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According to the Nottingham documents dated 4 April 1897, John Whaite was already established in Manchester as a Shoemaker and the address of a letter dated 14 June 1801 sent to him by George Baxter reporting the death of his son George, was Hanover Square which was the address recorded in Pigots Directory for 1814-5.
One of his later descendents said that John could turn his hand to almost anything, and only turned to Shoemaking when nothing else was available. His eldest son Thomas, on his second marriage in 1844 said his father was a Gentleman, maybe to match the occupation of his bride's father.
The burial of an earlier Samuel in 1792 at Salford shown as Whiate may actually refer to a White record. It is also a mystery why John and Mary's son George said to be born 29 Sep 1798 perhaps Manchester should be living with his aunt Betsy nee Clayton and her husband George. He could hardly have been a replacement for Betsy's own child Elizabeth, who had died nine years earlier, unless George was already frail and his aunt was better able to care for him.

Many of his children and grandchildren had prominent places in the artistic world of Manchester, starting with his eldest surviving son Thomas.
Thomas is shown in 1821 Directories of Manchester and Salford as a Portrait Painter and as late as 1871 as a Scene Painter It was he who designed and painted the banners for the Peterloo Petition - a demonstration in 1819 for the repeal of the infamous Corn Laws which resulted in the death of over 600 people. His only exhibited painting is dated 1880, just before his death. Thomas' elder son, Thomas George turned his hand to photography, working for C A Du Val & Co owned by noted photographer Charles DuVal and later he married his daughter Elizabeth. He left Manchester for London by early 1881, and then up to Carlisle by early 1891 and was lecturing to Edinburgh Photographic Society about the Camera Obscura and Paper Negatives. Later in 1891 or 1892 Thomas George took himself and family off to California where he lived for the rest of his life. Family letters mention his photographs won numerous medals in USA and Thomas' grandson Rene known as George Rene, had a portrait studio in California by 1899 according to "Artists in California 1789 -1940" which mentioned he was active until his death in 1941.
Thomas' younger son James was sent by the family in 1871 to Conway in Wales, where he did his early paintings, though he later lived in Liverpool and Cheshire. He first exhibited in Burton Joyce Nottingham in 1881 as well as at other UK galleries including Royal Academy.
John's third living son, Henry was of some note as an early English flag and banner maker and pamphlets in Henry C Whaite's papers show that around 1823-6 he established at Bridge St Manchester "this side [of] Queen's Theatre" a Fine Art Gallery, which while hanging paintings and having exhibitions, sold everything an artist might need. For the royal visit to Manchester, as part of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee festvities in 1887, he advertised that he would would organise Triumphal Arches, Transparencies, Gas & Oil Illuminations as well as Fireworks Displays. The Gallery also had a Photographic Dept, which made "Carte-de-Visites" on the spot and copied and reduced drawings and photos. In its Optical Dept microscopes, opera glasses, magic lanterns and dissolving views were for sale, while an Illusionoist or Conjurer could be hired for the evening. Henry was the agent for "Diaphanie", stick on imitation Stained Glass Windows from France as well as Wanzer Sewing Machines, imported from Germany. At Christmas time, the gallery presented a German Fair, the culmination of which was a tree some 25 feet high, covered in ornaments and presents and lit by numerous gas jets enclosed in glass globes from 2 to 12 inches in diameter. This tree could be inspected from the gallery reached by a broad staircase and everywhere were toys of all kinds from all over the world. At the base of the tree was some scenic representation which changed from year to year varying from Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday, Gulliver in the Land of Lilliput to the Adoration of the Magi. There was an aviary with real singing birds as well as a Punch and Judy show. After Henry's death, the Gallery was said to be run by "the genial proprietor Mr F A Whaite and the "smiling young lady attendants", but it was Henry Clarence who really was in charge. It is not known how long it contined after 1888, but as Fred had become ill and died in 1897, maybe there was no one else in the family to take over. "The Manchester City News" of 21 December 1907 in " A Scene Thirty Years Ago" described the German Fair and lamented its passing [so now] "on the site are a post-office, shops and other business premises"
Henry's son, Henry Clarence was the most famous member of the family and a prolific landscape painter and his large oil painting "The Rainbow" was recently part of a BBC series "Painting The Weather".He held offices in many artistic societies in Manchester and London and after his marriage in 1876 in London, settled near his wife's family in the Conway valley in Wales and became president of Royal Cambrian Academy. His daughter Lily was also a painter, who was especially fond of flowers and her painting exhibited at Royal Academy was titled "Poppies". It was Henry's custom to spend half the year sketching in the Welsh countryside and then go to his studio in London to develop these sketches into finished works. Lily was her father's companion on these excursions and drew a humerous sketch of them setting out with Henry toting his umbrella accompanied by no less than 5 retainers with a tent, lunch basket and painting needs and their dog.
While John's namesake and second son is said to have been a "Historical Painter" and his last son Septimus was variously Sculptor and Scenic Artist and Septimus' son James William was recorded as a Scenic Artist, none of them seem to have exhibited any paintings.
Our probable forebear Samuel alone in this family was as a Mechanic in 1832 Pigots Directory and a Spindlemaker in 1841 Slaters Directory and Harry's probable father George followed that occupation until his death in 1878. On Harry's 1931 Death Cert George is said to have been an Engineer. However on his daughter Elizabeth's marriage in 1892, she said her father was a Photographer and a photo of George himself is said to have been taken at "Photographic Studio of Whaite's Coal Clough Lane Burnley". Perhaps towards the end of his life, George was not well enough to follow his former occupation or else photography was just a side line. .
Census records reveal that Samuel's family lived in very reduced circumstances, as did his son George - maybe Samuel was the black sheep as it were.
Despite the much better conditions enjoyed by Henry's family, there seem to be no records in the papers of Henry Clarence that even mention Samuel and his family nor any attempt to help him, though Henry Clarence spent much of his time [and money] sorting out the problems of his own and other related families.

These records are based upon the patient research over many years, mainly by Judith Moore of Flixton and some others.
The copyright of the papers of Henry Clarence Whaite is held by David Mortimer-Jones and they are shown as HCWP in the text. They are held by National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth and were researched by Eirionedd Baskerville
"The Hidden History of Women Artists. Lily Whaite and the Gwynedd Ladies Art Society" Rhiannon Michaelson-Yeates in The National Library of Wales Journal Vol XXXIII No 4 1905 pp 371-386 Plates 1-12
Dictionary of British Artists 1840-1980 Woodbridge Antique Collectors Club 1986 from Christine Whaite

Including Spouses Families of
Sarah (Slater) Editha (Ansdell)


4.1 ex 3.1.1 [Origins in Nottinghamshire]
Family of John WHAITE and Mary (Webster)

Mary  bp as Waite 26
Oct 1794 Nottingham St. Mary


4.2 ex 3.1.2
Family of John WHAITE and Mary (Clayton)

 Most baptisms
Manchester Cathedral

? Samuel bp pre 1792
bu 10 Jul 1792 Sacred Trinity Salford NO ISSUE

Thomas b 23 Dec 1796 d 14 June 1881 entry ? 584
Whittington SD St Martins reg Oswestry Shropshire June qtr 1881 6e.439* Cause:
Decay age 84 years Informant son Thomas George Whaite Portrait Painter; witness
m 1833 sister Elizabeth 11 below m by Banns 17 Jul 1833 p 404* St Johns Manchester
(Witnesses:John Bancroft, Ellen Bowden) both signed and of parish of St Johns
Ann (Dunavian) b c 1803 signed as Dunevin d 24 Dec 1842
entry 125 reg Dec qtr 1842 Manchester 20.517* at Oldham St Manchester Cause:
Consumption age 39 years present at death Thomas Whaite Artist of Oldham St see
2.1. Thomas Whaite Fruiterer widower [Father John Whaite Gentleman] m (2) by Banns 8 Jul 1844 p 690* St Johns Manchester both
signed and of Manchester (Witnesses: John Bancroft, Alice Higham) Sarah
[Father William Anderton Gentleman]
b c 1809 Manchester ? d Sep qtr 1885 Bashford 7b.104 GET CERT see 2.2

George b 29 Sep 1798 ?
Manchester d 19 June 1801 Bingham home of George & Betsey Baxter NO ISSUE
HCWP HPB5/2 bu in Bingham Churchyard Grave NW 004. with Elizabeth dau of George & Betsy Baxter.
Inscription reads " - Here rest in silent and peaceful repose all that was
mortal of Elizabeth, daughter of George and Betsy BAXTER and of George, son of
John and Mary WHAITE of Manchester, the former of whom died April 29th 1789
aged 11 months and the latter June 19th 1801 aged 2 years and nine months.
Happy babes who having escaped the vicissitudes of the wicked and transitory
world are now .. Enjoying the special (?) lessons of ... purchased only by the
suffering and death."

William b 1799 twin of

John b 2 Nov 1799 twin
of 4 ?  d pre 1801 NO ISSUE

John b 11 Apr 1801 d 31 Oct 1872 reg Dec Qtr
Manchester 8d.174 at 60 Stocks St Cheetham Hill Road age 71 years died
Intestate Letter of Administration 26 Nov 1872; witness marr 1836 sister
Frances 12 below; informant then of 44 Stocks St and present at death son
Charles Artist/Painter 1859 m by Banns 15 Jul 1824 p 242 * St Johns Manchester
(Witness: John Stones) both signed both of Par of St Johns Mary Ann
b ? 3 Feb 1804 bp 20 Apr 1804 St Nicholas Liverpool [F Robert M
Sarah Harrop] Lancs [IGI] d 21 Nov reg Dec Qtr 1857 entry 463 Manchester
8d.194* at 36 Stocks St Cause: Malignant Disease of Ovary age 52 years wife of
John Whaite Historical Painter present at death see 2.3

Henry b 20 Aug 1803 bp 2 Oct 1803 d 26 Jul 1869
at 6 Gore Crescent Pendleton reg Sep Qtr Salford 8d.5 age 65 years bu 30 Jul
1869 Brooklands Cem Sale Grave 1736 Section F Church Blue [GW] will proved 4
Aug 1870 Carver & Gilder [Guilder MC 1828] Witness marr 1854 son George A m by Banns 28 Nov 1826 p 288*
St Johns Manchester (Witness: James Crompton) both signed and of town &
parish of Manchester Sarah (Slater) b 8 May bp 6 June 1802 Sacred
Trinity Salford [F Joseph Slater of Broughton M Mary] d 8 Jan 1865 Montague
House SD Stretford reg Mar Qtr 1865 Barton 8c.371* Cause: Morbus Cordis,
Chronic Bronchitis wife of Henry Whaite Carver & Gilder age 62 years G A
Whaite [2.3.2] of 5 York Terrace Stretford in attendance bu Brooklands Cem Sale
Grave 1736 see 2.4

Samuel b 2 Oct 1805 bp 16 Feb 1806 ?? d 8 Jan
1857 entry 445 Skellorn St SD Oldham above town reg Mar qtr Oldham 8d.386* Cause: Congestion of
the Lungs 5 weeks age 49 years Present at death John Whaite of same address
Iron Spindle Maker Journeyman Cs 1841 Broker MC 1855 Spindle & Fly Maker
Mechanic 59 Ancoats St 1832 Pigots Dir CHECK m (1)  after Banns 20 May
1827* Manchester Cathedral Sarah (Hyde) of  this parish Both made their
mark (Witnesses: Robert Hilton, Daniel Burns X his mark)
b c 1807 d  8 May Cause: Fever on Brain bu 10 May 1832 entry 302 James
Schofield Indep Chapel Christchurch Ancoats wife of Samuel late of 59 Great
Ancoats St see 2.5 Samuel Whaite Machine Maker m (2) m by Banns 29 Nov 1832 p 392
St Johns Manchester (Witnesses: John Whaite, Betsey Whaite) both signed and of
St Johns Parish Sarah Mos(e)ley signed Moseley ? b c 1805 DC/11 Bridgnorth Shropshire d 2
Nov 1887 entry 279 at 8 Egerton St Oldham SD Oldham Below Town RD Oldham reg
Dec qtr 1887 8d.450*  Cause: Atrophy of Heart 2 months age 82 years William
James son present at death see 2.6

Census 1881 as Sarah Thwaite living 61 Shaw St Oldham
with son James [2.6.7]

Septimus b 19 Nov ?1807 bp 29 May 1808 Painter 32
Travis St 1836 Pigots Dir Artist Cs 1861,Painter 1871 Cs, Artist (Sculptor) 1891
Cs d 17 Jan 1892 entry 494 at 7 Cornbrook Road Hulme reg Mar Qtr 1892 Chorlton
8c.638* Cause: Chronic Cystitis, Senile Decay age 84 years Scenic Artist
Informant son in law B J [T] Burnett bu Weate Mun Cem 5/1 Grave 1667 B1 with
husband, sons John & Henry and grandaughter Ada Probate 25 Feb 1892
Executor son James William Effects more than 1703 pounds m after Banns 28 Nov
1833* Manchester Cathedral (Witnesses: William Eccles,Thomas Parry) Mary Ann
signed X her mark b c 1814/1820 DC Wakefield Yks d  22
Aug 1861 entry 367 at 23 Great Bridgewater St reg Sep Qtr Manchester 8d.145*
Cause: Natural Causes per Inquest held 23 Aug 1861 Edward Hereford Coroner age
41 years Bu Weate Mun Cem with husband and others above see 2.7

