From Little Dean to Enoggera compiled by Joy Whaite
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Reinold Fritz and Fanny Nailey on their wedding day 27 October 1943 Brisbane.

Daniel and Rose Bailey probably taken c 1942 in Sydney

Fanny with baby Ruth and koala taken May 1945, probably at Lone Pine Sanctuary Brisbane.

Taken at wedding at Hamilton NZ 24 July 1992. From left: Donna Tipping, Fanny Fritz and Grant Tipping.

Fanny Fritz with her grandchildren traken at Hamilton NZ 1986. Backrow from left: Sandra Tipping, Grant Tipping. Middle Row from left: Melanie Fritz, Fanny Fritz, Kelly Tipping with Daniel Tipping, Scott Tipping. From Row from left: Deborah Fritz, AAron Fritz, Natasha Fritz and Repecca Tipping

Family of Harry and Ruth Tipping taken 1992 near Waikato river, Hamilton NZ. Back row from left: Dorma Zinsli, Grant Tipping, Scott Tipping, Harry Tipping and Russel Brown. Front row from left: Daniel, Repecca, Kelly abnd Ruth Tipping, Sandra Brown with Adam, Anne-Lea Brown Seth Brown

While the family were living at Richmond Street Kedron, Lily had her youngest daughter, Fanny Rose in September 1910. Her first name was after Walter's cousin in England and Rose because roses were blooming in the garden. About 1916, the family moved to Bunyah Road Everton Park, about 2 miles from Enoggera Station, where they had a couple of acres of land and Fanny grew up helping in the house and driving down in the goat cart to Strathpine Road to the standpipe there, to get drums of water for the household. She left school in 1923 and at times, she was probably co-opted to help out in the forge as a blacksmith's striker for Walter.

As soon as she came of age in 1931, Fanny left home to work as a cook in Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, and at the time of her marriage was living in Amelia Street Valley. Her husband Reinhold Fritz "Rhiny" came from a family of farmers of German descent, and they were married in Brisbane in 1943 at Registry Office with her sister Jane and Emily's friend Etta Giblin as witnesses.

Afterwards they went to live on the family farm at Teviotville near Boonah south west of Brisbane. Rhiny's father had been a prosperous man and had left each of the children a farm of their own - Rhiny had the original homestead, with the proviso that if he left it would be sold and the proceeds divided amongst his brothers and sisters. My father Daniel and mother Rose went to stay with them at one time as did Ted and Beryl and family, after Ted left Mt. Morgan Mines.

Their first child Ruth was born in November 1944 and Fanny Rose sent my mother a photo with baby Ruth in one arm and a huge koala in the other, probably taken at Lone Pine Santuary. Janelle named after Fanny's sister Jane was born in 1948 and had a tragic life. When only a babe in arms, she contracted meningitis and the doctors believed it happened during a long journey on a very crowded train. She was severely mentally and physically retarded, but Fanny took care of her at home until she died in 1962.

The family left the farm and went to live in Brisbane to get medical care for Janelle and here in 1951 Bernard Daniel was born - he was named after Fanny's big brother Daniel. At one stage they lived at Beams and Mueller Road Boondal west of Sandgate and Rhiny got work with Brisbane City Council and though he left at times to work with private contractors, he usually went back to his original job.

Janelle died in 1962 and in 1965, with only Bernard then a school boy at home, Fanny got a job, helping with handicapped children. The fourteen years she had spent looking after Janelle stood her in good stead in her new career and at that time the family lived at 'Mizpah' Markwell Street Auchenflower.

Even after Rhiny died in 1971, Fanny kept on working until 1975, when she took to travelling instead, and used to visit her children in Hamilton every year until 1987, when finally she settled down in New Zealand. For a while she stayed alternatively with Ruth and Bernard and in 1990 celebrated her 80th birthday in Hamilton, but of late her health has declined and she has had to be admitted to a nursing home.

Ruth left the family at the end of 1963 and went on a working holiday to New Zealand and finally got a job in the office of Hamilton Dairy Co. Here she met Harry Tipping and came back to Brisbane to be married in September 1965 and then went back to live in Hamilton, where Harry was in business as a builder. Harry and Ruth have 6 children and they too have a Daniel in the family - Daniel James born in 1948. Their eldest daughter Sandra married Russel Brown in 1988 and Ruth and Harry now have seven grandchildren to love.

