of its journeys for the day. There is a photo of him taken at this time wearing knee breeches, a peaked cap and a tunic, all adorned with shiny brass buttons. When he retired probably about 1955 he had about forty year's service in the tramways and altogether he and his two brothers, had worked a total of 12O years with the one organisation - surely some sort of record.

About 1914 Alfred married Edith Mary Brandt, a lass of German extraction from the town of Coolabunia near Kingaroy and they lived at Greenslopes, where he too kept fowls and had many bird aviaries. He grew orchids as well and won many prizes for his beautiful garden. Alfred was very careful with his money and it seems that he rarely came to see the family, unless he wanted something from them. One time when he needed one of Walter's wheels to make a barrow, he offered to swap it for six black Orpington hens, so old they were only fit for boiling.

After Edith died of cancer in 1959, Alfred married for a second time in 1963 at Coolabunia to Georgena Hermann, whose father came from Alsace Lorraine, though she herself was born in Ballina NSW. Georgena is most insistent about the "e" in her name because she says her father was sure "she" would be a boy and had decided to name "him" George and so when Georgena arrived, he simply modified the name to suit her sex. She and Alfred had no children and Alfred died in Brisbane in 1971, but Georgena lived in the house at Greenslopes until she died from cancer in February 1994. Although she was almost blind she still did her own housework and carried on with her Red Cross activities as long as she was able.

Alfred and Edith's eldest son Norman born in 1918 followed his father's hobby and bred prize winning orchids while he worked as a motor mechanic. He married Doris Guard, and in 1959 they were living in Kreutzner Street Toombul. After his wife's death in 1966, Norman married another Doris whose maiden name was Galna, and he died ten years later in 1976.

They had a daughter they called Glenice who now lives in Tasmania with her husband John Case. He is a railway worker and in their spare time their hobby is wood turning.

The second son Edwin was born in 1922 and put up his age so he could join the RAAF, when World War II broke out. He was sent to Scotland to get further experience as a navigator and was still under age when he was posted missing after a training flight there in June 1942.

Edwin and Norman came down to Sydney to stay with our family about 1932. Somehow my father, my sister and I all managed to squeeze into Norman's little Austin 7 and he took us to Jenolan Caves about 80 miles west of Sydney. It was a real thrill for Mary and I to go on such a long car trip and the caves were quite a scary experience, even with the lights on, as we had never been underground before.

Alfred and Edith's last two children were twin boys, born in 1923, Stanley Lewis and Maurice Arnold. Alfred possibly named one of the twins after his stepmother Lily Lewis, who had helped to bring him up from birth.

Stanley married Sheila Shaw in 1944 and they had 2 children. The elder son called Lindsay lives on a large sheep property at Surat, 50 miles south of Roma, whilst their daughter Judith married Gordon Hermann, who was a plumber/builder, but now teaches at TAFE. Her husband is a relative of her grandfather's second wife, Georgena. Stanley died in the prime of his life as a result of having melanoma. The doctors tried a bone marrow transplant from his identical twin, Maurice, but unfortunately it was to no avail, though had today's techniques been around in 1960 he may have survived.

Maurice married Doris Watson in 1944 and they live in Nundah. He was originally a sheet metal worker and was involved in designing a washing machine for Naco and eventually became their Australian Sales Manager. Later he joined Champion Glass as their Queensland manager and after a short time he went to work for Dorf Taps as manager for Queensland, a position he held until he retired about 1988. Maurice and Doris are very proud grandparents and they now have 16 grandchildren, spread amongst their six children.

Their eldest son Ralph married Rachael Crew in 1970 and is an architect who has his own business, while the next son Bruce works for the Gold Coast City Council and he and Janet McDonald who he married in 1972 live in Southport. Maurice and Doris' daughter Ann who was a teacher, has already spent a lot of time working on our family tree, and in 1989 married her doctor husband William Phillips and they live in Gin Gin. Her sister Jill lives in Quirindi with her husband Wayne Smith who she married in 1980 and he is a teacher, while Jill works as a teacher's aide. The youngest son, Stephen is a manual arts teacher and in 1985 he married Esther Venn, whilst the youngest girl, Sue used to work as a secretary with Queensland Railways before she married John Quixley in 1987 and they had their family.