Mary b 23 Feb bp 26
Aug 1810

Elizabeth b 21 June bp 16 Aug 1812 m after Banns 24
Mar 1833 MC (Witnesses: Thos Whaite, Margaret McCallum) both of Manchester
signed Reginald John RICHARDSON ? bp 24 Jul 1808 Manchester Cathedral [F
Thomas M Alice] [IGI] Joiner see 2.8

Frances bp 9 Oct 1814 [F Cordwainer] Informant X
her mark then living 3 Meredith St Hulme of death 1857 father John, Residence
this parish and township of Chorlton on Medlock m by License 11 Jan 1836* MC
(Witnesses: John Whaite, John Hall) William WIGNALL of this parish Baker
see 2.9

Pigots 1814-5, 1819-1820 Manchester
John Whaite Shoemaker 23 Hanover St Man



5.1 ex 4.2.1 Family of Thomas WHAITE and
Ann (Dunavian) those known

All baptisms
Manchester Cathedral

Thomas George b 19 Apr 1834 bp 11 Oct 1835 MC F Artist
died 21 Jul 1895 age 61 years ? California USA [HCWP HPB11/3 Memorial Cards];
Informant then of Willow Vale Shepherds Bush London death 1881 father Residence
Stretford m after Banns 16 June 1864 Cathedral & Parish Ch reg June qtr 1864 Manchester
8d.390* (Witnesses: Charles Allen du Val, Frances Du Val, F A Whaite, J H
Renny) Elizabeth
Ellen (Du Val)
Residence Carlton Grove Greenheys bp as Duvall 12 Mar 1845
Manchester Cathedral [F Charles Allen du Val/Duvall Artist M Elizabeth] FIND D
pre ? 1871 or earlier. see 3.1 Thomas G ? m (2) ?? USA Dux (??)
HCWP HPB4/4 ? 20 Aug ? 1897 from Riverside California

James b 3 Mar 1836 bp
7 Aug 1836 MC [F Artist]

Census 2 April
1871 RG10/5736 Folio 50 p 11 at "Gwydir" Castle Cottage Conway
Wales:  James Whaite Boarder
Unmarr age 31 years b Manchester in household of David Harrison age 37 years
Artist & Painter in Water Colour b Manchester

Census 5 April
1891 RG12/2994 f 19/49 p 12 Sched 129 Liverpool West Derby at 47 Durning Rd
: James Lodger 51 years Single Artist
(Sculp) b Manchester Neither Employer nor Employee in household of William
Martin Clerk 25 Single b Darlington Yks

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3688 f 117 p25 at Poulton cum Seacombe Chester:
James 65 b Manchester GET DETAILS

Thomas Whaite:1821-2 Manchester Portrait Painter 44 Thomas St also 1824-5
(as Waite), 1828-1830, 1832 44 Thomas St Shudehill, 1834
Professor & Portrait Painter 68 Thomas St, 1836 Portrait Painter 24
Thomas St Shudehill, 1841 Slaters Dir Man & Salford Portrait Painter
24 Thomas St, 1869 Scene Painter 9 Dale St Red Bank, 1871-2 Scene
Painter 33 Miller St Res: 9 Dale St Red Bank

Men" says Thomas
Whaite designed and painted banners for the "Peterloo" Petition in
Manchester 1819 to repeal Corn Laws, which resulted in deaths of over 600

Census 2 April
1871 RG10/4067 ed 5 f 150a p20
Prestwich Myrtle Bank: Thomas Father Widower age 74 years Artist b
Manchester living with son Thomas G

Census 4 April
1881 RG11/3338 f 8 p8 Bashford Burton Joyce Notts
: at Rose Cottage all births Manchester: Thomas Head
M 84 Out of Business, Sarah wife 72, Fanny Richardson Niece UnM 30

Dictionary of
British Artists 1840-1940 FIND p 539: Whaite Thomas Snr Exhibited 1880 of
Burton Joyce Notts at ?Nottingham FIND

HCWP HPB5/6 Rene
Whaite San Francisco 24 June 1910 ? where is Uncle Jim. In last note said was
losing eyesight. Old address was C/o Mr Roberts Sailors House Liverpool, but Mr
Roberts dead for some years

HCWP HPB4/4 20
Aug 1897 letter from Riverside California Thomas George. Love from Dux Lilian


5.2 ex 4.2.2
Family of Thomas WHAITE and Sarah (Anderton)

William Henry b 10 Dec
1845 Higher Oswald St entry 50 SD Market St reg Mar qtr 1846 20.811* Manchester
bp 22 Feb 1846 Manchester Cathedral [F Fruiterer] ? d pre 1851 Census 

Thomas b ? c 1840
Census 1851

Census 30
March 1851 HO/107/229 f453 p 38
Sched 112 Manchester Collegiate at 2 H Oswald St all born
Manchester: Thomas Head 54 Fruiterer, Sarah 40, Thomas 11


Directory 1855

Whaite Thomas of 257 Waterloo Road Cheetham Hill Grocer
& Provision Dealer Manchester

FIND 1861 Cs
Thomas 64 sarah 50

Census 2 April
1871 RG10/4067 f 150a p20 Prestwich
Myrtle Bank as widower CHECK Artist 74 living with
son Thomas George [2.1.1]

Census 1871
RG10/3495 F 7 p 8 Sched 35 Bashford at ?Burton Joyce: Sarah Head 62 b
Manchester, Fanny richardson 20 GET DETAILS

Census 3 April
1881 RG11/3338 F 8 p 9 Bashford
Notts at Rose Cottage Burton Joyce all born Manchester: Thomas
Whaite Head age 84 Out of Business, Sarah wife 72, Fanny Richardson niece age


5.3 ex 4.2.6 Family of John WHAITE and Mary Ann (Selkirk)

All baptisms
Manchester Cathedral

Thomas  bp 23 Oct 1825 [F Painter] ? d pre 30 June 1826 NO ISSUE

Sarah Selkirk bp 15
Apr 1827 ? d pre 1841 Census

William bp 28 Sep 1828 F Painter Residence 44
Stocks St d 2 Apr 1868 entry 29 at 28 Stanley St Red Bank reg June Qtr SD
Market Street Manchester
8d.171* Cause: Caries? of Cranial Bones 6 months, Meningitis 1
week age 39 years Painter (artist) present at death Elvina Hudson wife m by
License 6 Apr 1858 entry 488 Manchester Cathedral reg June qtr 1858.123* FIND
CERT Manchester  (Witnesses:
Charles Wyatt Selkirk, Jabez Scott) Elvina Hudson (Ramscar) b ? as
Elvira Hudson Ramsker Dec qtr 1839 Doncaster 22.81 Residence 43 York St
Cheetham [F William Engineer] Elvina H m (2) FIND

Census 7 April
1861 RG9/2970 f 126 p 44 Sch 183 Cheetham
at 65 North St: William Whaite 39 Painter b Man
Lancs, Elvin Whaite wife 22 b Man Lancs, John Thorp Boarder UnM 28 b Nottingham

John b 24 Jul 1832 bp 16 Sep 1832 [F 21
Beswick Row Painter] d 5 Oct 1834 bu 7 Oct 1834 entry 355 JSICC Ancoats age 2
years late of 41 Beswick Row Miller Lane NO ISSUE   

Thomas Moore bp 7 Dec 1834 HCWP HPB 4/1 letter 17 Apr
1870 "left Uncle John at a minutes notice and has gone to America, leaving
wife and family behind him" arrived 21 April 1870 New York from Liverpool
England & Queenstown Ireland [Ancestry M 237_325 Line 21 List 300] ? d pre 1894 MC son
Thomas /pre 1887 marr dau Mary Ann /d pre 12 Jan 1896 HCWP HPB4/5 FIND as T
More Painter m
after Banns 11 Aug 1856 entry 5  St Thomas Kendal (Witnesses: Edmund John ?
Thorbolde, ? Isabella Wallace) reg Sep qtr 1856 Kendal 10b.645* Harriet Ann (Welling)
b c 1839 DC/1841 Shropshire Oswestry
c 1839 Wales FIND
[F John Welling Blacksmith]
d 8 June 1899 entry 325 at 105 Layton Lane SD Blackpool reg June qtr 1899
Fylde 8e.483* Cause: Softening of Brain 14 days age 60 years widow of Thomas
Whaite Artist Informant son Thomas then of 105 Layton Lane Blackpool see 3.2

George b Mar 1831 d 17
Apr 1831 Cause Inflammation and Fits bu 20 Apr 1831 entry 287 JSICC Ancoats NO

Emma bp 14 Aug 1836 d
23 Dec 1837 bu  28 Dec 1834 entry 437 JSICC Ancoats age 17 mths late of Beswick

Charles Henry b month
of June 1838 at 41 Beswick Row Millers St SD Market St bp 9 Sep 1839 reg June
Qtr 1838 RD Manchester 20.557* d as Charles 7 Dec 1859 entry 488 at 44 Stocks
St SD Market St reg Dec qtr 1859 Manchester 8d.171* Cause: Gastric Fever age 20
years Informant present at death father John Artist [Painter]? NO ISSUE

Eliza b 18 Jan 1840 bp 3 Nov 1852 [IGI] FIND D
Administrator as Machinist 26 Nov 1872 Intestate Estate father John Residence
44 Stock St Cheetham m after Banns 14 Feb 1863 entry 218 St Johns CE reg
Mar qtr 1863 Manchester 8d.448* (Witnesses: William Royle, Alice Royle) Charles
Residence Higher Ardwick b ? June qtr 1840
Manchester 20.499 Mechanic [F Edward Billington Machinist] d pre 1881 Census
FIND see 3.3

Mary Ellen bp 16 Apr
1845 d pre 1851 Census

Census 7 June
1841 HO/107/574 ed 22 f 8-8a p 10-11Line 24
St George's Beswick Row all born Lancs: Jno Painter
age 40 years, Mary Ann age 30 years, William age 10 years, Thos age 5
years,Chas age 3 years, Eliza age 1 year, Sarah Pennington 15 Domestic Servant
b Manchester

Census 31
March 1851 HO/107/ 2229 f 18 p 28 Sched 91
St Thomas Manchester at 78 Stock St most births
Manchester: John Whaite Head 50 Artist (Painter), Mary wife 48 b Liverpool, 
William son 20 Artist (Painter), Thomas 16, Charles 13 Eliza 11, Adam
Rights/Richt UnM 25 Book Keeper (Calico Works) Lodger b Kirkham Lancs

Census 7 April
1861 RG9/2949 f9 p9 Sched 49
Manchester Market St at 44 Stock St: John Waite Head Widower age
59 Painter b Man, Eliza Waite dau UnM age 20 b Man, Albert Waite son/?grandson
age 4 b Cumberland see also Census records 3.2

Census 3 April
1871 RG/4044 f 19 p30 Sched 162 Manchester Collegiate at 60 Stock St:
John Head Widower 69 Scenic Artist b
Manchester with Charles & Eliza Billington and family see 3.3

Directories John
Whaite:1829-1830 Pigots Painter of Transparencies 21 Beswick Row, 1832
(as Waite) Painter, 1836 Painter 41 Beswick Row, 1852 Slaters M
& S Historical Artist Factory Yard: Miller St House: 28 Stocks St Cheetham,
1855 Historical Artist Factory Yard Miller St House: 36 Stocks St
Cheetham, 1869 Signwriter 37 Miller St Shude Hill,  1872 Slaters
M & S Signwriter 33 Miller St Shude Hill Res: 60 Stocks St Cheetham

?? another
John 1836
Pigots ??John
Whaite Picture Dealer 17 Oxford Rd Chorlton on Medlock, 1841 Print
seller & Stationer 19 Oxford St


5.4 ex 4.2.7
Family of Henry WHAITE and Sarah (Slater)

Most baptisms
Manchester Cathedral

Henry Clarence b 27 Jan bp 12 May 1828 d 5 June 1912
Tyddyn-cynal Gyffin Carnarvonshire bu 8 June 1912 Llangelynin New Church near
Conway Wales Probate 3 Sep 1912 Bangor Wales Effects: Just over 2926 pounds
Artist Landscape Painter Informant then of Bridge St Manchester death 1857 of
grandmother; Informant then of 16 Douro Place Kensington death 1870 brother
George Augustus;Informant then of 16 Douro Place Kensington of death 1871of
brother Lorimer Edward; witness m dau 1904 Residence 16 Derow Place m by
License 3 Feb 1876 entry 165 Kensington Parish Ch reg Mar Qtr Kensington
1a.112* (Witnesses: Alfred Slocombe, Samuel Tuelah) Jane Alice (Griffith) Residence
Tyddyn Cynal Gryffyn North Wales b c 1840 Caenarvon Wales [F John Griffith
Farmer] d 17 Oct 1906 reg Dec qtr 1906 Hampstead 1a.389 age 70 years bu 23 Oct
1906 Llangelynin Informant in attendance then living Tyddn Cynal Conway death
1904 son in law see 3.4

George Augustus b 17 Apr bp 7 Jul 1830 d 22 Oct 1870
entry 296 at 5 York Terrace Cornbrook SD Stretford Cause: Bronchio-Pneumonia
reg Dec Qtr 1870 Barton upon Irwell 8c.348* age 40 years Carver & Gilder
Informant brother H Clarence Whaite bu Sale Cem Marshlands Road = Brooklands
Grave 1737 Residence Stretford m by License 7 Nov 1854 entry 494 Manchester
Cathedral (PR) reg Dec Qtr 1854 8d.206 Manchester (Witnesses: H Whaite,
Georgiana Pickard) Alice (Pike) Residence Chester Rd Hulme b c 1838
Manchester [F William Pike Silk Manufacturer Hulme] age 22 years MC  d 25 Aug
1920 age 90 years bu Sale Grave 1737 see 3.5