Bernard was always mechanically minded, like his grandfather Walter and he too ended up in New Zealand and in 1972 married a New Zealand lass, Heather Green in Wellington. Later on, he joined Harry and Ruth in Hamilton and became an A grade mechanic, working with a fork lift service and now has his own business called Fleet Hire. He and Heather have 4 children including their own Daniel - Daniel Aaron born in 1979.

All places noted in this genealogy are, unless otherwise noted, in and around Brisbane (Bris) Queensland.

15/[8.6] Fanny Rose (Bailey) b 24 Sep 1910 Bris d 22 bu 26 Apr 1995 Hamilton NZ m 27 Oct 1943 Bris Reinold Carl "Rhiny" FRITZ b 8 Aug 1902 Teviotville d 30 Apr 1971 Bris

First Generation

All births at Brisbane

15.1 Ruth Elizabeth b 8 Nov 1944 m 25 Sep 1965 Bris Harry Norman TIPPING

15.2 Janelle Esther b 4 Jan 1948 d Winter 1962 NO ISSUE

15.3 Bernard Daniel b 5 Mar 1951 m 19 Jul 1972 Wellington NZ Heather Grace (Green)

Second Generation

[15.1] Family of Ruth Elizabeth (Fritz) and Harry TIPPING

All births at Hamilton NZ

15.4 Sandra Ruth b 3 Feb 1967 m 30 Jan 1988 Hamilton Russell Neville BROWN

15.5 Grant Mathew b 11 Sep 1968 m 24 Jul 1992 Rose Restaurant Hamilton Botanical Gardens Hamilton Donna Margaret (Zinsli) b 11 Aug 1971 Auckland NZ

15.6 Scott Andrew b 6 Feb 1971

15.7 Kellie Ann b 23 Sep 1972 District nurse m 7 Aug 1999 Hamilton Paul John SIMPSON living Balclutha south of Dunedin

15.8 Rebecca Claire b 2 Nov 1980

15.9 Daniel James b 17 Oct 1984

[15.3] Family of Bernard Daniel FRITZ and Heather Grace (Green)

All births at Hamilton NZ

15.10 Melanie Jane b 25 Nov 1975

15.11 Deborah Cherie b 9 Jul 1977

15.12 Aaron Daniel b 15 Jun 1979

15.13 Natasha Lee b 1 Apr 1982

Third Generation

[15.4] Family of Sandra Ruth (Tipping) and Russell Neville BROWN

15.14 Seth Russell b 30 Dec 1988 Mossgiel NZ

15.15 Anna-Lee Sandra b 5 Jun 1990 Dunedin NZ

15.16 Adam Mark b 7 May 1992 Dunedin

15.17 Meredith Marie b 24 Feb 1995 Dunedin

[15.5] Family of Grant TIPPING and Donna Margaret (Zinsli)

All births Hamilton NZ

15.18 Curtis James b 20 Feb 1995

15.19 Anna Margaret b 4 Apr 1996

15.20 Jack Matthew b 17 Dec 1999


[8.6] Reinold Carl FRITZ

Father August Hermann FRITZ Occ Farmer Mother Albertina (Wittenhagen)

[15.1] Harry Norman TIPPING

Father Ira Frewan Garside TIPPING b 9 Feb 1917 Opiki NZ

m 9 May 1938 Nukuhou North NZ

Mother Marjorie Alice (MacDonld) b 6 Oct 1917 Nukuhou

[15.3] Heather Grace (Green)

Father Vernon Lawrence GREEN b 30 Sep 1921 Christchurch

m 1948 Riverton NZ

Mother Shirley Vivian (Spencer)

[15.4] Russell Neville BROWN

Father Reginald Walker BROWN b 31 Oct 1921 Riverton

m 1944 Dunedin NZ

Mother Rita Gwendoline (Davies) b 18 Dec 1922 NZ

[15.5] Donna Margaret (Zinsli)

Father Dick John ZINSLI b 18 Jan 1938 Napier NZ

m 21 Dec 1968 Auckland

Mother Colleen Margaret (Moffit) b 24 May 1947 Auckland



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