Unless otherwise noted, all places in the genealogy below are in Queensland, the majority being in and around Brisbane (Bris)

13/[6.5] Alfred Charles BAILEY b 10 Jun 1889 PMB d 10 Feb 1971 Bris


1. about 1914 Coolabunia Edith May (Brandt) d 3 Mar 1959 Bris

2. 18 Jan 1963 Coolabunia Georgena Florence (Hermann) b 28 May 1924 Ballina NSW d 10 Feb 1994 Bris NO ISSUE

First Generation

All births at Brisbane

13.1 Norman George b 5 Nov 1918 d 6 Aug 1976 Bris


1.Doris (Guard)

2. Doris (Galna) Melbourne Vic

13.2 Edwin Alfred b 1922 d 5 Jun 1942 in Scotland NO ISSUE

13.3 Stanley Lewis b 1 Aug 1923 d 14 Feb 1960 Bris m 23 Sep 1944 Bris Sheila (Shaw) b ?1925 Bris.

Sheila (Bailey) m Bris Edgar BUTTERWORTH b 10 Apr ?? NSW

13.4 Maurice Arnold (twin of above) b 1 Aug 1923 m 2 Dec 1944 Bris Doris Mary (Watson) b 30 Sep 1923 Bris

Second Generation

[13.1] Family of Norman George BAILEY and Doris (Guard)

13.5 Glenice b Bris m John CASE b ? Tasmania said to have 2 children

[13.3] Family of Stanley Lewis BAILEY and Sheila (Shaw)

13.6. Judith b 3 Sep 1945 Innisfail m 14 Sep 1968 Bris Gordon HERMANN

13.7. Lindsay b 24 Aug 1948 m Jenny (??) said to have 4 children

[13.4] Family of Maurice Arnold BAILEY and Doris Mary (Watson)

All births at Brisbane

13.8.Ralph Edward b 15 Mar 1946 m 18 Jul 1970 Southport Rachael Mary (Crew) b 12 May 1950 Bris

13.9 Bruce Ian b 9 Jun 1948 m 5 Aug 1972 Southport Janet (McDonald) b 21 Jun 1956 Melbourne Vic

13.10 Ann Margaret b 1 Jun xxxx m 11 Nov 1989 Bris William James PHILLIPS b 11 Oct 1952 Bris

13.11 Jill Lorraine b 24 Oct 1954 m 3O Aug 1980 Wayne SMITH b 27 Nov 1951

13.12 Stephen Stanley b 17 Nov 1961 m 14 Dec 1985 Wynnum Esther Lorellye-Joy (Venn) b 13 Sep 1965

13.13 Sue Anne b 31 Jul 1967 m 30 May 1987 Bris John QUIXLEY b 18 Aug 1958 Melbourne Vic

Third Generation

[13.6] Family of Judith (Bailey) and Gordon HERMANN

13.13a Alison Anne b 31 May 1970 Bris who married 6 Feb 1993 Bris Paul Raymond WATSON [10.27]

[13.8] Family of Ralph Edward BAILEY and Rachael Mary (Crew)

All births at Brisbane

13.14 Lisa Mary b 17 July 1971

13.15 Jane Estelle b 5 Dec 1973

13.16 Sharon Marie b 21 Apr 1980

13.17 Luke Daniel b 14 Mar 1982

[13.9] Family of Bruce Ian BAILEY and Janet (McDonald)

All births at Southport

13.18 Jody Lee b 28 Jul 1975

13.19 Nathan Benjamin b 28 Sep 1976

13.20 Jason Daniel b 5 Dec 1977

[13.10] Family of Ann Margaret (Bailey)

13.21 Michael Lucas b 23 Jul xxxx

13.22 Monique Campbell (foster daughter) b 20 Apr xxxx

[13.10] Family of Ann Margaret (Bailey) and William James PHILLIPS

All births at Bundaberg

13.23 Timothy Ryan b Aug 8 xxxx

13.24 Sally Paige 8 Sept xxxx

[13.11] Family of Jill Lorraine (Bailey) and Wayne SMITH

l3.25 Kate Joanne b 14 Jun 1981 Wellington NSW

13.26 Jonathon b 3 July 1983 Wellington NSW

13.27 Jessica Ann b 11 Jan 1988 Quirindi NSW

[13.12] Family of Stephen Stanley BAILEY and Esther Lorellye-Joy (Venn)

13.28 Hadassah May Grace b 14 Feb 1987 Bris

[13.13] Family of Sue Anne (Bailey) and John QUIXLEY

All births at Brisbane

13.29 Mitchell James b 27 Mar 1989

13.30 Samuel Gordon b 3 Jun 1991


[13.4] Doris Mary (Watson)

Father Archibald WATSON Mother Maud May (Clark)

Siblings:George Archibald m Beatrice Ivy (Bailey) [10.1],Wilbur Essex m Lorna (Lynn), Hazel d unmarried and Jean Heather m Jack Sanders SHAW

See also [10.1]

13/[6.5.1] Edith May (Brandt)

Father Charles BRANDT Mother Mary Helen (James)

13/[6.5.2] Georgena Florence (Hermann)

Father George HERMANN Mother Ada Florence (Helsdon)

[13.10] William James PHILLIPS

Father Lloyd Wilfred PHILLIPS b 8 Aug 1922 ? Bris

m 1947 Bris

Mother Eunice Irene (Tuttici) b 18 Mar 1923 Barcaldine

[13.12] Esther Lorellye-Joy (Venn)

Father Donald Henry VENN b 7 Jan 1928

m 12 June 1948

Mother Ethel May (Slaughter) b 7 Oct 1927


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