Frederick Adolphus b 3
Dec 1831 d 15 Dec 1897 entry 494 Withington Workhouse SD Didsbury Cause: Senile
Informant B Howell Master of Union Workhouse reg Dec qtr 1897 8c.480* Chorlton
Artist of Didsbury Withington age 65 years bu Sale Cem Grave 1736; witness marr
1864 Thomas George [5.1.1]; executor will father Henry 4 August 1870; witness
marr 1884 Editha A Whaite 3 above; witness marr 1885 Frances Maud Whaite
[6.6.1] not married ? NO ISSUE

Lorimer Edward b 4 Jul 1833 bp 6 Oct 1833 as Edward Cs
1841 d 24 Jan 1871 entry 4 at 136 Great Jackson St SD Hulme reg Mar qtr 1871
Chorlton 8c.486* Cause: Bronchitits 2 weeks age 37 years bu 28 Jan 1871
Brooklands Cem Sale Grave 1736 Section Blue Church Occupation: Photographist 
Residence: 57 St George's Place, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire  Will proved 4 Jul
1871 Effects: Under 600 pounds Executors: Cousin Thomas Slater Pearce of 96 Bradford
St Ancoats Pawnbroker & friend Jessie Pratt of Woodfield Disley Cheshire
Bankers Clerk; executor will father Henry 4 Aug 1870; Print Seller 1885
Residence Manchester m by License as Lorimus Edward 6 May 1861 St Mary the
Virgin Weaverham Ches reg June qtr 1861 Northwich 8a.316 (Witnesses: Thomas
?Tinstall, Charlotte Elizabeth Ansdell) both full age Editha Josephina
Main beneficiary will husband 22 Dec 1869; received 225 pounds as
husband's share of  Henry Whaite's will FIND REF Residence Winnington Hall
Randiway b 17 Apr Northwich bp June 22 1837 Witton Cheshire [F Richard Ansdell
Merchant] d as Hetherington 21 Apr 1912 age 74 age bu Sale Cem Grave 1486 Ref
138115 [GW] see 3.6. Edith Josephine Whaite [F Richard Ansdell
Salt Mine Owner] Widow age 44 years Residence 5 Claremont Rd Moss Side m (2)
by License 23 Oct 1884 entry 155 Cavendish Indep Chapel Chorlton upon Medlock
(Witnesses: Frederick Adolphus Whaite, Frances Maude Whaite) reg Dec Qtr 1884
Chorlton 8c.1076* Joseph HETHERINGTON Residence 21 Granville St Chorlton
upon Medlock b c 1823 Widower [F George Hetherington Deceased] d pre 1901

Census 31 Mar
1901 RG13/3667 no f p2 Sched 9 Urmston Eccles Stretford Rd
at Daisy Bank: Edith J Hetherington Widow
56 Living on Own Means living with son in law William H Tetlow [4.8]

Arthur Albert bp 30
Jul 1844 St Matthews Manchester [F Bridge St Picture Dealer] d Sep Qtr 1844
Manchester 20.507 NO ISSUE

Census 7 June
MF623 ed 31 f 42
p26 at Bridge St as Whaits Sarah Stationer age 39,
Clarence age 13 years, George age 11 years, Frederick age 10 years, Edward age
8 years

FIND 1851 Census
Henry 48 Sarah 49 ? b ? Salford

Census 7 April
1861 RG9/2865 f 100 p2 Sched 5 Stretford Barton Upon Irwell at 5 Chester St
All born Manchester Henry Head Marr 58
Carver & Gilder employs 24 men,6 men and 5 boys, Sarah wife 59, Frederick A
UnM son 29 Carver & Gilder Asstnt Lawrence =Lorimer E 27 UnM Carver &
Gilder Asstnt, Elizabeth Smith UnM General Servant 25, George Cunningham Groom
Marr 27, Mary Cunningham Marr 25 Servant, Lewis G H Cunningham Grooms son 2
Boarder, Elizabeth A Cunningham 1 Grooms dau

1870 4 Aug Will of Henry Whaite d 26 Jul 1869 at
Gore Crescent Seedley proved by F A Whaite and L E Whaite of same
address.Effects under 3000 pounds, plus 3 plots of land bought from nephews
Parr and Clegg on part of which are 11 dwelling houses, situated in Meredith
Street and Boundary Lane

Census 3 April
1871 Deansgate at 64 Bridge St
Whaites Fine Art Gallery LOCK UP

Census 3 April
1871 RG10/3972 f 7 p7 Sched 37 Stretford
: Frederick A Whaite 36, Ellen Ratcliffe 23 Mary A
Bennett 14

Census 4 April
1881 RG11/3885 folio 7 p 8 at 3 Windsor Terrace Stretford
F A Whaite Head Unm age 47 years Artist
& Dealer b Manchester with Housekeeper Ann Cunningham age 32 Unm age 32 b
Alton Towers Staffs

Census 1891
RG12/3162 f 21 p34 Withington:
Fred A Whaite Lodger 59  b Manchester ? in household of Marth J
Capel/Sarah Dent 


Manchester Henry Whaite: 1828-1830 Carver & Gilder 75 Bridge St
Deansgate, 1832 C & G and Fancy Stationer 4 Bridge St, 1834
Hy  Print seller and dealer,looking glass and picture frame maker C & G 4
Bridge St, 1836 C&G,Printseller, Fancy Stationer and looking glass
Maunfacturer 4 Bridge St, 1841 C&G, printseller fancy stationer and
looking glass and picture frame manufacturer,1852, 1855 Carver, Gilder,
printseller artists colourman and repository and fine art gallery Bridge St
Deansgate House: 26 Burlington st Greenheys, 1863 Carver, Gilder print
seller etc Montague House Old Trafford,1869 Carver and Gilder 64 Bridge
St Deansgate Residence: Ashton Grange Ashton on Mersey, 1871 C&G
artist colourman flag and banner mfr and dealer in photographic materials Fine
Arts Gallery 64 Bridge St Deansgate,

? another
1891 late of
Bridge st estd 1823 Bazaar, ballroom etc decorator, flag and banner maker - the
only prize medallist - tents for fetes etc, fine art dealer: No connection with
any other firm 44a Deansgate and 49/51 Blackfriars St

Announcement 1 Nov 1886: H Whaite (late of Bridge St) now at 44a Deansgate and
49/51 Blackfriars St Manchester


5.5 ex
Family of Samuel WHAITE and Sarah (Hyde)

John b c 1826 Census 1841 ?? arrived in
Adelaide SA c 1848 m 1850 Adelaide Elizabeth Jane (Boyd) see 3.7 in

James b c 1828 Census
1841 ?? d Mar qtr Stockport 1848.19.264 GET CERT

William b c 1831
Census 1841 ?? d Sep 1842 Man 20.533 GET CERT

George bp 9 Oct 1831 [M Mary IGI M Sarah MC
Baptisms] Residence 6 Newberry St d 7 Dec 1878  at 13 Coal Clough Habergham
Eaves reg Dec Qtr RD Burnley 8e.180* entry 98 Cause: Chronic Bronchitis 3
months Asthma 14 days age 45 years Informant M H Whaite widow of deceased
Spindle Maker m (1) 18 Feb 1855 entry 189 St Augustines RC Chapel Granby
Mews reg March Qtr 1855 8d.402/7* Manchester (Witnesses: George Moseley, Eliza
Whaite her mark) Anne (Fisher) widow Residence 29 London Road b c 1828
Stourport Worcs [F John Heywood Game Keeper] d pre 1870 [Wife shown as Annie
Garrow in MC 1905 and DC 1931 of Harry Whaite]. see 6.8. George m
(2) after Banns 28 Nov 1870 Holy Trinity Habergham Eaves reg Dec Qtr
8e.326 Burnley* (Witnesses: Joseph Talbot, Sarah Talbot) both of 10/16 Morpeth
St  Mary Hannah (Bowker) Tailoress b 19 Nov 1843 entry 272 reg Dec qtr
1843 23.579* Skipton Yks bp 10 Dec 1843 Skipton in Cranes Yks [FJames Tailor M
Isabella Howarth] ? d as Tattersall June qtr 1894 Burnley 8e.143 age 49 years
see 3.9.  Mary Hannah Whaite m (2) 27 Jul 1889 reg
Sep qtr 1889 Burnley 8e.374 James TATTERSALL b c 1836 Worsthorne Lancs
Stone Mason ?? James TATTERSALL m (2)  post 1894 - pre Mar 1901 Dora ?? FIND

Census 6 June
1841 HO107/577 ed 36 f 18a p31
Mill Hallsworth St all born Lancs :Samuel Whaite age 35 years Spinner,
John  age 15 years, James age 12 years William age 10 years

 Census 30
March 1901 RG13/3871 f 129 p 34 Sched 194 Burnley Habergham Eaves:
James Tattersall 73 b Worsthorne Lancs,
Dora Tattersall wife GET  DETAILS


5.6 ex
Family of Samuel WHAITE and Sarah (Moseley)

All baptisms
Manchester Collegiate/Cathedral

John b c 1834/1836 DC Cs 1841 Painter 1869; d 13 Dec 1889 entry
271 Oldham Union Workhouse SD Oldham Below Town reg Oldham Dec qtr  8d.469*
Cause: Paralysis age 53 years Railway Inspector late of 61 Shaw St Oldham
Informant sister Louisa Ann Tattersall X her mark Labourer at Iron Works;
witness marr 1887 sister Louisa Ann 7 below Residence Hough Lane m after
Banns 8 Sep 1866 entry 499 age 30 years Wagon Inspector Cathedral &
Parish of Manchester (Witnesses: Elizabeth Dickens, John ? Foman) reg Sep qtr 1866 8d.422* Manchester
Sarah (Houghton)
Residence Great Clowes St Broughton age 20 years b Sep qtr
1846 Man 20.776 [F Samuel Houghton Waterman] ?? d as White Mar qtr 1869
Chorlton 8e.453 age 22 years GET CERT 

Mary Eliza b 11 Jan 
bp 14 Feb 1836 F Mechanic ?? witness marr George [2.4.1] 

Esther b c 1837 (Cs
1851) Manchester Weaver Cotton FIND M D

Harriette Amelia b 6 May
1838 entry 498 at 66 Great Ancoats St SD London Road Informant F Samuel X his
mark reg June qtr 1838 Manchester 20.576* [M Sarah Moseley]
bp as Harriet A 10 June 1838 ?? died pre 1851 Census NO ISSUE

Mary Clayton bp 26 Feb
1840 F Mechanic d June qtr 1840 Manchester 20.362 bu
26 June 1840 James Schofield Indep Chapel Christchurch Ancoats NO ISSUE

William b ? Mar qtr
1842 Manchester 20.696 GET CERT Informant as William James then living 121
Coppice St Oldham death mother 1887 m ? June qtr 1873 Holywell 11b.447 GET
CERT?? Mary E  b c 1853 Holyweel Flint Wales FIND ISSUE NONE BY 1891

 Census 4
April 1881 RG11/4074 f 90 p 32 at Oldham
121 Coppice St: William J Whaite
Head 37 b Manchester Tinplate Worker, Mary E wife 28 b Holyweel Flint
Wales,Thomas Jones 26 b Holywell Flint Boarder Labourer in Iron Works, Francis
McGovern Boarder 15 b Liverpool Pupil Teacher

Census 5 April
1891 RG12/3305 f 134 p35 Sched 230 Oldham
at 121 Coppice St: William J Whaite Head 47 Tinplate
Worker b Man Lancs, Mary E Whaite wife 37 b Holywell Flintshire, Louisa
Tattersall sister Widow 39 Cotton ?? b Hyde Cheshire [ = Lydia b c 1849 Hyde
2.6.7  below], Fred North Lodger Single 27 Shoe Maker b Huddersfield Yks, Edwin
Schofield Boarder Single 44 Cotton Waste Dealer b Lancs Oldham

Louisa Ann [Lydia Census 1851 Cheshire]
b 26 Jul 1848 entry 128 at Clarendon Place Hyde reg
Sep qtr 1848 Stockport 19.264* Residence 61 Shaw St m by License as Louisa
17 May 1877 entry 65 St Marys RC Chapel Shaw St Oldham (Witnesses: J
Whaite, Eliza Evans) reg June qtr 1877 Oldham 8d.910* James TATTERSALL
Residence 15 Sarah Moor b c 1846 [[F James deceased Coal Miner] Painter? d pre
1891 Census

Census 4 April
1881 RG11/4068 f 18 p29 Sched 157
Oldham at 61 Shaw St: James Tattersall Head 34 b Oldham Painter,
Louisa A 31 Cotton Weaver b Hyde Lancs, Sarah Thwaite Mother in Law 74 b
Shropshire []

Census 7 June
Ancoats HO
107/576/7 MF 625 f 47 p40 Line 23 Ancoats
at Great Ancoats St:  Samuel
Whaite age 30 years Broker, Sarah age 30 years Not born  Lancs, George age 10
years, John age 7 years, Eliza age 5 years, Harriet age 3 years also George
Mosley age 15 years Cabinet Maker not born Lancs ? bp 26 Oct 1823 St Mary
Magdalene Bridgnorth Shrops IGI [F John M Catherine] witness marr 1855 George

Slaters 1841 Manchester Directory Samuel Spindle &
Fly Manufacturer 68 Great Ancoats St

Census 30
March 1851
HO 107/2154
f480 p2
Hyde Cheshire Ridling Lane: Samuel Whait 45 Spindlemaker b
Manchester, Sarah Whait wife age 43 b Ridgenorth Shrophsire, George son 19
Spindlemaker b Man, John son age 16 Piecer at Factory b Man, Esther dau 14
Weaver Cotton b Man, William son 8 Scholar b Man,Lydia dau 2 b Hyde Cheshire


Census 2 April
1871 RG10/4094 f 184 p45 Oldham below Town
at 43 Shaw St: Sarah Waite Head Widow 64 b
Bridgnorth Shropshire Housekeeper,William Waite son 27 Tinplate Worker, Louisa
Waite 22 dau Mill Operator b Hyde Lancs, Emily Ann Travis 13 Servant b Not


5.7 ex 4.2.9
Family of Septimus WHAITE and Mary Ann (Woodhead)

All baptisms
Manchester Cathedral

William Henry bp 2 Mar
1834 [F Painter] d 26 Dec 1834 Cause: Decline [M Mariann] bu 28 Dec 1834 entry
362* JSICC Ancoats age 10 mo late of Travis St NO ISSUE

Elizabeth b 24 Jan bp 14 Feb 1836 [F Artist] m (1) after Banns 5 Apr 1860
entry 498 St Johns Ch Manchester reg June Qtr 8d.454* (Witnesses: William
Boronas/Bownas, Lucy Boronas/Bownas) both living 184 Regent St Joseph BEARD
b c 1836 [Cs 1861] Butcher [F Alfred Beard Butcher] d pre 1880 FIND. Elizabeth Beard [in
index as Eliza Mayo] age
37 m (2) by Banns 21 Jan 1880 p2477* St Johns Manchester reg Mar
qtr 1880 Manchester 8d.214 *both signed and living 66 Quay St Brownlow Tribe
URNETT age 31 years Commission Agent b
c 1849 Gosport Hampshire ? d June qtr 1908 Lambeth London ? GET CERTin
attendance then of 3 Cornbrook Rd Hulme as B J Burnett brother in law death
1890 Henry 4 below; informant then of 7 Cornbrook Road Hulme death 1892 father
in law Septimus  [F
William Compton Barnett]

Census 7 April
1861 RG9/2891 f 22 p 39 Sched 253 Hulme Market St
at 24 Medlock St all births Manchester: Joseph
Beard  Head M 25 Light Porter, Elizabeth 24 wife Mantle Maker

Census 4 April
1881 RG11 3988 fol 114 p21 at 68 Quay St Manchester:
Brownlow T Burnett Head M 32 years b
Gosport Hampshire Decorator (Manager), Elizabeth wife M age 41 years b
Manchester together with Francis Power & William Stanley Actress &
Comedian Note: there are many theatical people in this street

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3388 f 126 p53 Sched 279 Birkenhead
: Brownlow Burnett Head 54 b Gosport Hampshire
Proprietor Travelling Show, Elizabeth  58 b Manchester, Ernest Whaite 18  Man
Servant b Manchester ?? Dec qtr 1882 Chorlton 8c.845 as Ernest James S GET CERT

John b 5 Jan 1838 reg Mar qtr 1838 Manchester
20.445 bp 13 Apr 1838 JSICC Ancoats F of Green Heys d 2 Nov 1892 reg Dec 1892
Barton I 8c.438 age 53 bu Weaste Mun Cem 5/1 1667 B1 with parents, dau Ada and
brother Henry; witness marr 1866 sister Mary Emma 5 below; Artist m after Banns 29 Jan
1861 entry 403*
Manchester Cathedral (Witnesses: William Watts/Platts, Mary Kelly) reg Mar qtr
1861 Manchester 8d.191* Lucy (Beard) of 34 Moulton St Hulme b ?
Dec qtr 1839 Manchester 20.552 [F Alfred Beard Butcher] d 19 Feb 1881 entry
20 at 250 Deansgate SD Deansgate Cause: Bronchitis one month, Pneumonia reg Mar qtr 1881 Manchester 8d.171* age 40 years wife of
John Whaite Scenic Artist original cert had as informant Brownlow E Burnett
sister in law of 68 Quay St, but Column 7 corrected 14 Jul 1881 by W Thomason
Registrar in presence of John Whaite Widower of deceased see 3.11  

Henry b end Nov 1840
bp 27 Jul 1842 [age 20 months F Painter] d 13 Feb 1890 Royal Infirmary
Manchester entry 79 reg Mar Qtr 1890 Manchester 8d.204* Cause:Lympho Sarcoma of
Mediastinal glands and right lung, Pericarditis Asphyxia age 49 years bu
Weastre Mun Cem 5/1 1667 B1 with parents, brother John and niece Ada; J Burnett
Brother in law present at death Gilder (Journeyman) at The Lodge Childrens
Hospital Pendlebury 28 Feb 1890 Admin of Personal estate granted to Septimus
Whaite of 7 Cornbrook Road Hulme Artist Father and Next of Kin Personal Estate
c 1011 pounds. NO ISSUE

HCWP HPB4/4 Henry
had been travelling all over the world with Holdens Marionettes. He contracted
a fever in South Africa which brought on the tumour. Left 2 or 3 thousand
pounds principally to his father [wrong ! only just over 1 thousand pounds

Mary Emma bp 28 May 1843 [F Artist] ?? reg June qtr
1843 Chorlton 20.171 Residence 32 Erskine St Hulme m (1)  after Banns 2 June 1866 Cathedral &
Parish Church entry 326 reg June qtr Manchester 8d.400* (Witnesses: John
Whaite [3 above], M E Davies ) John BLOWER Residence Chorlton cum Hardy
age 27 years b c 1832/1839 MC Manchester Widower [F William
Labourer] d pre 1871 Cs. John Blower m (1) ? Dec qtr 1852 Bolton 8c.363
Margaret Gerrard/Lucy Lindley / GET CERT. Mary Blower m (2) pre 1871 Cs John

James William b 8 Jan reg Mar qtr 1854 Salford 8d.85 bp
2 Jul 1854 [F Artist of
Salford] Executor will father Probate 1892 FIND DEATH ? 1891-1901 Informant
living 187 Tamworth St Stretford death 1896 wife Cooper m 9 Apr 1879 entry 91
June Qrtr Holy Trinity Hulme reg June qtr 1879 Chorlton 8c.790* (Witnesses:
Joseph Greenhalgh, Jane McLean) both of 36 Vine St Alice (McLean)
b c 1855 Preston [F Henry Thomas Mechanic] d 15 June qtr 1896 entry 143 Royal
Infirmary Manchester reg June qtr 1896 8d.192a* wife of James Whaite Scene
Painter (Journeyman) of 187 Tamworth St Stretford Cause: Strangulated Hernia,
Herniotomy, Shock and Exhaustion age 43 years Informant M Goldsmith present at
death see 3.12

7. Frederick b 24 Mar 1846 entry 493 at 22 Boundary Lane SD Hulme [F Painter] reg Mar qtr 1846 Chorlton 20.329* Informant Father Septimus

Pigots Painter 32
Travis St, 1861 Slaters M & S 23 Great Bridgewater St, 1869
Artist 7 Cornbrook Place Cornbrook Rd Hulme, 1871-2 Artist in Oil
Colours 7 Cornbrook Place

Census 7 June
1841 HO 107/583/17 p36 Line 15 Hulme
at 22 Boundary Lane: Septimus Whaite 30 Painter,
Mary 25, Elizabeth 5, John 3, Henry 6 months All born in County

FIND Census 1851

Census 7 April
RG9/2942 ed 26
Deansgate at 23 Great Bridgewater St Septimus Artist age 53 years, Mary
Ann age 47 years, Henry age 20 years Builder, James age 7 years, Mary E age 17

 FIND Cs 1871
Elizabeth 35 Joseph Beard 32

HCWP HPB4/1 dated
3 Apr 1870 Septimus in Dublin working for Mr De Arc at an Exhibition ? at

Census 2 April
RG10/4001 f 34 p
Sched 35 Hulme at 7 Cornbrook Place Septimus Widower age 65 years,
Harry age 28 years Gilder, James age 15 years, Mary Beard dau Marr age 34 years
, John Beard Son in Law Marr age 39 years Butcher, Mark Alberts 30

Census 4 April
1881 RG11 3931/101 p 41
at 7 Cornbrook Rd Septimus Waite age 74 years Scenic Advert (Printer) Romana
Inn at 10 Cornbrook Road

Census 5 April
RG12/3195 p27 f
Hulme at 7 Cornbrook Road: Septimus Widower age 83 years

Municipal Cem Monumental Inscriptions
5/1 1667 B1 Septimus age 84 years, Mary Ann 41/47
years, John 53 years, Henry 49 years also Ada 18 months dau of John and Lucy


5.8 ex 4.2.11
Family of Elizabeth (Whaite) and Reginald John RICHARDSON

All baptisms
Manchester Cathedral [IGI]

Thomas bp 12 Feb 1834

John Geoffrey bp 20
Nov 1836

Alfred bp 3 June 1838

Frances b 26 Feb 1851
Salford bp 7 Dec 1851 MC HCWP HPB5/6 letter 29 Dec 1910 at Rose Cottage Burton
Joyce near Nottingham [postcard picture of Rose Cottage enclosed]

FIND 1841 Cs
Reginald John Richardson 33 wife Elizabeth29 ? Thomas7 John5 Alfred 3 all b

FIND 1851 Cs
Reginald 43 Elizabeth 39 ? Frances? mths


5.9 ex 4.2.12
Family of Frances (Whaite) and William WIGNALL

Most baptisms
Manchester Cathedral [IGI]

Elizabeth bp 14 Sep
1835 St Peter Liverpool 

Harriet bp 25 Apr 1836
St Peter Liverpool 

Julia bp 25 Apr 1836
St Peter Liverpool 

James bp 23 Jul 1837

John b as Whaite 30
Jan 1838 entry 200 Boad St reg Mar qtr SD London Road Manchester
20.445* ???[F Septimus Painter M Francis Whaite nee Wignall]

Mary Emma bp 31 Jul

Thomas bp 31 Jul 1842 

Mary Alice bp 27 Dec

John James b c 1854
letter to HCW FIND REF 26 June 1911 says living Elsnick near Kirkham Lancs 57
years old and one of Aunt Fanny's sons of Rochdale Road

FIND Cs 1841 ?
liverpool Wignall William b ? Chorlton ? 31 Frances 29 b Man elizabeth  6 
Harriet 5 Julia 5 James 4 John 3

FIND Cs 1851
Wignall Wm 41 Frances 39 extra children Mary Emma 9 Thomas 9 Mary Alice 7

FIND  Cs 1861
Wignall Wm 51 Frances 49 extra child John James   7





6.1 ex 5.1.1
Family of Thomas George WHAITE and Elizabeth Ellen (Du Val)

All baptisms
Manchester Cathedral FIND BIRTH REFS

Lilian b 15 Feb 1867
bp 2 May 1867 reg ?? qtr 1867 Chorlton 8e.631

Henrietta Padmore  b 20 Feb 1869 bp 19 Mar 1869 m 1895 ?
California USA Robert SPOONER b Mar 1869 Canada [F Unknown M b
Ireland] see 4.1

Rene male b 12 June 1872 [Death Notice] reg
Sep Qtr 1871 Manchester 8d.377 d 25 Jul 1941 California USA arrived USA 1889
[1910 census] known as George Rene "Ask/Art American Blue Book m 1893 ?
USA [1910 Census] Charlotte ? (Reynolds) [1901 Census] see 4.2

Mina b Dec Qtr 1875
Salford 8d.064 ? is this Janie Census California 1900 says born Nov 1872 age 25
years arrived USA 1892

Directory of Manchester and Salford 1871-2
T G Whaite Artist & Photographer (C A Duval
& Co) Calderbank Prestwich Residence Stretford

Census 2 April
1871 RG 10/4067 f 150a p 20 Prestwich
Myrtle Bank all born Manchester: Thomas G Photographer
age 36 years, Elizabeth E wife age 26 years, Lilian dau age 4 years, Henrietta
Padmore dau age 2 years.Also Father Thomas Wid Artist age 74 years [1.2] Ann
Brailsford 21 Domestic Servant b Chesterfield Derbys, Emily Lymer 22 Dom
Servant b Bridgewater Somerset

Census 4 April
1881 RG11/0062 f 86 p6 Sched 26 SD St Pauls Hammersmith Fulham Mdx 
 at Rose Villa All born Manchester:
Thomas G Marr age 46 Photographer, Lilian dau age 14,Henrietta dau age 12, Rene
male age 9, Mina dau age 5 with Mary E Summer Servant age 24 b Burton Joyce

Census 5 April
1891 RG 12/4292 F 25 p2 Stanwix Carlisle Northumberland
at 6 Etterby St: All births Manchester
Whaite Thomas G Head Widower age 57 Photographer, Lilian S dau age 24 Artist
Painter, Henrietta P dau Single age 22 Artist Painter, Rene son Single age 19
Artist Painter, Mina dau age 14

HCWP HPB5/6 24
June 1910 from Rene Whaite San Francisco Chief artist and general manager for
Terkelson & Henry. Has wife and 1 girl b 1897 1 girl b 1894.
"Nettie" lives in Riverside has husband and 1 dau. "Dux"??
also there but will return to mother in Copenhagen in a few months FIND US


6.2 ex 5.3.5 Family of Thomas
Moore Whaite and
Harriet/t Ann? (Welling/s)


John Aspatria b as Waite 26  Feb 1857 entry 169 at Aspatria SD Abbey Holme
reg Mar qtr 1857 Wigton Cumberland
10b.415* [F Painter] Informant Mother living Wigton

Albert John b 26 Feb 1859 bp 17 Mar 1867* Manchester
Cathedral (PR) [F Painter] d ?? 2 Feb 1888 entry 390 at Flixton Road
Flixton SD Stretford reg Mar qtr 1888 Barton I 8c.437* Cause: Diphtheria 3 days
Informant Alice Maria Clinton present of Flixton Road Flixton [F Thomas Sign
Writer] Coach Driver m as Albert after Banns 24 November 1884 entry 177 St Pauls
Paddington reg Dec qtr 1884 Salford 8d.47* (Witnesses: James Christie, Jane
Moss X her mark) Residence both Turner St Eliza (Rowlands) b ? Sep qtr
1862 Chester 8a.67 Cheshire see 4.3

Mary Ann "Annie"
b 2 Sep ?1859/60 Ireland [Cs 1871] bp 16 Oct 1861 Manchester
Cathedral (PR) [F Painter] [Annie 1881 Census] m as Mary Ann Eliza age 25
years   Dressmaker
Residence 59 Little Lever St Ancoats m by Certificate 6 Oct 1887 entry 22 St
Augustines RC reg Dec qtr 1887 Manchester 8d.421* (Witnesses: George
Mickleburgh, Ellen Judge) John Francis WATMOUGH Residence 45 Burke St
Brook St age 21 years b c 1866 Plumber [F John Watmough Plumber] see 4.4

Harriet Ann b Sep 1863 d 9 Jul
1864 entry 476* at 9 Dale St Redbank SD Market St reg sep qtr 1864 Manchester
8d.161 Cause: Dentition and Convulsions [F Artist] present at death Harriet Ann
mother NO ISSUE

Thomas Edward Bunting b 22 June 1865 entry 197 at 9
Dale St reg 3 Aug 1865 SD Market St reg Sep qtr 8d.214* Manchester bp 11 Mar 1866 Manchester
Cathedral [M
Hannah] Informant
then living at 105 Layton St Blackpool death 1899 mother Lithographic Artist
Residence 34 Stanley Grove m after Banns as Thomas 12 May 1894 entry 24 St
Johns Longsight reg June qtr 1894 Chorlton 8c.1113* (Witnesses: James Arthur
Handley, Edith Handley) Mary Jane (Thorp) Residence 70
Shakespeare St Chorlton on Medlock age 28 years FIND[F John deceased
Shopkeeper] see 4.5

William b 15 Jul 1867
entry 488 at 9 Dale St Redbank SD Market Street reg Sep qtr 1867 Manchester
8d.241* [Father Artist/Painter] FIND M D  

John [as J Henry Cs
1891] b 20 June 1869 entry 1649 at
9 Dale St  Redbank SD Market St [F Thomas Painter (Artist)] reg Sep qtr 1869
Manchester 8d.225* FIND M D

Census 7 April
1861 RG9/2948 f 108 p ?22

Sched 213 Manchester St Clements: at 20 Dean St: Thomas Whaite Head 29
Painter b Manchester, Harriett wife 22 b Salop Oswestry, Albert son 4 b
Cumberland Aspatria, Mary dau 3 b Ireland. ?? son Albert 1 b Cumberland also
with grandfather John and aunt Eliza at 44 Stocks St Manchester [2.3]

Census 2 April 1871 RG10/4044 f 27a Redbank at 17 Dale St: Harriet Head wife age 30 years
Mantlemaker b Shropshire, Albert T son age 14 years b Cumberland, Mary H dau
age 12 b Ireland, Thomas son age 6 years b Manchester, William age 3 b Man,
John age 21 months b Jul 1869 Man

Census 4 April 1881 RG11/3991 f 8 p11
at 119 Redbank Road: Harriett
Ann wife (Head) age 42 b Wales Mantle Maker, Annie dau UnM age 20 b Ireland Dressmaker,
Thomas son  FIND 1881 CS 16 b Manchester Pawnbrokers Asst, William age
14 b Man scholar, John age
11 b Man Scholar

Slaters Man
Dir 1891
Harriet Ann
Whaite Victoria Terrace 119 Redbank Road Dressmaker  Census 1891 RG12/3241 f
78 p 9 Manchester
at 119 Redbank Road: Harriet Whaite Head Widow 55
Dressmaker b Oswestry, William Whaite Single 21 b Man Van Driver, John Henry
Whaite Single 22 Slipper Maker b Man 


6.3 ex 5.3.9 Family of Eliza (Whaite)
and Charles BILLINGTON

All births at
Manchester Cs 1881 FIND BIRTHS

James Edward b c 1864 Ticket Writer Residence 58 Stock
St m by Cetificate 21 Dec 1892 entry 123 Register Office Chorlton reg Dec qtr
1892 Chorlton 8c.1372* (Witnesses: Frederick Montrose, Elizabeth Dingle) Sarah
(Dingle) Residence 43 ? Jucie Grove Chorlton upon Medlock b c 1874 [F
John deceased Warehouseman] see 4.6

Charles Henry b c 1866

Frederick b c 1868 ? b
Mar qtr 1867 Manchester 8d.233 alive Census 1901

Ann Jane b c 1870

1872 Nov 26 Eliza Billington Machinist of 60 Stocks
St Cheetham Hill Road was granted administration of Estate of father John
Whaite. Effects under 200 pounds and no Leaseholds

Census 2 April
1871 RG10/4044 p30 Sched 162 Manchester Collegiate
at 60 Stock Street All born Manchester: In
house of John Whaite Head Widower 69 Scenic Artist Charles Billington  Son in
Law 30 Machine Fitter, Eliza dau 31, Edward J Grandson 7, Charles H Grandson 5,
Frederick Grandson 4 Ann J Granddau 21 mths

Census 4 April
1881 RG11/3991 f22 p40 Manchester
at 58 Stock St. Most births Manchester Eliza Billington Widow age 35,
James E son UnM age 17 Ticket writer (apprentice), Chas Henry son age 15
Copying Clerk (Merchant Shipping), Frederick son age 13 Office Boy (Brewers),
Ann Jane dau age 11, Charles Plummer Boarder UnM age 32 b Sth Sydneyham Devon
Paper Makers Clerk

FIND Cs 1891
ElizaBillington 45  charles Henry 25 Fred 23 Ann Jane 21

Census 4 April
1901 RG13/3769 no f p24 Sched 141 Manchester Cheetham
at 3 Archer St: Eliza Billington Head
Widow 60 b Man, Frederick son 34 Potted Meat Agent Worker b Man


6.4 ex 5.4.1
Family of Henry Clarence WHAITE and Jane Alice (Griffith)

Lily Florence b June Qtr 1876 Kensington 1a.145 d as
Roberts ? 1959 FIND Artist exhibited RA 1898 " Poppies" then living
Conway Wales; Executrix and beneficary as L F Harries will Father dated 4 Mar
1908 and probated 3 September 1912 at Bagnor Residence Par of St Luke Hampstead
m (1) by License 16 May 1904 entry 38 St Lukes Hampstead reg June qtr
1904 Hampstead 1a.1399* (Witnesses: Henry Clarence Whaite, Charles Frederick
Slocombe) John HARRIES Residence & Vicar of Llanaehairn
Caernarvon Wales Clerk in Holy Orders [F John Harries Farmer] b c 1862 d 24 Aug
1904 entry 19 at Rectory LLanaelhaiarn SD Criccieth reg Sep qtr 1904 Pwllheli
11b.242* Cause: Cancer of Prostrate Gland 4 months age 47 years Clerk in Holy
Orders Informant then living Tyddn Cynal Conway Mother in Law J A Whaite  NO
ISSUE. Lily Florence Harries Widow 38 Residence Tyddyn Cynal m by
Licanse (2) 2 June 1914 Bagnor Church Conway reg June qtr 1914 11b.83*
(Witnesses: Harold Stewart Rathbone, Frances Maude Tetlow) John Vaughan
Residence Bryn Conway age 43 ? b Dec qtr 1870 Conway 11b.511
Gentleman [F William Roberts Gentleman]  see 4.7

Census 4 April
RG11 0048 F83 p
London at 20 Hereford Square Kensington as visitors in
household of  Robert Collinson Artist Figure Painter : Henry C age 52 years
Artist Landscape Painter b Manchester, Jane A age 41 years b Caenarvon Wales,
Lilly F age 4 years b Kensington 

FIND Cs 1891
Henry C ? as H 62 Jane A 41 Lily 14

Census 31 Mar
1901 RG13/5287 no f p16 Sched 80 Conway Par Llechwedd
at Tyddyn Cynnal: Jane Alice Whaite M wife
65, Lily F dau Single 24 Artist On Own Account b London, George Hughes Servant
Single 18 Gardener Domestic Worker

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/19 f88 p28 Sched 128 London Kensington Queens Gate St Marys
at 12 Victoria
Grove: H C Whaite Head M 73 Artist b Manchester Artist On Own Account, J H
Cannock Boarder 17 Single Head Stableman b Hackney London, Thomas J reynolds
Lodger 65 Builders foreman b London Pimlico, Eliza Reynolds Lodger 62
Housekeeper b Lambeth

6.5 ex 5.4.3 Family of George Augustus WHAITE and Alice

All baptisms
Manchester Cathedral

Amy Florence b May
1862 reg June qtr 1862 Barton Island 8c.539 d 19 Oct 1862 reg Dec qtr 1862
Barton 8c.325 age 5 months  bu Sale Cem Grave 1737 NO ISSUE

William Henry b 7 Apr bp
7 Nov 1856 left 1 Jul 1874 to go to USA to Sugar Plantation at Soquel run by
John & Mary Mathews [Alice's sister]  HCWP REF Ancestry.comsays
"William Henry Whaite b 1856 arrived New York 12 Jul 1876 on
"Scythia" from Liverpool England & Queenstown Ireland" d 29
Jul 1878 Soquel Santa Cruz California Buried Sale ? Grave 1737 FIND DETAILS

Herbert Alfred b
Stretford b 13 Jan 1857 Stretford  bp 13 Jan 1860 [F Printseller]  d Oct 1899
reg Dec qtr 1899 Chorlton 8c.477 bu Sale Cem Grave 1737 age 41 years unmarried

Directory 1858
George Augustus Carver & Gilder 5 York Terrace
Chester Rd Cornbrook

Census 7 April 1861 RG9/2866
f13 p22 Sched 105
Stretford at 3 York Terrace all
births Manchester: George Whaite M aged 30  print letter carver and
gilder, Alice wife age 28 ,William son age 5, ? C=A Herbert son age 3,
Elizabeth Bartuff 22

Census 2 April 1871 RG10 3972/14 p21 Chester Road Cornbrook at 5
York Terrace
: ? Gertrude Whaite Head
Widow Interest in Fine Art repository b Hulme Manchester, William K Whaite son
UnM 14 years b Stretford,Herbert A UnM 13 years b Stretford, Ellen Smith age 12
years Dom Servant b Hulme

Census 4 April 1881 RG11 3883 f 29 p 52 Stretford at 5 York Terrace: Alice Whaite Head Widow 49 years Herbert A son UnM
age 23 b Stretford Cashier

Census 5 April 1891 RG12 3161/3 fol 126a p 12 Whittington
Christchurch Stretford at 98 Clyde Road
most births Manchester: Alice Whaite Head Widow age 53 Living on own
Means, Harriet ? Mathews sister Widow age 57 years Living on own Means, Clara
sister UnM age 45 years, Herbert A son UnM age 33 years Picture Dealer, Fanny
Robinson UnM age 35 years Gen Servant b Salford

Census 31 March 1901
RG13/3669 f163 p 17 Sched 102 Didsbury

at 98 Clyde Road: Alice Whaite 68 Living on Own Means b Man Lancs, Clara Pike
Single 64 sister Living on Own Means b Man Lancs, Kate Manion Servant 31 b
Northwich Cheshire

HCWP HPB5/6 letter 2 Apr
1905 Alice Whaite at 98 Clyde Road Didsbury

3.6 ex 2.4.3 Family of Lorimer Edward WHAITE and Editha
Josephine (Ansdell)

Frances Maude b March Qrtr 1863 Cheltenham Gls 6a.414 
[Rita Ellis says b 13 May] d 26 Apr 1934 reg June qtr 1934 ? Bucklow ? SW
Attrincham Ref FIND age 70 years bu Sale Cem Grave 6015 Pink Church Witness m
1884 stepmother; Left 200 pounds to be paid at age of 20 years will of father
22 Dec 1896; witness marr (2) 1914 Lily F Harries [3.4.1] Residence 5 Claremont
Road Moss Side Chorlton m by Certificate 15 Jan 1885 Union Congreg Chapel Edge
Lane Stretford reg Mar Qtr 1885 Barton I 8c.693*  (Witnesses: F A Whaite, Ann
Baker) William Henry TETLOW Residence 3 Derby Terrace Chester Road
Stretford b Sep qtr 1856 8d.464 Oldham Warehouseman, Silk Salesman [F Thomas
Tetlow Gentleman] d Laurel Lodge Washway Road Ashton on Mersey UDC reg June qtr
1930 ? Bucklow ref FIND age 74 years Sale bu 19 Apr 19 1930 Sale Miniser Rev H
F/A James age 74 years Grave 6015 Pink C of E see 4.8

Census 1871
RG10/3721 f47 p3 Sched 9 Chester
in household of Charles H G Canham 34: Edith Whaite 26 Visitor, Maude
Whaite 7 Visitor

Census 4 April
1881 RG11/3939 f 74 p3
Claremont Rd Moss Side:
Edith J  Whaite widow age 35 [should be 41] years b
Northwich Ches, Charlotte E Ansdell Unm Bookkeeper age 39 years b Northwich
Ches witness marr 1861 sister Editha J, Frances M Whaite age 17 years Art
Student b Cheltenham Glos

Census 4 April
1881 RG12/3938 f 40 p 14 Moss Side
at 15 Upper Hulton Street all births   Oldham: Thos Tetlow Head 58 C
Mill Manager Unemployed, Alice wife 57, Wm H son 24 Warehouseman (Silk)

HCWP HPB5/6 29
Jan 1905 Maude Tetlow at The Willows, Urmstone Lane Stretford; 23 Aug 1906 new
home Kensal Cell, Kensall


6.7 ex 5.5.1
Family of John WHAITE and Elizabeth Ann (Boyd/e)

For details see
Part Five

MOved from front page (doug) check mum


Sixth Generation
6.8 ex 5.5.4 Family of George WHAITE and Anne (Fisher

Probable child
1. ? John Harry "Harry" b c 1855 Manchester [DC 1931] / c 1859 Burnley 1881 Cs d 22 Mar 1931.2233* entry 448 Ashton Park NSW Australia Cause: Cyanide Poisoning Self Administered while temporarily mentally deranged Inquest 10 Apr 1931 crem 25 Mar 1931 Rookwood Informant Eric L Morris brother-in-law "Oxley" Tamworth Retired Scenic Artist Probate 57774 of 1 June 1931 living 17 Park Pde Bondi.Sands Sydney Directory has entry 1897 at 23 Crown St as Henry Artist.Death Notice Sydney Morning Herald 24 March 1931 "Death (suddenly) at Mosman of Harry Whaite, beloved husband of DC Whaite of 15 Park Pde Bondi Funeral Notice Wednesdays paper". Funeral Notice SMH 25 Mar 1931 "Funeral will take place 9.30am at Wood Coffil, then proceed to Rookwood Crem by road" another notice "Members of UOF Gladstone Lodge 157 and of sister lodges are invited to attend funeral of brother Harry Whaite at Wood Coffill ." As Harold Waite on DC Alice Meagher below & Alice (Blakeney) b 31 May 1859 Cleveland St Staffs reg Sep Qtr 1859 Wolverhampton 6b.574* no record of m 3 Feb 1879 St Johns Church Wolverhampton Staffs [age 15 years DC 1942]; shown as Alicia Bool on MC son Frederick 1911; Alicia Boule DC son Frederick 1964 see 7.9
Census 1881 RG11 2826 f 110 p 14 Walsall Foreign Staffs at 97 Hatherton St Hawkins Court Henry Waite Artist PR age 22 years b Burnley, Alice wife age 21 years b Wolverhampton.
Passenger List "S S Kildare": Harry Whaite Labourer 23 & Alice [Mrs Whaite] 21 Steerage Destination Melbourne arrived 22 Dec 1884
Alice d as Meagher 1 Dec 1942.1892* Public Hospital Christchurch Cause: Malignant Cachesia Carcinoma Cervix 12 months age 81 years bu 3 Dec 1942 Bromley Cem New Brighton NZ Block 1A Row F No 94 Headstone says " Alice wife of Michael P J Meagher d 1 Dec 1942" Actress m as Blakeney by License 8 Oct 1891.8306* United Methodist Free Ch 215 George St Fitzroy Vic age 28 years (Witnesses: Alicia Turner, Hannah Smith) both of Fitzroy Michael Patrick John MEAGHER age 29 years b 1857 - 1862 Cork Ireland commonly known as MPJ Maher d 7 Apr 1946 .444* Nazareth House Brougham St C'church NZ Cause: Myocarditis 3 weeks age 89 years bu 9 Apr RC Cem Bromley NZ Actor 1891, Labourer NO ISSUE
?? Michael J P arrived Melbourne Vic Dec 1886 on "Austral" Fiche 476.5/16 Unassisted Shipping. Both went to NZ c 1896. Wise's Post Office Directory Christchurch NZ 1933 Alice Meagher Dealer, 1935 Michael Shop Assist and Alice Meagher both living 6 Ferry St Sydenham, 1938 both living 64 Coleridge St Sydenham, 1943 Michael Meagher living 64 Coleridge St Sydenham

6.8 ex 5.5.4 Family of George WHAITE and Anne (Fisher) -
those known

?? John Harry
"Harry" b c 1855 Manchester [DC 1931]/c 1859 Burnley 1881 Cs d 22 Mar
1931.2233* Ashton Park NSW Australia;as Harold Waite on DC Alice Meagher [see
whaite.austr.doc] & Alice (Blakeney) b 31 May 1859 Cleveland St
Staffs reg Sep Qtr 1859 Wolverhampton 6b.574* no record of m 3 Feb 1879 St
Johns Church Wolverhampton Staffs [marr age 15 years DC 1942] see 7.10

Census 4
April 1881
RG11 2826 f 110 p 14 Walsall Foreign Staffs at 97 Hatherton St Hawkins
Waite Artist PR age 22 years b Burnley, Alice wife age 21 years b Wolverhampton
shown as Alicia Bool on MC son Frederick 1911; Alicia Boule DC son 1964

Both arrived as
Whaite Melbourne Vic on 22 Dec 1884 Third Class on "SS Kildare"

Samuel John b 6 Dec 1855 entry 363 Hill St SD
Dukinfield reg Dec qtr RD Ashton under Lynne 8d.383* Informant mother [nee
Harris] F Spindle Finisher Mechanic FIND D Residence 13 Coalclough Lane m by
Certificate 12 Feb 1876* Holy Trinity Habergham Eaves reg Mar Qtr 1876 Burnley
8e.328 District Burnley ( Witnesses: James Kay, Elizabeth Thompson) Isabella
Hall Thompson
Residence 14 Richmond Hill b Sep qtr 1857 Accringon reg
Haslingden 8e.129 [F Robert Shoemaker] see 4.10. Isabella Hall Whaite
Residence 16 Brown St Burnley Cotton Weaver [F Robert Thompson deceased Shoe
maker] m (2) by Certificate 23 May 1887 Burnley Registry Office entry
145 reg June Qtr Burnley  8e.384* (Witnesses: Edward Harris, Marion Peyton) Elijah
Residence 21 Lion St Habergham Eaves b June qtr 1852 Blackburn 8e.2?/Mar
qtr 1857 Burnley 8e.184 [1847MC] Gas Fitter [F Thomas Marsden deceased]

FIND CS1881 Samuel/John b 1856 Dukinfield
Cheshire Isabella ? hall b 1858

Census 5 April
1891 RG12/3370 f 93 p 39 Burnley:
at 31 Duckell Terrace Habergham Eaves: Elijah Marsden Head 34 Plumber b
Padiham,Isabella H wife 30 Weaver Cotton b Accrington Lancs

Sarah b 17 Feb 1858 Hill St Dukinfield reg Mar
qtr 1858.8d.407* Ashton [M Anne nee Harris] ? bp 23 Sep 1860 St Michaels Ashton
under Lyne Residence 13/5 Coal Clough Lane Habergham Eaves Cotton Weaver m 26
Mar entry 79 Westgate Chapel Independent reg Mar Qtr 1880 Burnley 8e.355*
(Witnesses: Thomas Bostock, Fanny Catlow) Thomas CATLOW Residence 39
Rowley St H E b? Burnley Sep qtr 8e.203/Sep qtr 8e.151/ Dec qtr 1861 8e.179
1860 Loom Tacker [F Richard Catlow Loom Tacker] see 4.11

Elizabeth Hyde b 29 Apr 1860 Tame Valley bp as Waite 23
Sep 1860 St Michaels Ashton under Lyne [F Spindlemaker] reg as Whaite June Qtr
1860 8d.415* Duckinfield RD Ashton under Lyne [M nee Rutter] d as E Hyde 17 Nov
1938 entry 220 at 16 Greta Crescent Blackpool reg Dec qtr North Blackpool FIND
Cause: 1a. Chronic Senile Myocarditis b. Arterio Sclerosis wife of Benjamin
Hall Journeyman House Decorator (retired) Informant Benjamin Hall widower of
deceased present at death m as Lockett Widow Residence Coal Clough Lane
Habergham Eaves [F Photographer] by Certificate 2 Jan 1892 Registry Office
Burnely reg Mar qtr 1892 Burnley 8e.326* Benjamin HALL Residence 56
Tentre St Burnley b 16 Sep bp 30 Sep 1866 Wellington Shrops d 1955
Burnley House Painter [F Thomas deceased Master House Painter] Soldier serving
in Crimea 1891 see 4.12

Septimus b c 25 Oct
1863 reg Dec qtr 1863 Ashton 8d.404 GET CERT d 24 Feb 1864 Birch Lane SD
Duckinfield entry 127 reg Mar qtr 1864 RD Ashton Cheshire 8d.390* Cause:
Pneumonia age 4 months George Whaite Spindlemaker present at death

Census 7 April
1861 RG9/2994 ed 19 f 81a p14
Dukinfield Cheshire Tame Valley: George Head age 29 years
Spindle Maker b Manchester, Ann wife age 33 b Worcs Stourport, Samuel John son
age 5 years b Dukinfield, Sarah dau age 3 years b Dukinfield, Elizabeth Hyde
dau age 11 months b Dukinfield

Census 2 April
1871 RG10/4033 F 68 p 19 Sched 96
Manchester New Cross Ancoats at No 13 Passage all born Man:
Grace Taylor Head W 58 Housekeeper, Daniel Taylor son UnM 26 Spindle Maker,
Isaac Nally Boarder M 24 Moulder, Elizabeth Whaite 10 b Duckarfield [index],
Duckenfield [Census Image] Visitor Scholar

Census 5 April
1891 RG12/3367 f 119 p 15 Sched 86 Habergham
Eaves at 39 Rowley Street Elizabeth H Whaite
sister in law 28 b Manchester in family of Thomas Catlow [4.10] Head 31 Cotton
Overlocker b Burnley


6.9 ex
Family of George WHAITE and Mary Hannah (Bowker)

Clarence Howarth
reg Sep Qtr 1871.8e.236 Burnley Weaver Residence Habergham m after Banns 31 Jul
1897 entry 305 Par Ch Brierfield reg Sep qtr 1897 Burnley 8e.315* (Witnesses:
James Bowker Whaite, Martha Riley) Mary Ann (Foster) Residence
Brierfield b Mar qtr 1873 Lancaster 8e.107 Cardroom Hand see 7.13

James reg June
qtr 1874 8e.221 Burnley witness as J Bowker m 1897 Clarence H 1 above; witness
as J Bowker m 1900 Fred 5 below; Weaver Residence 11 Victoria St Padiham m as
James Bowker after Banns 2 Sep 1897 entry 95 St Matthews Ch Burnley reg Sep qtr
1897 Burnley 8e.402* (Witnesses: Fred Whaite, Amelia Riley) Martha Jane (Riley)
Weaver Residence 129 Manchester Road Burnley b June 1875 Burnley 8e.221 Burnley
Cotton Hand [F Robert Riley Weaver] Both witnesses marr 1897 Clarence 1 above
see 7.14

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3870 f 93 p90 Burnley St Paul at 76 Laithe St:
James Bowker Whaite Head M age 27
Insurance Agent, Martha J wife 25 Cotton Weaver b Burnley

Albert b 12 Mar
1875 entry 396 at 16 Coal Clough Lane Habergham Eaves reg June Qtr Burnley
1875.8e.207*  [M Hannah] d 17 May 1943 at 9 Thornber Grove SD Blackpool RD
Fylde June qtr 1943 8e.690* Cause: Myocardial Disease age 68 years Informant
son George Albert Whaite General Labourer, Motor Coach Driver,Tram Driver 1906
Residence 21 York St Blackpool m 5 Feb 1904 reg Mar qtr 1904 Preston 8e.835 [F
George Deceased Photographer] Mary Emma (Crook) Residence 45 Back Lane
Preston Confectioner (Asstnt) b 18 Dec 1875 at 27 Union St Leyland reg Mar qtr
1876 Chorley 8a.505 see 7.15  

? Mary Ann reg Sep Qtr 1876.8e.218 Burnley ? d
pre 1881 Census

Fred b Dec Qtr
1877.8e.223 Burnley d ? 1942 Cause: killed in accident with scooter in snow
ditch bu ? Spokane Washington USA Cotton Weaver; witness marr 1897 James B 2
above Residence 3 Bright St Padiham [F George deceased Tailor] m by Certificate
5 Apr 1900 entry 36 Thompson ? Ebenezer Meth Chapel Padiham reg June qtr 1900
Burnley 8e.553* (Witnesses: James Bowker Whaite, Louisa Clayton) Sarah Ellen
(Clayton) Residence 41 Caldwell St Padiham b c 1875 [F John Clayton
deceased Local Preacher Primitive Methodist] see 7.16

Elizabeth b ? d age 0 Mar Qtr 1878.8e.166
Burnley NO ISSUE

Census 2 April
1871 RG10/4149 ed 31 f 173a p34
at 16 Morpeth St Habergham Eaves in household of James Bowker 56
Tailor b Yks Gigglesworth George Whaite Son in Law Marr 34 Spindle Maker b
Manchester, Mary H  Whaite dau 27 b Yks Skipton, Sarah Whaite Boarder 13 Cotton
Weaver b Dukinfield Cheshire, with Walter H Bowker Grandson 9 b Yks Skipton

Census 4 April
1881 RG11/4151 f 44 p81 at 13 Coal Clough Habergham Eaves
Mary H Whaite Widow 37 Housekeeper b
Skipton Yks,Walter Bowker son Unmarr 19 Cotton Weaver b Skipton Yks, Clarence
son 9 b Burnley, James son 7 b Burnley, Albert son 3 b Burnley Frederic son 3 b

Census 5 April
1891 RG12/3368 f12 p18 Burnley Habergham Eaves at 6 Bucclough St
: Tattersall James Head 55 years b
Worsthorne Stone Mason, Tattersall Mary wife 45 years b Skipton Yks, Whaite
Clarence son Single 19 years Weaver b Burnley Lancs, Whaite James son 17 years
Weaver b Burnley Lancs, Whaite Albert son age 16 years Weaver b Burnley Lancs
Whaite Fred son age 15 years Weaver b Burnley Lancs

?? Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3871 f 129 p34 Sched 194 Burnley
Habergham Eaves: James Tattersall Head 73 b
Worsthorne Lancs, Dora CHECK WITH CENSUS Tattersall wife 59 years


6.10 ex 5.7.3 Family of John WHAITE and
Lucy (Beard)

Lilly b 12 Mar bp 25 June 1865
St Johns Manchester [F Artist 26 Chester Road] ? d Sep qtr 1885
Manchester 8d.164 age 20 ? NO ISSUE

Ada b 14 Sep 1866 bp 17 Mar
1867 St Johns Manchester [F John Artist 29 City Road] reg Dec qtr 1866
Chorlton 8a.722 d
23 Apr 1868 reg June qtr
1868 Chorlton 8c.404 age 1 year  bu Weaste Municipal Cem 5/1 1667 B! with
father,grandparents and uncle Henry NO ISSUE

Gertrude b 19 Sep 1868 bp 22
Jan 1869 Manchester Cathedral witness marr 1889 sister Rose below ?? m
June qtr 1893 Barton Island 8c.886 Ellis Jones/ Albert Powell

Rose bp 24 Apr 1870 St Johns Manchester [ F
Painter of Cornbrook Place] Residence 4 Henry St m after Banns 17 Apr 1889
entry 311 St Michaels Hulme reg June qtr 1889 Chorlton 8c.1065* (Witnesses:
John Green, Gertrude Whaite) Arthur Frederick GREEN Residence 137 City
Road b c 1865 [F Thomas deceased French Polisher]

Census 5 April
1891 RG12/3157 f 138 p 38 Sched 204
Stretford at 35 Oxford St: Green Arthur F
Head 28 Book keeper b Man, Rose wife 21 b Man

5. Florence b 7 Apr 1874 entry 265 at 5 Cornbrook Road Hulme [F Scenic Artist] reg June qtr 1872 Chorlton 8c.747 * Informant L Whaite Mother ? d Sep 1872 Chorlton 8c.747 NO ISSUE
6. Laura b 15 Jul 1874 entry 395 at 13 Atkinson St Deansgate reg Sep qtr 1874 Manchester 8d.213* Informant Mother Lucy Whaite [F Painter and Decorator] ? d Sep 1874 Manchester 8d.161 NO ISSUE

Dir Slaters M&S 1869
John Painter 39 City Rd Hulme

Slaters M & S 1872
John Jnr
Banner Printer 12 Cornbrook Rd Hulme


Census 2 April 1871 RG10/4036 ed 7 f 118 p14
Sched 56 & 57
Manchester Deansgate at 13
Atkinson St
all births Manchester John Head Artist age 32, Lucy wife age 31
years, Lilly dau age 6 years, Gertrude dau age 2? years, Rose dau age 1 year,
with Ellen A Jackson Unmarr General Servant age 20 years and Joseph Ratcliffe
Marr Boarder age 60 years Joiner 

Census 4 April 1881 RG11/4662 f32 p1  find sched at 33 Carlisle St Brightside
York : John Whaite age 42
years Lodger O R Wheel Tapper in house of E Deighton age 32 b Huntingdon  

FIND Cs 1881
John42 Lilly 16 Gertrude 12

FIND Cs 1891
Gertrude 23


6.11 ex 5.7.6 Family of James
William WHAITE and Alice (McLean)

Adeline Mary b 14 Jul
1879 entry 51 at 36 Wilmslow Road Rusholme SD Ardwick reg Sep qtr 1879 Chorlton
8c.702* [F Cooper] d 1928 bu Grave No Row No Phillips Park Cem Miles Platting Manchester see 7.18 m 5 Jul 1909 reg Sep qtr 1909 Chorlton 8c.1643 JOSEPH BUCKLEY b FIND d FIND

Charles Henry Clarence
b 10 Oct 1881 at 14 Hyde St Hulme reg Dec qtr 1881 Manchester 8c.796* Informant
Alice Mother [F Artist Landscape Painter] ? m as |Charles Henry Caroline Mar
qtr 1909 Barton Upon Irwell 8c.893 Mary Alice Edwards/ Elizabeth Batty

3. Ernest James Septimus b 31 Oct 1882 entry 154 at 14 Hyde St Hulme reg Dec qtr RD Chorlton 8c.845* [Father Artist Landscape Painter] Informant mother Alice

Gertrude Olive b 13
Nov 1885 bp 16 Dec 1885 St Michael Hulme [parents living 14 Hyde St Ardwick]
reg Dec Qtr 1885 Chorlton 8c.886 ? m Dec qtr 1908 Chorlton 8c.1300 ? John
Charles GALLEY

Edgar Brownlow bp 9
Feb 1887 St Michael Hulme [parents living 14 Hyde St Ardwick] reg Mar qtr 1887
Chorlton 8c.867 ? m June qtr 1912 Chorlton 8c.1655 Mary Worthington

Elizabeth Eva b Sep
qtr 1888 Chorlton 8c.896 ?? m Mar qtr 1909 Stockport 8a.61 ?? Abraham

Alice F b c 1890
Glasgow Cs 1901 ?? m Dec qtr 1915 Chorlton 8c.1985 George S HALL

John Albert b Dec qtr
1890 Barton I 8c.690

Harold bp 27 Sep 1893
St Michael Hulme [parents living 5 Clifford St F Scenic Artist] reg Dec qtr
1893 Barton Island 8c.696

Jane bp 14 Nov 1894 St
Michael Hulme [parents 137 Tamworth St Father Artist] reg Dec qtr 1894 Barton
upon Irwell 8c.727

Census 4 April
RG11/3887 f61 p
at 160 Cornbrook St Hulme: in household of Henry Thos McLean age 62
Fitter Engine b Manchester, wife Jane H age 59 b Westhouse Yks [witness marr
1879 dau Alice], James Whaite age 26 as Son (in Law) Artist in oil, Alice
Whaite age 26 b Preston, Adeline M niece age 1 b c 1880 Rusholme

FIND 1891 Cs
James 36 Alice 36 b Preston Adeline 12 Rusholme? dead Charles 10 Hulme Gertrude
Olive Hulme 6 Edgar B 5 Hulme Elizabeth E 3Chorlton Alice 1 b glasgow/Scotland
John A mths b Chorlton births may be Manchester

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3688 F117 p25 Gorton All Saints Town Hall at 67 Green St:
Charles H E Head Single Joiners (Carp)
Apprentice b Man, Edgar B brother 14 b Man, Elizabeth E sister 12 b Man, Alice
F sister 11 b Glasgow, John A brother 10 b Man, Minnie Bennett sister (?in law)
M 26 Housekeeper Domestic b Upper Norward Surrey, Marmaduke Bennett nephew 4 b
London Chelsea, Nellie W Bennett niece 5 months b Chelsea ?? Glos ? should be



7.1 ex 6.1.2
Family of Henrietta (Whaite) and Robert SPOONER

Kathleen b 7 Nov 1896
California USA d Nov 1984  Soc Sec No 551301711 late of Patterson California
Zip Code 95363

Census 13 June
1900 California USA County Riverside Precint 5 Riverside Township Sheet 8B
Superintendent Dist 6 Enum dist 205 Ref 7608 Visitation No 191 at 173 Orange
Grove Ave
Robert Spooner
[Spero index] Head Marr age 31 b Mar 1869 Canada age 31 F Unknown M b Ireland
Arrived USA 1886 Owned Mortgaged Farm Farm Schedule 72 Zanjero [Water Manager
for Canal Company], Henrietta [Spero index] wife b Feb 1869 England Issue: 1
child living Owned Mortgaged House arrived USA 1893, Kathleen dau b Nov 1896
California age 5, Janie [Tonie index] Whaite Sister in Law b Nov 1872 [should
be 1875 ] England age 25 years arrived USA 1892. All Read, Write and Speak


7.2 ex 6.1.3
Family of Rene WHAITE and Charlotte ? (Reynolds) ex 1910 Census California

Ivy E b c 1895
California USA

Lottie M b c 1898
California USA

Census 28
April 1910 California USA part of 37th Assembly District Supervisors District 4
Enumerators District 160 Sheet 12B Line 82 San Francisco City Visitation No 293
at 121 Fell St
Language throughout: English:  Rene Whaite Head 38 years b Eng, English,
F & M b Eng, English immigrated to USA 1889 Alien Photographer in Gallery
Worker 0 days out of work Charlotte M wife 34 years b California F b
Ire,English M b California Issue: 2 children 2 living Ivy E dau 15 years b Ca F
b Eng, English M b Ca Lottie E dau 12 years b Ca F b Eng, English M b Ca
Reynolds Ellen Mother in Law Widow 49 years b Ca F&M b Ire, English
b Issue: 6 , 5 living, Reynolds Joseph H brother in law 29 Single b Ca F
b Ire, English M b California Elevator Man in Office Building Worker 0 days out
of work, Reynolds Gertrude E sister in law 19 years b Ca F b Ire,English
M b Ca Saleslady in Dept Store Worker 0 days out of work Holland Daniel C
Boarder 45 years Single b Eng, English F & M b Eng,English immigrated to
USA 1891 Naturalised Laborer Odd Jobs Out of Work 3 weeks

HCWP HPB5/6 24
June 1910 from Rene Whaite San Francisco Chief artist and general manager for
Terkelson & Henry. Has wife and 1 girl b 1897 1 girl b 1894.
"Nettie" lives in Riverside has husband and 1 dau. "Dux"??
also there but will return to mother in Copenhagen in a few months FIND US

1920 Rene of San
Francisco on Immigration List

Ask/Art American
Blue Book entry" George Rene Whaite immigrated 1881 and by 1899 had
portrait studio nad was active as an artist until demise 25 Jul 1941.
"Artists in California 1789-1940 " Oil 1920 6 Feet x 52 Inches
framed: Loin clothed Indian wearing mocassins.stalking buck deer near stream in
wooded thicket"


7.3 ex 6.2.2
Family of John Albert WHAITE and Eliza (Rowlands)

Harriet Ann b 25 Nov 1885 reg Mar
qtr 1886 Salford 8d.123 d 1943; witness marr 1918 John W 2 below

John William b ? June qtr 1887 Salford 8d.62 d 29 May 1970
m after Banns 14 Sep 1918 entry 154 St Matthews Manchester (Witnesses: R Travis,
H A Whaite) reg Sep qtr 1918 Manchester 8d.379* Residence both 28 Medlock St Alice
b ? Dec qtr 1897 Congleton 8a.291 Winder [F William Henry
Easthope Waterman] d 24 Mar 1979 see 8.1


Census 30
March 1901 RG13/3722 F 13 p 17 Sched 59
Lower Broughton The Ascension at 30 Union Place:
Eliza Whaite Head Widow 38 b Chester Cheshire Charwoman on own account, Harriet
A dau 15 b Salford Cotton ? Winder,John W son 14 b Broughton Manchester


7.4 ex 6.2.3
Family of Mary Ann (Whaite) and John Francis WATMOUGH

Alice b ? as Alice Ann June qtr 1889 Chorley 8e.555

William ? b as William Alfred June qtr 1890 Chorlton 8c.809

Hannah b Dec qtr 1890 Chorlton 8c.782

Mark b June qtr 1895 Chorlton 8c.903

Census 5 April
1891 RG12/3182 f 76 p 14 Sched 77 Manchester
All Saints at Grosvenor Place most born Man: John
Watmough Head 25 Labourer Annie 28 wife b Ireland, Alice 3, William 1,  Hannah
4 months 

FIND Cs 1901Eccles Manchester John Plumber, Annie = Elizabeth


7.5 ex 6.2.5
Family of Thomas WHAITE and Mary Jane (Thorp)

Henry Clarence "
Harry" ? b Sep 1895 Salford 8d.57 Artist Painter m pre 1934 Rose Alice (Foster) see 8.2

Thomas b ? as Thomas
Arthur Mar qtr 1897 Salford 8d.78 

Walter b as W Edward
Blackpool Dec qtr 1899 Fylde 8e.641 

Frederick Adolphus b 1
Oct 1904 at 21 Thomas SD Broughton reg Dec Qtr 1904 Salford 8d.61* [F
Lithographic Artist]

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3727 f 66 p32 Sched 188 Broughton Par Salford at 66 Bond
St most births Manchester: Thomas Whaite
Head 37 M Lithographic Artist, Mary J wife M 35, Harry son 6, Thomas son 4
Walter son 2 b Blackpool


7.6 ex 6.2.6 Family of John Henry WHAITE and Lizzie (Thompson)
1. Henry b 18 Apr 1895 ? ChesherFIND d 4 Feb 1977 California USA m ? Elsie

New paragraph

7.7 ex 6.3.1
Family of James Edward BILLINGTON and Sarah (Dingle)

Bessie b c 1893 Cs

Charles T b c 1895 Cs

Robert E b c 1897 Cs

John T b c 1900 Cs

Victoria b c ? Feb/Mar
1901 Census 1901





Henry Clarence Whaite
b 5 Oct 1908 entry 157 at 180 Upper Lloyd St Moss Side SD Hulme reg Dec qtr
1908 Chorlton 8c.866* [F Ticket Writer]

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3697 f 151 p 18 Sched 143 South Manchester:
Moss Side at Ducie Grove all born
Manchester: James E Billington 37 Ticket Writer ?? Private, Employer, Sarah 26,
Bessie 8, Charles T 6, Robert E 4, John T 1, Victoria M 1 month

HCWP 6/2 living
Sep/Dec1908 at 180 Upper Lloyd St Greenheys 


7.8 ex
Family of Lily Florence (Harries) and John VAUGHAN-ROBERTS

Lillie Elizabeth b c 1916 Residence 7 High St m (1)
after Banns 21 February 1942 Par Church Conway Carnarvon Wales reg Mar qtr 1942
Conway 11b.1321* (Witnesses: Lily F Roberts, Clare Mortimer-Jones) David
Residence HMS Pembroke b 7 Feb 1912 member Royal
Naval Medical Service [F Alan Retired Bank Manager] d Jan 1989 Rhuddlan Clwyd
div see 8.3. Lilly Mortimer Jones m (2) ? pre 1959 Richard

Vaughan b c 1920 m ??
Issue: 2/3

Clarence b post 1920
Not Married


7.9 ex 6.6.1
Family of Frances Maude (Whaite) and William Henry TETLOW

Editha Maude b 8 Oct 1886 at 119 Yeovil St Moss Side
reg Dec qtr 1886 Chorlton 8c.839 [Edilla N Census 1891] d 4 May 1972 age 86
years m 15 Sep 1915 Broughton reg Sep qtr 1915 Prestwich 8d.460 Gilbert LOCKHART b Sep qtr 1884 Salford
8d.62 [F Joseph M Jane Heron] d 7 Dec 7 1957 age 73 years bu Sale Cem Grave
6015 see 8.4

Henry Bertram b 7 Nov 1887 at 5 Mossburgh Terrace reg
Dec qtr 1887 Barton I 8c.676 d 23 Apr 1968 bu Peel Green Grave F 16839 m 14 Jul
1915 Eccles Parish Church Doris Bertha (Croakley) b 27 Nov 1892 [F John M
Amy Lesser of Belgrave House, Belgrave Crescent Eccles] d 3 Sep 1968 bu Peel
Green Eccles Grave 16839 see 8.5

Alan Raymond b ? Dec qtr 1889 Barton I 8c.678 d 11 Dec
1977 age 88 years m pre 1925 Edith (Cook) d in 1960's see 8.6

Cyril Lawson b ? as
Cyril Dec qtr 1889 Chorlton 8c.797 /13 Nov 1891 WWI Lieut Royal Flying Corps d
22 Aug 1916 Killed In Action 3 also in Territorials & ASC.FIND ?? d Sep
1916 Tree ? NO ISSUE

William Gordon ? b as William Sep qtr 1891 Barrow F
8e.61 ?? NOT IN 1901 CENSUS d 2 Sep 1964 m Eve (Booth) see 8.7

HP6/29 Tetlow 18
Oct 1886 letter from 119 Acombe St Greenheys

Census 5 Apr
1891 RG12/3159 f58 p26  Stretford
FIND DETAILS William Tetlow 34 Head b Oldham  Maude 27 Edilla N
4 b Henry B I 3, Allan R 1, Annie Gough 21 

Census 31 Mar 1901
RG13/3667 no f p2 Sched 9 Urmsont Eccles at Daisybank Stretford Rd:
William H Tetlow Head M 44 b Oldham
Colonial Agent Cotton Goods Worker, Frances M wife 37 b Cheltenham Gls, Editha
M dau 15 b Stretford, Henry B son b Stretford, Alan R son 11 b Stretford, Cyril
L son 9 b Stretford, ?? William G FIND Edith J Hetherington mother in law Widow
56 Living on Own Means b Cheshire Winnington [5.4.4]


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7.9 ex 6.8.1 Family of John Harry WHAITE and Alice (Blakeney) 1. George b 29 June 1882 entry 47 at 93 Hatherton St Walsall reg Sep qtr 6b.694 Staffs [Father shown as John Harry Artist] Informant A Whaite Mother d Sep qtr 1882 Walsall 6b.376 age 0 NO ISSUE 2. Annie b ? 1871 onwards/c 1882-4 England left behind with rels when family went to Australia 1884 m ?? HAR(E)WOOD/HEYWOOD pre 1931? Liverpool - got in touch with Frederick Whaite in Sydney sometime after death Harry 1931, but no record available 3. George b Feb 1884 reg June qtr 1884 Walsall 6b.741 d 27 Oct 1884 at sea on SS "Kildare" reg 15 Dec 1884.2043* Hobart Tas Australia age 8 months [only details say "Parents passengers on S S Kildare"] NO ISSUE

7.10 ex
Family of John Harry WHAITE and Alice (Blakeney)

George b 29 June 1882
entry 47 at 93 Hatherton St Walsall Staffs reg Sep qtr 6b.694* [Father shown as
John Harry Artist] Informant A Whaite Mother d Sep qtr 1882 Walsall 6b.376 age

Annie b ? 1871 onwards/c 1882-4 England left
behind with rels when family went to Australia 1884 m ?? HAR(E)WOOD/HEYWOOD
pre 1931? Liverpool - got in touch with Frederick Whaite sometime after death
Harry 1931, but no record available

George b Feb 1884 reg
June qtr 1884 Walsall 6b.741 d 27 Oct 1884 at sea on SS "Kildare" reg
15 Dec 1884.2043* Hobart Tas Australia age 8 months [only details say
"Parents passengers on S S Kildare"] NO ISSUE

Details of an
Australian child are in Harry's Families


7.11 ex
Family of Samuel John WHAITE and Isabella Hall (Thompson)

Elizabeth b c 9 Nov
1877 d 2 Feb 1878 entry 105 at 144 Sandy Gate Habergham Eaves reg Mar qtr 1878
8e.165*Burnley Cause: Capillary Bronchitis age 11 weeks Informant mother
Isabella Hall Whaite present at death [F Iron Turner] NO ISSUE


7.12 ex 6.8.3
Family of Sarah (Whaite) and Thomas CATLOW

Gertrude b c 1882

Arthur b June qtr 1892
Burnley 8e.243/ Dec qtr 1893 Burnley 8e.216 

Harold Whaite b June qtr
1895 Burnley 8e.259

Census 4 April 1881 RG11/4151 f 89 p3 Habergham Eaves at 39 Rowley St: Thomas Catlow Head age 21 years b Burnley
Cotton Overlocker, Sarah M age 23 years b Duckenfield Cotton Weaver

Census 5 April
1891 RG12/3367 f 119 p 15 Sched 86 Burnley Habergham Eaves
at 39 Rowley St: Thomas Catlow [Arah
Callen index] Head 31 b Burnley Cotton Overlocker, Sarah [Grana Callen index]
wife 34 b Dunkenfield Cheshire, Gertrude [Catherin index] dau 9 Scholar b
Burnley, Elizabeth H Whaite [3.8.4] 28 sister in law b Manchester  

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3874 no f p12 Sched 90 Habergham All Saints Lowerhouse Burnley
at 826 Padiham Road: Thomas Catlow Head M
40 Cotton Trade Employer b Burnley, Sarah wife 43 b Cheshire NK, Gertrude dau
19 b Burnley, Harold son 6 b Padiham, Arthur son 8 b Burnley


7.12 ex 6.8.4
Family of Elizabeth (Whaite) as Lockett and Benjamin HALL

George James Lewis [Lewis 1901 Census] b 18 June 1892
Burnley reg Sep qtr 1892 Burnley 8e.196 [M Lockley] d 1926 Burnley m 28 Oct
1911 Burnley Selina (Butterworth) b 23 Nov 1890 Burnley d 1954 Burnley
[F James b 19 June 1864 Liskeard Cornwall m 22 Dec 1883 Burnley Jane Marshall
?Doney] see 8.7

Gertrude b Sep qtr 1893 Burnley 8e.233 d 1956
Burnley m (1) Charles BARTLETT poss b c 1875 Lancs NO ISSUE m (2)
?? b c 1900

Ida b Padiham ? reg Dec qtr 1895 Burnley
8e.225 d 1981 Bromsgrove Worcs m ?? b c 1895

Doris b ? Sep qtr 1900 8e.219 Burnley d 1964 Little
Bispham Blackpool Lancs m ?? b c 1900

 Census 30
March 1901 RG13/3874 f 17 p 25 Sched 183
Habergham Eaves at 5 Byron St:
Benj Hall Head 34 b Wellington Salop [Census Image] Worcs [index] Soldier on
Furlough Corporal, Eliz [as Elen index] 40 b Duckenfield Cheshire, Lewis son
age 8 b Burnley, Gertrude dau 7 b Burnley, Ida dau 5 b Padiham, Doris dau 8
months b Burnley 

Details of this
family are from Mavis Moore of Genes Reunited


 7.13 ex 6.9.1
Family of Clarence Howarth WHAITE and Mary Ann (Foster)

Elsie b Dec qtr 1897
Padiham reg Burnley 8e.240

Ida b 31 Mar reg June qtr 1899 Blackburn reg
Burnley 8e.246 d 1969 Darwen m 22 Dec 1923 reg Dec qtr 1923 Burnley 8e.40 Herbert
b Mar qtr 1899 Padiham reg Burnley 8e.241 [F Nathaniel M Annie
Walton] see 8.8

George Edward b Mar
qtr 1902 Burnley 8e.231 d 1974 m Gladys Mary (Wade) see 8.10

Harry b 28 Jul 1905 Burnley reg Sep qtr 1905
Burnely 8e.223 d 1968 m (1) 5 May 1928 Uncoat Susannah (Stevenson)
b 10 Nov 1906 Accrington [F Thomas M Angelina Harwood] d 1932 Burnley see 8.11.
Harry Whaite m (2) 1933 Burnley reg ? which quarter Burnley
8e.459 Margarte ? Margaret (Bremner) b 3 Apr 1902 d 1981 Burnley

Census 31
March 1901 RG13/3878 f 50 p15 Sched 90 Padiham at 3 Bright St
Clarance Howarth Whaite Head M 29 Cotton
Weaver b Burnley, Mary Ann M 28 Cardroom Hand Cotton Spinning b Lancaster,
Elsie dau 3 b Padiham, Ida dau 2 b Padiham

Details of 3 and
4 are from Eric Peasey from Genes Reunited


7.14 ex 6.9.2
Family of James Bowker WHAITE and Martha Jane (Riley)

Jane b post 30 Mar

Florence b post 30 Mar

Census 30
March 1901 RG13.3870 f 93 p 30 Sched 167
Burnley St Paul: James Bowker Whaite 27 Head M,
Marthe J wife 25

Details of this
family are from Alessandra of Genes Reunited


7.15 ex 6.9.3
Family of Albert WHAITE and Mary Ann (Crook)

Edith b as Crook at 84
Friargate reg Dec qtr 1900 Preston reg 8e.675 [F Unknown]

George Albert b 16 Jan 1906 entry ?87at 16 Lincoln St
SD North Preston reg Mar qtr 1906 8e.547* County Borough of Preston d 13 Jan
1979 Victoria Hospital Blackpool reg Mar qtr 1979 Blackpool/F 40.04560 crem
Carleton Crem Blackpool Informant living 29 Auburn Grove Blackpool death 1943
father m 10 Nov 1931 reg Dec qtr 1931 Fylde 8e.1249 Mabel Cicely (Crane)
b 7 Apr 1907 Mill Cottage Staining near Blackpool reg June qtr 1907 Fylde
8e.681 [F George M Emma Howarth] see 8.11


7.16 ex 6.9.5
Family of Frederick WHAITE and Sarah Ellen (Clayton)

Ellen b Dec qtr 1905 Burnley 8e.201 m USA pre
1930 Census Fred PIERRE b c 1905 see 8.12

Ethel b Dec qtr 1909
Burnley 8e.214

George b 4 Apr 1911
reg June qtr 1911 Burnley 8e.205? d 30 June 1994 late of  Escondido California
Zip 92026 USA Social Security No. 533014404  

Horace b c 1920 ?? USA
[Christine Holmes]

Census 1901
RG13/3878 F 38 p29 Sched 178
Padiham part All Saints Habergham Eaves at 41 Cardwell St All births
Padiham: Ellen Clayton Head 60 Widow, Clarie Clayton dau 26 S Cotton Weaver,
Sarah E Clayton 24 [wife of Fred below] S Cotton Weaver, Louisa Clayton dau 23
Cotton Weaver, Rebecca Clayton dau 19 Cotton Weaver, Fred Whaite 23 Son in Law
Cotton Weaver, Jane E Atkinson Grand dau 15 Cotton Weaver, James Clayton 7

This family with
first three children emigrated to USA 1920 see

Census USA
1930 Roll 2517 Page 17A Enum dist 70 Image 534.0
Spokane Spokane Washington at Fiske St: Fred Whaite
Head M 52 b England Laborer Lumber Yard, Sarah E 53 b England, George 19 Single
Machinist Ice Making Factory also crossed out as "not residents at this
address" Fred Pierre 25 son in law, Ellen Pierre 24 dau

This family tree is only taken to Seventh Generation which is not likely to contain living people. Where an entry includes "see 8...", extra details may be had on request by family members.